Monday, May 10, 2010


Evs and I had been dating for literally a nanosecond when he began his summer clerkships at two BigLaw Dallas firms - at the very height of the Legal Heyday, nonetheless.... meaning that some of our very first dates looked like something off an itinerary for The Bachelor: The Gavel of Love - strolling cocktail parties through the shark tunnels of the Aquarium, casino nights, suite seats for various major league sporting events.  I'm not going to lie - it was all pretty badass (but don't worry - we spent the next two years of our courtship deciding between Waco's La Fiesta or Texas Roadhouse for Friday Date Night... wholly making up for our ostentatious beginnings).  

Of course, a good 18 months later, the Law Bubble burst and summers have never looked the same (not entirely a bad thing... while the massive firm layoffs weren't any fun, the extreme wining and dinning of clerks was becoming a bit excessive).  However, last Friday, when this summer's schedule was posted, one event echoed the Golden Era and made me stop in my tracks...


Say what???  

I scheduled a "conference call" on the exact hour those tickets went on sale so that I could press REDIAL over and over again until I achieved The Ultimate Concert Victory and STILL didn't get tickets I wanted, yet Evs' firm's wet-behind-the-ears summer associates** get to sit pretty in a luxury box at the AAC and watch Ms. GaGa perform her best poker face while I order semi-decent Thai food and watch a Khloe & Kourtney Take Miami Marathon???



I'm currently contemplating the best way to weasel my way into this event... The current front runner is offering to craft bedazzled "Disco Sticks" for everyone involved.... Any other clutch ideas?

'Cause if I don't come up with anything brilliantly convincing, I'm going to be stuck watching this on repeat a bazillion times on July 22... which, actually, um, wouldn't be the worst evening of all time... since it's the AWESOMEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN:

Ever Ever Ever Ever EVER.  

** I'm allowed to say such things as I was one of these poor souls about, oh, 14 ticks ago... with Tastefully-Framed Law Licenses comes Great Superiority.  


  1. Go forth and GaGa! And let us all live vicariously through you!

  2. I hope you get to go to the concert and report back! Because Lord knows TC won't be going to a Lady Gaga concert with me in this century, so I'll have to hear about it from you.

    And I LOVE that video. I have watched it on repeat!

  3. Ahh....Ga Ga. I'd love to see her. That video is awesome. I can't even imagine how many hours they practiced!

  4. I love this video! Although it rocks my face off, I can't say it quite tops the original gaga-cappella doing the rounds here in England about a month ago:

  5. You go girl get those Gaga tickets! Aren't these guys great?! They would perform every Friday afternoon on campus, I love the Lady Gaga version!

  6. Ahh, you HAVE TO get those tickets!!! She is on my list of must see concerts, although her tickets are nearly impossible to get your hands on. You must find a way to go so that we can all live vicariously through you.

  7. That will be an awesome concert so you have to find a way in. I have no doubt you'll find some clever way!

    Thanks for sharing the video as well. That was great! I think the guy in the green is missing his calling.

  8. This video is ten times funnier when you have seen the actual gaga video!

  9. That video is amazing :) And Lady Gaga?? We're having a potluck picnic in the park. Granted, I'm working for the State this summer so that's about all we can afford, haha :)

  10. I've now watched that 4 times. freakin' awesome.

    hope you make it to the concert!

  11. That's my alma mater's a capella group, and they have been doing hilarious interpretations for (gulp, I think this makes me old) 10 years or so now...this is my favorite one, though!

  12. I wonder what Mr. A's clerks are up to this summer....

  13. I.Love.Gaga and saw her in concert. I hope you get tickets!!!!! It was amazing!


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