Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mom's Day!


{Easter 1985}

{1st Grade Halloween}

{Mama J, me, and CSP - 1997}

{Hyline Mother & Daughter Dinner}

{Wake Forest Parents' Weekend - 2002}

{Mom, me, Joy, and Mama J - WFU Graduation}

{San Antonio 2005}

{Vegas 2007}

{Mama J, Mom and Me on our engagement}

{the dress that wasn't}

{Mama J, me, & Daddy Jim - Law Grad}

{Rehearsal Dinner}

{gettin' weddin' prettified}

{3 Day!}

{National Championship}

{Mama J, me, Mom}

Happy Mother's Day to my two favorite women - I'm so extremely blessed to to spend the day with both of you!  Thank you for teaching me compassion, grace, patience...(and sassiness!)... how to love, how to laugh.  

I love you. 


  1. What an incredibly sweet post! Loved all the phots! That "dress that wasn't" is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Awe, I love it! Seeing pictures over a long period of time is always fun!

  3. Great post! Looks like you are a very lucky girl = )

  4. awww what a beautiful post! i LOVE the pic with the 3day guys! haha

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful tribute! You are such a joy! I am so incredibly lucky to be your mom! Love all the photos too!xxoo

  6. Totally left a comment on this last night but closed out of the box before the word verification popped up. Didn't realize it until I had to do word verification on your last post.

    Love this. Gorgeous photos and it's so nice to see the road that you and your mom have taken together!

  7. I know this is weird and creepy (not the resemblance, but in that I'm posting this), but in the second pic I swear baby you looks exactly like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!


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