Wednesday, February 24, 2010

catching my eye...

Lately, antique milk bottles have been all over my radar... 

These Milk Bottle Moments are slightly ironic given the fact that I haven't drunk a drop of milk since the age of two... 

But these lovelies make me wish I had loads of empty dairy bottles laying around!

I have a window sill that's simply pleading for a neat row of vintage glassware and a handfull of wildflowers! 

These porcelain replications would be especially lovely for an outdoor wedding.... 

I'm thinking natural fiber table linens with burlap strips tied to the back of cherry wood chairs...

And pops of brightly colored flowers, bursting sweetly out of their unconventional vessels! 

Or maybe just one little ol' milk bottle, transformed into a sangria pitcher, sitting primly on my kitchen table! 

Photo Credits: (1) here, (2) here, (3) here, (4) - (7) here


  1. They are so charming. I love the porcelain ones. I have an old glass one I found in my grandparents barn that I love to use as a vase for sunflowers. But I have never seen the white ones before.

  2. I think these are great too! I have been on the hunt lately but haven't discovered any in my junking!

  3. I wish I was the type of person who always has fresh flowers about. When I lived in Charleston for the summer, a florist had half price Fridays, and we would decorate our huble abode downtown with loads of flowers.

  4. love these! thanks for putting this in my head! my MIL has a ton of these just laying around that I could use for our place.

    happy wednesday!

  5. i dont know how crafty you are... but maybe you should try this! make your own "porcelain" bottles!

  6. I'm thinking your thinking is fabulous.
    Could you just dream my wedding up. You dream I'll buy till I'm all out of money.......

  7. These are the type of little things that make me wish I was having an outdoor wedding. SIGH.


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