Friday, February 26, 2010

its a draw... for now

Does your spouse or significant other ever say or do something that makes you say "okay, I have totally won for the day!"?  

I'm not talking about "keeping score" longterm - In fact, I think one of the keys to a long, happy relationship is resisting the urge to continually bring past transgressions into present discussions or arguments... In other words, the "forgetting" is as much a part of growing a positive, healthy marriage as the "forgiveness" (generally speaking, of course - obviously there are exceptions to this statement, but I'm trying to write an adorably humorous post about marital foibles so I think I'll stop the Marriage Counselor Mumbo Jumbo and get on with it, yes?).  

No, I'm talking about the little daily things... An Illustration, if you will:

Being the Totally Rad Wife that I am, I agreed to take Evs' car to the dealership this morning to get his inspection sticker renewed.  I asked several times if he was sure his proof of insurance was in his car, and he assured me that it was tucked away in the glove compartment.  I get to the dealership... no insurance.  Not in the glove compartment, not in the console, zip, zilch, nada.  This ended up not being a huge deal, but still... annoyance, right?  And of course, Evs was quick to apologize and even took my glib "That's okay hon, just be more careful next time" good-naturedly. 

And so I, Totally Rad Wife, drove my zippy loaner vehicle home, humming to myself and thinking "haha! Friday, February 26 shall henceforth be known as Kate Gains the Upper Hand Day!" 

And then I got home.  And realized my house key was still attached to Evs' keys... in Evs' car... sitting at the dealership.  

Of course, after interrupting his work so he could loan me his house key, I was quick to apologize.  

"That's okay hon, just be more careful next time!", he replied with a smile. 

Curses!  Foiled again! 


  1. hahahaha

    I just got a not-so-smiley call that I left the door unlocked this morning. I'm hoping he'll do something wrong later so I can get redemption.

  2. Hahaha! Too funny. As far as arguments to win, I always sit and think about the time Husband told me that his construction foreman saw a mountain lion, which was totally weird 'cuz mountain lions only live in the mountains. :|

    And I think to myself- how could the smartest man in the world not know that we even had mountain lions occasionally in Sioux Falls, which is smack 30 minutes next to the Minnesota border? Flat as a pancake.

    But I'm sure when I laugh at him, he likely thinks back to the time when, on our first date, I nervously asked how many quarters were in a game of football.



  3. (and the really impressive thing? I totally went through all the AP math courses in high school. I KNOW MY MATH, GOD DAMNIT. Man!)

  4. Damn! Well maybe next time you will get to have the higher tally for a little longer LMAO!

  5. ahh hate it when that happens. i like to keep the upper hand every once in a while. it never lasts long though

  6. Gotta love that upper hand. I like to think I have it most of the time. So does he. :)

  7. I love your blog! Your posts make me laugh and I love the awesome pictures you post. Thanks for writing! :)


  8. I think technically the whole key at the dealership thing can be placed back on the Evs because you were doing such a good deed for him.
    Never ever give in, work it just a little.
    If all else fails, CRY!

  9. I don't know how I just found your blog, but I looooove it! I have now added you to my google reader and blog roll on my own blog... hope you don't mind! Have a fantastic Saturday! :)

  10. bahahahahaaaa....oh poor Kate-woops! I'm glad y'all can both be sweet and have a sense of humor about it. I think I would have been way sassy and bitchy about the missing insurance and then become a needy emotional wreck about being locked out of the house. I think I have some growing up to do!

  11. thats really funny- sounds like something I would do.

  12. I do this shit with Mr. A ALL THE TIME.


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