Sunday, June 13, 2010

beat the heat

Today, our A/C broke.

One more time...

OUR. (!)

A/C. (!)

BROKE. (!)

In Texas.  In June.  When it was 96 degrees outside.

As I type this, I'm parked in front of a massive box fan, circa 1997 drizzling Sauv Blan down the front of my True Blood-esque cotton slip classily sipping Sauv Blanc as I glisten romantically like a untrained Sahara desert marathon participant Fitzgerald character.   Endearing, I know.

Thermostat reading?  87 degrees.


Exactly 4 months ago, on my birthday, the thermostat read 45 degrees.

Let's just contemplate that for a moment... let it all sink in...


I used to constantly befuddle my husband by choosing "hot" in the oh-so-entertaining game of "Would You Rather Be..." (sure, you can always put on more layers if you're cold, but I'm a Texas girl... we thrive in the HEAT!).  This evening, I stand corrected.  Oh to return to the days of 5 comforters and Millenium Trilogy unchartered territory and no-job-to-get-to-that-requires-blow-dried-hair!

Whatever. Lessons Learned and all that good shizz.  Today has been all about Keeping Cool... and thus, I give you my Summer Survival Kit:

High School Pedicure

There are few arenas in which I feel it appropriate to revisit my high school days... although, I will consider a skip down Memory Lane in regards to my tootsies... this shockingly bright apricot color by Essie feels fun, flirty, and young... without making me feel all Matthew-McConaughey-a-la-Dazed-and-Confused. 

After being touted by Glamour as "OMG, This Bikini Looks Good On Everyone!," I had to have this suit - What can I say? I'm an ad exec's wet dream.  Glamour has been my glossy mag pick for 10 years and I knew they wouldn't lead me astray!  This anti-muffin-top-'kini might be the very first two-piece suit I've felt comfortable frolicking around in sans cover-up since my Itty Bitty Bar Studying Diet Days!  While not as pudge-less as the pathetically Photoshopped model on SwimSpot, I felt pretty damn confident strolling through the living room to fetch my sunglasses... plus, the suit is officially Man Approved by the Evs!  If you're still looking for this year's swim suit purchase, run, DON'T WALK, to order this sucker! 

Fox Movie Channel 

Not sure if FMC was always there or if it magically appeared when I frantically reordered HBO in anticipation of Season 3 of True Blood, but Fox Movie Channel is da bomb dot com, peeps!  In 72 hours, we enjoyed Wall Street, The Sandlot, and 9 to 5, whilst relaxing prostrate, and practicing stillness to the fullest extent possible.  And this morning?  A 60s Movie Marathon!  Because, if you can't move for fear of heat exhaustion, you might as well be entertained, yes?  Yes!  

Agua de Sevilla

Think sangria's refreshing?  Ppppppp-shaw!  Try making this tasty liquid treat for your next gal-pal pool party...
  • 1 Liter of Pineapple Juice
  • 1 Bottle of Cava (prosecco would work as well) 
  • 1 c. whiskey 
  • 1 c. Cointreau 
Mix all ingredients together, then serve over chipped or shaved ice, topping with whipped cream and cinnamon... ZOMG, why did I EVER leave Spain? 

What's Keeping You Cool this Summer? 


  1. My air conditioning.


    (too soon?)

    (just for this Aaron will probably forget to pay the power bill again)

  2. OMG! I totally saw that drink (Agua de Sevilla?) served at La Carboneria when I was in Seville last week. I didn't get a chance to taste it. But now I can. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. That Agua de Sevilla looks delish! And I'm so sorry about your A/C - I know all too well how frustrating that can be. Ours went out about 5x last summer, all within weeks of our wedding. So I was stressed, running around trying to get things done, hot as balls. Fun. I hope your A/C gets fixed SOON - and more permanently than ours was!

  4. Loving that suit, but c'mon, give a girl a few more color choices, swimsuit company! You should stay in your pool for hours tonight in that suit given your current AC situation.

  5. Our AC went out at work last summer a couple of times, it was miserable. Hopefully it will get fixed soon!

  6. Hi!! I was turned onto your blog by some law school friends and love it! Actually, as I type this, I'm sitting in the barbri class here in Austin (great student obvi), thus I've enjoyed your writing re: the journey from law school to lawyering. Oh, and the outfits!

    Quick question on the suit--good for uber pear shapes or no?? I too am on a quest for the (elusive) anti-muffin-top bikini. Thanks!

  7. That drink looks tasty!! My sister's coming this weekend and that will definitely be on our pool party menu.

  8. 1. Huge bummer about your AC. That's gotta be rough.

    2. You just might have the best Twitter id ever :)

  9. It has been SO freaking hot here, I cannot imagine going without the AC. Gross! Thanks for sharing SwimSpot - they have so many cute suits and rompers! I may have to splurge and get one (or two). Cute blog!

  10. i don't know if i could handle it if our ac was broken today (VA is CRAZY humid), we sat on the couch and listened to NPR bonnaroo set lists....gah good luck to you and the fam!! I hope the ac get fixed soon!

  11. Oh no, I'm so sorry about your air conditioning! I love that Essie nail polish color, and have something very similar that I wear all the time in the summer! Good luck getting your AC fixed!

  12. I can't imagine! We have no AC either but in Denver our inside thermostat reads 70. Yikes sista - 87 degrees?. Love that drink idea too - yum.

  13. hi. I work for SwimSpot and we love your blog - thanks for the Good Karma praise...we love the suit too, for many of us aren't size 2's as well.

    And, in response to Maggie, for the 2011 line - which we start to sell in October '10 on our site - we are going to expand the style to include black, navy (new shade), brown (new shade), and three new prints. The demand for the suit forced our hands :)

    So if you want some help picking out your perfect Good Karma, give me a call or send me an email!



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