Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Skin Saviors

A month or so ago, I was on the receiving end of one huge bitch of a microdermabrasion wand.  Sorry Salon Pompeo, love your hair stylists and colorists - and really love your full service bar - but you will never again get your paws on my mug!  I don't know if the esthetician was simply heavy-handed or if the scrubby-grit-mixture - usually comprised of diamond dust, unicorn kisses, and sparklepusses - had been secretly replaced with battery acid and Satan's farts, but upon my departure, my face boasted more track marks than the entire Basketball Diaries Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray.

So what's a girl to do?** 

**Besides mutter "beauty is pain, beauty is pain," over and over again, like some masochistic yoga mantra...

Enter my two current favorite skin care products - one which I've mentioned in passing here before, and one which is new to both me and EA!  

Don't be freaked out by the "peel" terminology!  This two-step treatment is gentle enough to use several times a week (I use thrice weekly) (the facial geniuses at Bliss do not recommend daily use... and those peeps know their shizz!), and really helps slough away rough patches without rough exfoliation.  Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but I have noticed a reduction in my forehead lines in the six months I've been using these!  

I've heard raves for months about the Clarisonic skincare system, but honestly, I'd rather shell out the cash for a professional facial (NOT AT SALON POMPEO) than drop coin on a fancy new at-home gadget, especially when I already have an arsenal of products in my medicine cabinet that I know work well with my skin type.  But... for 25 buckaroos, I will invest in the cheap-y version!  Like a mini-(NOT DEFORMATIVE)-microderm, this little guy gets down to business with some deep exfoliation!  After use, my face is so, so, so soft... it's all I can do to keep my mitts off of it!  And, the smell is husband-approved (something that sadly can't be claimed of the MD Skincare peel pads - boo)!  

What are your current beauty saviors? 

Please Note: I receive no kick-backs for these reviews... just sharing some products I love!  HOWEVER, per usual, I can always be bought (I'm looking at you, Bliss! How's about a rave review of your Triple Oxygen Facial?  No?  Really?  Are you sure? Positive?  I can also dance!  And my jazz hands are beyond compare!)


  1. I need to check out that neutrogena product. I use a great microderm kit from Oil of Olay (of all brands). It makes my skin feel so soft. I need to use it more often.

  2. I love Bliss products as well but I REALLY love their "steep clean" cleansing milk. Wonderful stuff that really cleans out my pores without drying out my skin. Heaven!

  3. Sorry bout your face trauma, glad you found products to resolve the damages. I've been struggling with crazy acne these past two months (breakup stress + finals + moving + new birth control turned me into a horrifying teenager faced monster). While I'm all cleared up now, I need something to help fade some light purple scars from these breakout. Do you think this peel treatment might help?

    Side note - currently in love with the "scrublet" that comes with loreal go 360 clean products. Very gentle little brush like disc kind of like a cheapo clairsonic. I use my own fav cleanser with the scrublet because the loreal is too abrasive to use often. Love my scrublet!

  4. I've tried a few sample packets of the MDSkincare peel and really like it! I recently used Fresh's black tea perfecting mask and it's really good but really pricey ($85). I also use DDF's 10% glycolic toner once or twice a week and it leaves my skin poreless - I rarely use a physical scrub anymore!

  5. And if you like the MDSkincare, they make travel packs (so everything doesn't dry out - especially if you're not using it everyday). To add to their fantasticness - I found them for dirt cheap at BB&B here in North Dallas - like half price!!

  6. thanks for sharing! i've been hearing all the jazzy reviews of the clarisonic but just can't bring myself to buy one .. i mean hello, i can get a really cute pair of shoes for that price!

  7. I had a Clarisonic and noticed absolutely no difference so I took it back! I would never waste my money on it! I cannot live without the 7 day scrub from Clinique. I've always used it and I notice a difference if I ever stop. Of course, nothing beats a good salon facial!

  8. The Philosophy Microderm Peel is also excellent. And I'm a big fan of Mario Bodescu Drying Mask for clearing up oily skin.

  9. Every so often, I can find MDSkincare at TJ Maxx with a smaller pricetag - score! Check it out :)

  10. You know how I feel about the Alpha Beta face peel - magic pads. I seriously RAN to them post-ten-day-European vacation. I might not have been happy to return to reality, but my skin was!


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