Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oscar Round-Up: The Final Three (Um, FOUR)

This is it, folks!  My Top Three Favorite Best Picture Nominees out of the 9 (out of 10) I saw...

{If you missed it... Part 1 & Part 2 of my Oscar Round-Up}

#3: The Hurt Locker

Honestly, I don't even remember this movie coming out.  I vaguely recall reading a few tweets from SLynnRo while she was in the theater seeing this, but even for those, my mind only pulls up "LONG ASS MOVIE RE: BOMBS IN IRAQ."  {I'll note that this was not her official review by any stretch of the imagination, but merely my memory's brief recollection, which, if we're being realistic, is probably muddled by whatever happened to be in my glass that Saturday night.}    Anyhoo, LONG ASS MOVIE RE: BOMBS IN IRAQ just didn't seem all that appealing to me at the time.  War movies wear me out... and war movies in Iraq?  Wear me out AND hurt my eyes and make me thirsty with all that sand.  I mean, seriously, SO MUCH SAND... Is there a more Beige country in all the world?  Landscape Snooze.  

Fastforward almost a year when all the critics make their Top 10 Movies of the Year lists... and what do you know... that LONG ASS MOVIE RE: BOMBS IN IRAQ makes just about every one of 'em.  So we gave in and Pay-Per-Viewed the damn thing.  {And now I realize this "review" is just me babbling on about how I came to actually watch the flick... oops.}  And guess what?  The LONG ASS MOVIE RE: BOMBS IN IRAQ is stellar.  Beige, but stellar.  Jeremy Renner is a crazy mothafucka with a soul - always an interesting character to watch develop.  And you have to love the ex-spouses pitted against each other for Best Director... I'd love to see Kathryn Bigelow stomp all over Jimmy C.  My only negative feelings towards this film stem from the drama currently swirling around it.  I truly hope that The Hurt Locker is remembered more for its content than for its outside controversies, because this LONG ASS MOVIE RE: BOMBS IN IRAQ is a truly engrossing film.  

#2: Inglourious Basterds 

How could you not like this movie?  "Charming" is most likely not the correct adjective, but for all the blood and Nazis and scalping going on, I just can't help but smile when I think of Tarantino's latest (and, in my opinion, one of his greatest)!  I've been told (by a man, ahem) that I adore Tarantino in a way that no woman should.  Yeaaaah, I don't speak to that asshole anymore, but it is true that I love QT a whole hell of a lot.  If I happen to find myself on a rainy day with 5 hours to spare, its highly probably that you will find me snuggled up under my happy yellow duvet watching a mini-marathon of Uma Thurman killing entire armies of ninjas and other insidious folk in her happy yellow track suit.  

Tarantino has a knack for taking a cliche film genre (Westerns, gangster, Japanese ninja, heist, etc) and flipping it on its head.  Basterds is no different - classic Dirty-Dozen-esque war flick blended with French film noir, with just enough of that "this is hysterical but I really shouldn't be laughing" Tarantino humor.  {How many times in one post can I type "Tarantino"...}  I've also determined that Brad Pitt is a brilliant actor so long as you make him ugly.  Give the man a heinous scar and pockmarked skin or frosted tips and biker shorts (Can we talk about how hysterical he was in Burn After Reading?  I wish the Coen Brothers would do more comedy) and he shines!  And Christopher Waltz is deliciously evil.  Really, the entire movie is brilliantly cast.  And brilliantly executed.  I'd do an exaggerated BRAVA with an opera clap but the dog would look at me funny and I just don't need her judgment right now.   

Prediction: Waltz takes home Best Supporting Actor. 

#1: Precious

I'll come right out with it: Precious is ROUGH.  Like, Maggie-and-I-had-to-drink-3-margaritas-apiece-and-then-split-a-bottle-of-red-during-the-film-in-order-to-get-through-it ROUGH.  Completely worth the emotional rollercoaster but you will come out of this movie wide-eyed and blinking and unsure of what the first words spoken should be.  We've seen these tough societal themes before: incest, teen pregnancy, illiteracy, child abuse... but I don't know if we've ever seen them portrayed so authentically.  I don't close my eyes during movies... I think I shut them at least twice during Precious.  Thankfully, there is a prevailing sense of hope... but its not the "everything is going to be alright" hope that you wish for - more of the "I am strong and I will at least make it through this day" hope... probably a much more realistic point of view, if not an uplifting one.  

You've heard it before... the performances in Precious are stand-out - even the actors (mostly actresses) in the smallest roles shine.  And who would have thunk it... fugly-up Mariah Carey and she will take it all the way to the bank!  {Perhaps this phenomenon shall henceforth be known as the Brad Pitt Syndrome?} 

Prediction: Mo'Nique will win Best Supporting Actress.  She's absolutely, breathtakingly terrifying.  Best Actress is a category I don't have a great grasp on at the moment (most likely because I'd love to see Meryl win another statue!) but if anyone deserves it, Gabourey Sidibe does.  By the way, this chick is a scream in interviews!  I'd like to petition to be her real life friend. 

Aaaaaaaand: The Best Movie of the Year: Crazy Heart

I had several readers comment yesterday that they were so glad I'd saved Crazy Heart for a spot in my Top 3 (ladies after my own heart, I tell ya!).  In a crushing blow - that I'm still reeling from - Crazy Heart was NOT nominated for Best Picture (Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  I'm lookin' at you, Blind Side).  Not sure about the details of the snub, but Crazy Heart remains my very favorite movie of this year.  My piddly little reviews simply can't do it justice.  If you haven't seen it yet, please go.  Take your husbands and boyfriends - they will mostly likely love it as well (if they have hearts and/or taste).  Then, rush home and purchase the soundtrack on iTunes - this is Soul Music, y'all. 

Predictions: Jeff Brides will make up for the Best Picture Blackball and clinch the Best Actor award -which will be a much-deserved coup by The Dude.  And if "The Weary Kind" doesn't win Best Original Song, I will likely burn myself in effigy.. 


  1. My thoughts exactly regarding Crazy Heart!

  2. Absolutely agree about Crazy Heart! And I haven't stopped listening to the soundtrack...well save for a few GLEE moments :)

  3. I have't seen Precious, I'm not sure I can handle it since I spent 3 years working in Battered Women's shelters but I think that people need to see things like that. I am all over The Hurt Locker! I think James Cameron is a d-bag, but more importantly my Fiance is in the Army and deployed. I love movies like that, they resonate with me and my closest friends so WOOT to that! I love your list, although I havent seen them all!

  4. I've decided that I MUST see Crazy Heart before Sunday. I've already listened to that song so many times it's ridiculous.

  5. Loved your whole write up. This is the first Oscar breakdown that I have agreed with almost the entire way through. Finally saw Crazy Heart this week and I agree that it should have been nominated.

  6. I loved every song in Crazy Heart...SO GOOD!

    LOVED Inglorious Bastardas (and like you, love all his movies, especially Kill Bill).

    I was hoping to love Precious, but for some reason I didn't, but I will agree that Mo'Nique was so freaking scary. The morning after we watched Precious, my husband woke up and said, "I had the worst was just like Precious"

    Loved your reviews!

  7. I loved Crazy Heart as well and definitely think it should have been nominated. While we're talking about snubs, how about Melanie Laurent (Shoshanna) for Inglorious Basterds? How did she not get a nom? Shameful...

  8. Umm...I just read through all the comments to your reivews post and can I just say that I agree that I liked your reviews, so please do some more for us :)

    Also, I need your advice - if I can only watch one movie this weekend, should I watch Shutter Island or The Crazies?

  9. Oh I feel silly for my comment yesterday, because I had totally forgotten that Ch wasn't in the running. So lame. But I agree. It's definitely my favorite from this Oscar season!

  10. Hmmmmmm Shutter Island vs Crazies?

    I've seen Shutter Island and I liked it... but it wasn't the terrifying thriller that I hoped it would be. Haven't seen the Crazies, so I can't comment on it! So I guess... Shutter Island?

  11. I loved Crazy Heart as well. Such a great film. And, the soundtrack, don't even get me started.

    We host an Oscar party every year and I'm so bummed we aren't this year since I'll be traveling for work. I'm hoping I at least get to watch some of it.

  12. This has been great, are you twittering during the red carpet?
    I will watch a few movies this weekend, based on your suggestion.
    See if I can cram it all in..

  13. Loving your picks! You know, I enjoyed the hell out of Inglorious Bastards (whatever, I like traditional spelling). And I didn't really enjoy the hell out of Precious (drinks and terrified hand-squeezing with you notwithstanding). I think they're tied for my two official Oscar favorites - with Crazy Heart of course having the emotional top spot. Ahhh, Oscars... looking forward to a Sunday tweetfest!

  14. I am SOOOO glad to find another girl who loved Inglorious Basterds! I was GLUED in the theater and bought it the day it came out! I had nightmares about Waltz for a week after I first saw it! I talked some of my friends into going to see it and they hated it! I was like "how can you hate this movie? It is AMAZING!" I definitely almost lost some friends over this. My favorite part was definitely when he came to the restaurant and sat and talked to Shoshanna. I. Could. Not. Breathe.

    Thank you for sharing my appreciation for Tarantino, correct spelling, and being effing cool in all other aspects.

  15. You've convinced me. I just bought tickets to see Crazy Heart tomorrow night and am so excited! Also loving that the theater serves wine & champagne :-)

  16. So I'm totally lame and have only seen UP and Inglourious Basterds, out of all these, but I definitely appreciate your love for QT. IB was awesome, and if Christoph Waltz doesn't win Best Supporting Actor, I will throw a shoe at someone.

  17. i completely agree with you that crazy heart should have been nominated! i thought jeff bridges was fantastic (i hope he wins!) and i was really excited to see maggie gyllenhaal get a nom for it, but i don't think she really has a chance. you're right about the soundtrack, too -- it's awesome!

  18. 一切與生俱來的天然贈品,時間最為寶貴........................................

  19. I couldn't get into Inglorious Basterds, I think I lasted about thirty minutes and I had to walk away. *lol* My husband is a Kill Bill fan, loves Quentin, but evehn he said he couldn't watch it.

    My husband can't watch THe Hurt Locker b/c of PTSD, but my husband is actually EOD liek the guys in the movie, so I think it's ok. *lol* I enjoyed the movie, I thought Jeremy was great, but there were obviously things not correct in it, but I liked it. :)


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