Friday, March 5, 2010

PP(F)P: Pretty Paper (Friday) Plus

We're not on the Baby Train at the moment... but Oh. My. Goodness.  

Two Words: Letterpress. Elephants.  Well, perhaps one more word, too: BOOKMARKED.

In other news, Slynnro, MojitoMaven and I hit up Neiman Marcus' Fashion Rules event last night in search of a Nicole Richie sighting and (cough, cough) free swag.  A couple observations: 

  • Nicole Richie is an Elfkin Person.  I believe Slynnro wins Best Adjective with the word "wee."  
  • {Not that I'm surprised, but} when Neimans promises swag, they deliver.  Not like The Limited. I'm talking CAKEBALLS, people!  Cakeballs and individual bubbly bottle WRISTLETS.  You know, in case you need both hands to grab the cakeballs (and caramel popcorn and a variety of other turquoise treats).  We all went home with some Equinox booty as well (tank tops, reusable water bottles, etc).  And I'm pretty sure if you waited in (the massive) line to meet Ms. Richie, you got some extra goodies, but, eh, you know, La Duni sangria was calling.  And I don't think Nicole had any autographed singles of Lionel's "All Night Long" in her purse... which is what I'd really be after were I to have an audience with the She Elf. 


  1. Sweeeet paper & swag! Had I known bubbly comes on wristlets, I would have been demanding that all my bubbly be that conveniently attached to my wrist. But now and forevermore, I shall.

  2. OMG- the wristlet is cracking me up! Just in case you lose it ...

  3. As another pretty paper obsessed blogger, I love those adorable announcements. I just keep telling myself that by the time we get around to having babies, the stuff will only be cuter than it is now!

  4. She is sooooo tiny! She was standing behind us at the Lady Gaga concert in LA and she's like 1/2 the size of an Olsen Twin, but super pretty!!!

  5. Oooh, I love the wristlets!
    So convenient, you will never misplace your bubbly again, such a great idea :)

  6. Can I hire you to find our baby announcements come August - so cute!! Seriously though.

  7. Love that paper!

    I've seen Nicole Richie several times in person, and she is TINY. I don't understand how you can actually by that small. Well I do, but I wouldn't want to try.

  8. Munching blueberry popcorn right now...


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