Tuesday, January 26, 2010

respuestas, parte cuatro

These are my final answers!  {cue terrible Regis Philbin impression}  This has been such a fun little endeavor... thank you all for playing along!

Randoms, Part 2

A majorly important question: Can you still remember all the words to WHS's fight song?

Zack=Morris-Style Time-Out ------> Before I answer this question, I'd like to remind you all that I actually am a decent looking person without a double chin.

------> Okay.  Vanity: Absolved.  Time-In!

Why, Amanda, that IS a majorly important question... which deserves a majorly awesome answer!  An answer that can't best be shared through the written word.  Therefore, I give you Greatness.

Fun Facts: (1) I hate my voice on video.  I think I sound like a drag queen (a really hot one that drunk guys might mistake for the real-deal, but, you know, still a drag queen).  (2) Despite this video evidence to the contrary, I don't usually have such an awesome double chin.  At least, I really hope I don't usually have such an awesome double chin. (3) I also still remember 85% of Cotton Fields and 100% of the personal jurisdiction language from Pennoyer v. Neff ("if the defendant be not present within the territorial confines of the forum state...").  I often check and see if I can remember these things - mostly in response to an irrational fear of (really) early onset Alzheimer's.  Usually this "mental checkup" occurs in the shower... which is cool for the Pennoyer language, and acceptable for the Fight Song... but can make for a shaky landing on the tuck jump on the 2nd eight-count of Cotton Fields.

What is your favorite type of cheese / favorite way to eat cheese?  
As a fellow cheese lover (seriously - my wedding will have a cheese bar), what is your favorite wine and cheese combo?

What are your favorite cheeses & wines?  Do you prefer wines from certain countries or regions?

I'm loving all the cheese questions!  As I said yesterday, standing alone, my favorite cheeses are Tillamook Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar, Pure Luck Texas Goat Cheese, a really good Gruyere, and Manchego.  Favorite way to eat cheese... By itself or on a slice of crusty French bread, with wine and friends.   A close second would be by way of the delicious conduit known as Mac-n-Cheese... fancified with truffle oil and a crusty, oozy baked top.  Favorite wines... I love drinking wines from regions I've visited... so I have a soft spot for Spanish reds and cavas, as well as Grecian whites (which are really tough to find but if you ever get the opportunity to taste a Nykteri blend, try it!).  I love reds from Hall (and not just because of the name!) - my favorites from Napa were the 2007 Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2005 Hall Darwin Red Blend. Cakebread and Duckhorn are always solid orders in my book.  On the cheap? I like Smoking Loon Cab and Pinot Noir... and during the summer time, I could sip $7 Famega Vinho Verde (a Portuguese table wine...its slightly bubbly!) all day.  As far as wine and cheese pairings... I'm no expert.  I pick out a wine I like, grab a delicious cheese, and go to town!  I mean, can you really fuck up two of the most perfect ingestible items ever?  Good Wine + Good Cheese = Double Goodness in my world!

Wine! Yay!

Cheese! Yay!

What kind of car do you drive?

A white - ahem, "glacial pearl" - 2003 Nissan Pathfinder.

What is your favorite movie of all time?  And your favorite guilty pleasure movie (its horrible but if its on you have to watch it)?

My favorite movie of all time is Silence of the Lambs.  Hands down.  No contest.  Easy, Peasy, Japanesey.  Sir Anthony is my favorite actor of all time and my #1 Old Man Crush. Hannibal Lector is probably my favorite cinematic and literary character (Hannibal being my #3 favorite book... but I'm not a huge fan of the movie).  So that's a lot of favorites jammed into one movie.  I have seen this film an unhealthy number of times, and had to replace the DVD after college because it was worn out.  Before Evs dashed my dreams by saying he refused to live with horse-sized dogs, I always wanted a set of Harlequin Great Danes named Crawford and Starling.   Does this make me creepy?  Probs.

Me with the SotL Best Picture Plaque at the Kodak Theater

Favorite Guilty Pleasure... ooo so many... Clueless, The Cutting Edge (tooooooe pick!), When Harry Met Sally (which doesn't really qualify for this category as I believe its a legit film with, you know, critical acclaim and shit), Elf, and Dirty Dancing.

If you would live anywhere in the world, where would that be? 

Sevilla, Spain!  Lived there for half a year in 2003 and it was the best time of my life.  I love the architecture, the food, the wine, the people, the music, the weather.  Sheer perfection!

What is your favorite chic-lit / easy read book?  I'm going to the beach in a couple months and want a few fun and fluffy books to bring with me.  I figured since you're a writer (and a damn good one at that), you'd have some suggestions.  (Non-chic lit is welcome, too!)

First, thank you for the compliment!  Let's see... easy-breezy beach reads... I like my chick-lit heavy on the sarcasm and/or satire... Anything by Jen Lancaster, Anna Maxted (Running in Heels, in particular), as well as all the books co-authored by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus (Citizen Girl and both "Nanny" books are my favorites) get my stamp of approval!  I also dig Emily Giffin (fellow Wake Forest grad and inspirational lawyer-turned-writer).

These aren't chick-lit but they are some of my favs... The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (this book is incredible... didn't see the movie because I knew it would suck in comparison - its a darker "love story" - the anti-Nicholas Sparks!); She's Come Undone, as well as I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb; and Ruch Reichl's memoirs (Tender at the Bone, Comfort Me with Applies, Garlic & Sapphires).  Also, if you're into the whole vampire craze, try the "Adult Twilight" - The Sookie Stackhouse / True Blood series by Charlene Harris... they are quick, fun reads and the storylines are addictive (even if the writing is pretty sub-par)!

As an Austin girl myself, and you a former one, what do you miss most about my fabulous hippie town?
When are you moving back to Austin?
If you could only eat at one restaurant [in Austin] what would it be?

Oh man.  I miss Austin every day.  I miss the Hike & Bike Trail, I miss Barton Springs (and Sno-Beach), I miss waterskiing on Lake Austin / Travis, I miss the Drag, I miss Zilker Park, I miss the Horns, I miss Mangia Pizza.  Most of all, I miss the people.  Not just my friends and family there, but just the vibe of Austinites... laid-back, conscientious, unstuffy, creative.  Some people call it crunchy-granola... I call it Real Folks!

Obviously, I want to move back to Austin someday.  It would be a while for it to be a viable option for us, but its a definite possibility in the future!

If I had to pick one restaurant in Austin... Z Tejas!  The location on West 6th.  Mango margaritas and fish tacos... YUM.  Oh - and brunch there is unbeatable!  If you need more recs, let me know!

My fiance and I have decided to go to Napa Valley for our honeymoon.  We both share a love of wine and thought what better place?  What kind of suggestions can you make (things you would have done differently or wish you would have done) from your experience in Napa?

Yay for Napa - y'all are going to love it!  Our trip was pretty perfect... but if I had it to do over again, I would have made our winery reservations earlier in advance because there were several places we didn't get to visit because they were all booked up (Stag's Leap, Caymus, Ramey).  I would have made a dinner reservation at Mustard's (and NOT at Bottega).  Evs isn't much of a foodie so if I went back again with girlfriends, I would eat at Ad Hoc... and, if possible, French Laundry.   And, if I had more time, I would have loved to have explored Sonoma.  Other than those things... I wouldn't change a thing!  You can read my full review of our trip here and here!  And I highly recommend The Cottages - really, really romantical (that was a rec from another honeymooning couple)!

How can I talk Mr. A into paying more rent so I can live in my dream townhouse? 

Nookie.  And cookies.  Of the homemade variety.  And maybe another couple of those metal fish he seems so fond of.  Oooo!  Give him an entire ROOM of metal fish in the new townhouse!  An entire room of metal fish and homemade cookies for you to have bargain-nookie in.  Although, at that point, I guess its "thanks for paying the extra rent" nookie.  Anyhoo, I think you get my drift.

Will you bake some oatmeal cookies for me?  What if I ask really nicely?

I will... even if you asked me not really nicely.  Not so much because I'm a sweetie-pie but more because I currently have a lot of time to fill and mixing shit is a cheap trick.  And because I like to lick the beaters.

Also, can I borrow everything in your closet?

Everything but my underpants.  My closet is your oyster.

What were you like in college?  I'm sure quite similar to the fun, gutsy, smart Kate we see here, but do you think you've changed much since then?  I know you were in a sorority-- were you a big party girl? 

I think I've actually changed oodles since college.  I've always been outgoing and loud-mouthed and social, so the person everyone else saw back then might not be so different, but mentally and emotionally I am much stronger and more sure of myself than I was 9 years ago.  I entered college in the midst of dealing with some eating issues and my weight was a huge roller coaster throughout my time at Wake.  I also had a long distance relationship for about 3/4ths of my time in North Carolina.  I was extremely dependent on this relationship and, looking back, I missed out on somethings I wish I'd experienced because I was traveling back and forth to Virginia or on the phone for 3 hours (yes, I was one of those annoying bitches) or just not emotionally present enough to really enjoy myself. I'd hate to count that relationship as one of my regrets since it taught me so much, but I do regret those missed experiences.

Of course, I was not totally lame in college.  I enjoyed a cornucopia of college fiestas as much as the next gal.  There are some ridiculous stories in my college days repertoire.  If Millitini were here, she might tell you about the time I stole a Papa John's pizza... but since she's not, I'm going to tell you IT WAS ALL HER IDEA.

How soon until you plan a "Miss Maggie So Much I Must Fly to DC Immediately" vacay?!

I'm already hoarding the airline miles and you're not even gone yet.  I'm also haggling American to cut me a standing-Thursday-night-reservation deal.  I WILL WEAR THEM DOWN.

I was wondering if you could tell me some of your favorite places to eat/shop/hangout in Fort Worth? 

I'm a terrible DFW resident... in the 2.5 years Evs has been here and the 1.5 I've lived here, we've never taken a day trip to Fort Worth.  We talk about it... In fact, "We should go to the Kimbell" is a phrase uttered at least once a month.  So maybe YOU can go to the Kimbell and then I'll be jealous and plan a weekend getaway FOR SERIOUS this time!  Joking aside, while not speaking from personal experience, the Kimbell Art Museum is supposed to be amazing.  There is also a restaurant called Lonesome Dove that is on our to-do list - rave reviews from critics and personal friends alike!  Also, I hear the zoo is pretty cool - I love a good (non-creepy, non-evil) zoo and the Dallas one sucks hairy ones... but apparently FW has a great one!  Sorry I can't be a bit more helpful... if you meander on over to Dallas, let me know and I'll hook you up!

Who / What got you started blogging?

Honestly, I was bored.  I was studying for the bar and finishing up law school and when I needed a break, I was pouring over a ton of wedding blogs to find inspiration for our nuptials. Then I slowly started discovering people's personal blogs.  Those 101 Goals in 1001 Days lists were really popular at the times so I decided to start a blog chronicling my own list.  That lasted about 2 seconds before I just started writing about whatever popped into my head.  Its really funny to go back and read some of the earlier posts - embarrassing at times, but mostly just chuckle-worthy.

What does Evs think of your blogs?

I'm pretty sure he used to think I was crazy - he's much more private than I am and didn't really understand why I would essentially broadcast a personal diary to the world.  But now he understands what an outlet it is for me... he even pretends to understand why I would form friendships with random people I only know from Bloggy Land (and he's stopped warning me that one day I'll wake up  in a bathtub full of ice, missing a kidney).  And yes, he reads EA... ITPitB is not really on his radar as much considering its content.

What was the thought process for naming The Boom? 

Evs and I got the The Boom after we'd been dating all of 3 months... which obviously could have turned out REALLY WELL (SARCASM).  She was actually supposed to be "his" dog but that changed after we'd had her for, oh, about 27 minutes.  As some of you may remember, I brought Evs over from the Dark Side (aka the Oklahoma side of the Texas state line).  "The Boom" is a derivation of "Boomer," kind of like "Boomer Sooner" ... EXCEPT NOT.  She quickly became The Boom or Boom-Boom-Girl.  Her personality is big enough to deserve its own article and she's too adorable to have an OU affiliation!

How did you get to be so awesome? (Please cite specific examples)

Must I repost the Fight Song Video?  Or the photo of me molesting a mannequin whilst swathed in The Largest Green Coat Known To Man?  Because I think that's all the evidence one could ever need to prove my Awesomeness.

I will say, I think Awesomeness is definitely a process.  Usually involving mass quantities of smoked gouda mac-n-cheese and Veuve.  And celebrating every Tuesday of your sophmore year of college by taking two shots of Patron right before the bars close and then eating two hotdogs from the lovely food vendor (my friend and yours, Special K - I miss you man!) (Two-fer-Tuesdays, duh).  And perfect ballet turnout.  And taking a photo of said perfect ballet turnout in the middle of the Mercedes dealership in Dallas whilst waiting for a friend's car to be serviced.  And overusing the word "whilst."

Cheers to all my freakin'-fantastic readers!


  1. I would pick Sevilla too!! I was there 6 weeks and loved every second of it.

    Z Tejas is amazing.

  2. I don't use this word often... but you? Are absolutely fucking amazing. The end.

  3. I just love your writing style! Also, I am a HUGE fan of Smoking Loon for cheap wine. I found it on a whim, because, you know, it matched my living room and thought it would look pretty sitting on my bar... And I haven't looked back. Great cheap wine pick!

  4. YAY for respuestas! And I HIGHLY recommend the Zoo in FW as well as the botanical gardens. Absolutely gorgeous for a spring time day trip. Lonesome Dove is high on my list of FW faves as well as FERRE for something classy or 8.0 for some live music / outdoor fun. :) Thanks for being fabulous!

  5. HA loved the video! And not at all surprised that she asked that question... some day I think I will need to be a good twin sister and teach her the arm movements to that one.

  6. Holy hell that video cracks me up! A bunch of us were just trying to figure out our "band" dances that we cheered to in high school...how do you remember all of that? Awesome answers! And PS~ I think an Emily Giffin type job change should be in your future!

  7. Loved this. Can't stop laughing at that video. Plus we drive cars from the same year. Yay for the 2003's that still keep kicking (and are paid for-does it get any better?!).

  8. Places to eat in Fort Worth:
    - La Playa Maya: cheap, delicious Mexican food. I could eat there every day of the week.
    - Kincaid's Hamburgers: Really delicious. And has been around forever. I kind of feel like Mighty Fine in Austin copied Kincaid's, but in a good way.
    - Del Frisco's Steakhouse: it's worth going just for the Mac & Cheese
    - Love Shack: Tim Love's burger joint (same guy who owns/runs Lonesome Dove). The Dirty Love burger is outstanding.
    - Ellerbe Fine Foods: really tasty, nicer restaurant; focused on using local, seasonal foods. Actually seems like a pretty Austin-y type restaurant.
    - King Tut: Egyptian, cheap, and delicious. Hummus is fab, and the chicken shwarma is awesome.

    I've only been in Fort Worth since October (moved from Austin after I got married), and apparently the only thing I've done is eat. Hmm. But Kate, I think you'd like Fort Worth. It's like a more cowboy version of Austin. Not quite as weird, but very laid back.

  9. I feel an affinity with Smoking Loon, because afet a few glasses a become one. Also, I think you should scoop me on the way to visit Maggie. Or I can come to Dallas for Jen Lancaster's book signing. Don't you love internet strangers who invite themselves places?

    Have you seen Fracture? My Sir Anthony crush was in overdrive in that one.

  10. Is there no truth in journalism????? To be fair, we were co-conspirators on the Papa Johns escapade. CO CONSPIRATORS I SAY!

  11. From one Chi O cheese lover to another, you must try Cabot's Preferred Stock cheddar. Black wax wrapper. It will change your life.

  12. Loved the Q&A. Also, I grew up in Fort Worth so if you head West and need some suggestions I'd be happy to help!

  13. I love the sorority pictures. The cinder block walls take me back to the axo house. I'm glad we weren't the only house in the US to have those ugly walls.

  14. Seriously, you are one of the best blog writers out here in blog land. I am laughing in my cubicle and believe me, I need to do that today!

  15. I was almost ALMOST pissed that my question was ignored. But then I just realized you saved the best for last. OBVIOUSLY.

  16. Your top three non chic-lit books are my favorite as well. I'm sorry to say that Wally Lamb's newest was a disappointment. I will definitely check out Ruch Reichl. Thanks for the tip! Loved your Q&A!

  17. Loved your Napa reviews! Hall was one of my favorite places too (the one in Rutherford with the big cave tasting room). The 2006 Kathryn Hall just got a 96 point WS score - it is sooo good. And Ad Hoc is amazing - go on a Monday night for the fried chicken!

  18. Thank you so much, Kate! I am going to B&N soon to pick up some of your recommendations! (PS: I am kind-of bummed that I can't see your awesome double chin - for some reason the video isn't working!)

  19. You are too cute with your Westlake moves. Even this Crockett alum can recognize that.

  20. Time Traveler's Wife is in my top 5 favorite books! I think about it all the time!

    Also, can you please stop writing about cheese and wine? I read it and then suddenly need a glass of Shiraz and some delicious cheese (pretty much any kind). This is not good for my budget or my waistline!!! :)

  21. Oh Em Gee, you are HILAR and that video is dabomb.com with sharp cheddar on top!

  22. I came back to write down book titles and suddenly the video worked; however, you do not have a double chin!

  23. That video. Epic. I freaking love you and all my blogland friends too. :)

  24. I've been following your blog for a month or so and have absolutely enjoyed your take on life! It makes for some really fun reading!
    I just have to put out there, that if you ever get the chance, you should try Sonoma County! Acknowledging the fact that Sonoma and Napa have a fierce rivalry, I do think that our Dry Creek wines win out most of the time, and our scenery provides immense 'scope for the imagination.' Just had to stick up for my homeland! :) Thanks again for your blog! It's wonderful!

  25. Holy mother...you crack me up! This post made me laugh, which pretty much what I needed in the middle of this insane day dealing with a bunch of frat boys.

    Bless your heart.

  26. Thanks for all that awesome advice.

    We had the same fight song, with different (and dare I say better?) words. I can still do the moves (was cheerleader). I can do the junior high one too.

    And I make EVERYONE eat with me at Z. Tejas on 6th (I Pick Pretty can testify to this).

  27. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA yes! Thank you for the amazing video response, complete with dance moves. And yes, if I'm really lucky, maybe Allison can teach them to me one day. Or maybe I can just save that video and teach myself?! All I can say is (and appropriately in honor of Drew Brees's upcoming appearance in the Super Bowl), GO CHAPS! :) Thanks for making my day!

  28. Umm we have very similar "video" voices. I'm actually kind of creeped out! Craaaazzzy.

    And regarding your answer to my question about mixing metals....I did it yesterday!! Yay!

  29. this is great! I love your answers to all these questions.!!

  30. Great Danes! Big Harlequin Great Danes, FTW!!!

    Elle Woods' parents are 2 big ole harles... maybe when Evs meets her he will change his mind? :)

  31. AWESOME post!! I loved the video and the perfect ballet turnout in cowboy boots--plus all of your very hilarious words of wisdom!

  32. Ok, 1. I think you should definitely audition for American Idol. 2. Maybe not. 3. Is that the sapphire ring in the picture where you look like an owl? Because if it is, can you please either put it in your will that it's mine or send me an exact replica? Oh, and thanks.

  33. Ok-I knew I loved your blog for a reason! I am also a Chi Omega alum from Mississippi State! Go Chi O! ha!

  34. Has vivido en sevilla? que alegria me das!
    seguro que conoces entonces Cordoba, mi lugar de nacimiento y mi lugar de residencia actualmente...si alguna vez vuelves, dimelo con tiempo y te preparo un tour de cordoba!

  35. Ok, so this just shook my world...I've been following your blog for a while and absolutely love it. But after reading this, I've got to comment - I'm a fellow Chap also! I kind of freaked out when I read this post. I think you're probably a few years above me but small world!!

  36. Thanks for the suggestions about Napa! I can't wait to go!

  37. Since I'm friends with your friend Carrie featured in the college years tribute, I pretend that it is not weird when I reference you regularly at the dinner table with my fiance. He is slowly accepting this as normal behavior.

    But on the DC trip note - I vote for that too!

  38. Let me just say that bloggers do these questions posts all the time but your is the best EVER! And one of the other ones you posted things about your wedding and I LOVE it when people wear a different dress for their exit! Something I will def do, whenever the big day arises ;)

  39. I'm a member of the Kimbell, so you're always welcome to accompany me! They have a great cocktail hour with music once a month that's a fun way to visit.


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