Monday, June 7, 2010

mun-day, mun-day

Currently attempting to wash a rough last week (complete with a multiple-credit-card-theft cherry on top! woohoo!) outta my hair, Nellie-Forebush-Style... spontaneous rendition of Cock-Eyed Optimist possible!  Helping me work up the lather are the simply lovely ladies of the RHONJ... hairless kitties, and bankruptcy proceedings, and "prostitution-whores," oh my! 

Not only do I have Grandma Wrinkles in my corner, but I'm also coming off a fabulous weekend with CSP! {During which it was apparently impossible for me to take a photo where I do not appear slumped over at the waistline... I swear, five years after college?  All my sorority pose knowledge? Poof!  Gone!  Tragedy.}  

We had a fantabulous and much needed 48 hours of Mambo Taxing, Top Golfing (our skills at which can only be described as comical, at best) (although we might have fared better had it not been for those aforementioned Mambo Taxis), pool-lounging, E-TV watching, suishi noshing, and SATC2 viewing.  I can hardly believe we've been friends for thirteen years... yet another reason to be Austin Homesick!  

Top Golfing... 

Peonies in the Ritz Lobby and Firefly Cocktails at the Rattlesnake

Cheers to bestest friends and a better week ahead!


  1. Good lord it looks hot out there! Glad you found a great way to stay cool (sip sip sip), and with the best kind of company at that. Hang in there! xo

  2. i feel myself also a little dishearted. I´m suffer myself a bank-card-theft, so unfair, and feel so unpowerless....
    god luck with your bank

  3. I'm so sorry about credit card theft! Dealing with that is such a pain in the ass- exhausting. Mmm, Firefly cocktails look mighty tasty though. . .

  4. I hope this week is off to a better start!!! Hang in there! : )

  5. Wow! Those peonies are amazing! I love the darker pink color. I also adore the dress you're wearing in the last two pics.

    I'm curious to hear your thoughts on SACT2...

  6. oy--hope this week is better for you. so sorry about the CC drama! but those NJ housewives are amazing, no?

    wish i could have been there to enjoy the firefly cocktails! sometimes a bff is all you need. sounds like y'all had a great weekend. i'm sure she enjoyed the break, too! :)

    and totally know what you mean about posing for pictures. i think i used to be pretty good at being as photogenic as possible, but these days it seems i can't take a good, natural-looking picture to save my life.

    you look great, though! isn't it funny how sometimes the heat/glow makes us look good in pictures?

  7. Love you friend!! And word to the taking good pictures. Why do you think there are NO pics of me on my blog that aren't professional? Because I look like a frumpy hobo in all of the ones I take myself. LAME.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the CC stuff. I think we need a night out ASAP!

  8. Sorry to hear about the CC theft/ rough week. Here's hoping that this week is MUCH MUCH better. I personally believe that the Real Housewives (or any Bravo reality show) & a glass (or more) of wine is the world's best therapy. It has definitely been saving me this past month of unemployment/ waiting for my new job to start... that & finding great blogs like yours!

  9. I love me some RHONJ!

    I have serious peony envy, my plants haven't bloomed.

  10. Seriously, RHONJ is amazing!!! Sorry about the credit card theft! That is the WORST!!


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