Monday, June 21, 2010

weekend warblings

I'm a day late, I suppose, on my Father's Day Weekend Recap... and I wish I could say it's due to time spent downloading and editing the fabulous photos I took this weekend, but, as I continue to be UnFun in the photography department, that's not the case.  In truth, I spent 4 hours in the car with The Most Neurotic Terrier Of All Time yesterday while nursing a headache reminiscent of That One I Had for 8 Months in College for Which I Sought Freaky Eastern-Medicine Treatment (That Involved Mini, Sword-Shaped Crystals) (a story for another day) (perhaps tomorrow) and the only thing I felt like doing last night was Exceed the Recommended Dosage of Sudafed and Gaze Longingly at Alexander Skarsgard.  

Regardless of said Terrier and said Headache, we had a fabulous weekend in Austin!  We hadn't both been back since New Years, and it was high-time to high-tail it back home for a brief but needed Dallas Decompression.  

We got to spend some QT with C and B... QT that involved both Moonshine Mac-n-Cheese and observation of the mating habits of underpantless coeds and sleazy silver foxes! {PSA: Britney stopped being a trend-setter after the first state hospital commitment... invest in some Hanky Pankys if you're planning on dressing in a mini-skirt and drinking your weight in Long Island Iced Teas, por favor}

We also introduced Hudson to The event that had me a little anxious given that The Most Neurotic Terrier of All Time is not always, um, "child-friendly."  I'm pretty sure her thought process upon encountering a child is somewhere along the lines of "I love people, but people are supposed to be tall; therefore, by my massive powers of reasoning, I deduct that this small thing is not people, but rather A DEMON SENT TO PUNISH ME FOR ALL THAT EXPENSIVE UNDERWEAR I'VE EATEN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"  

Gladly, The Boom acted nearly normal (if "pride" is an appropriate emotion to feel in the event that your dog does not eat your best friend's son, than consider me proud as a peacock!) and a raucous game of tag between toddler and beast ensued.  Hudson says "Boomer" exactly like my Mama J... "Boooo-mah" - it was as if an octogenarian hailing from Itta Bena, Mississippi had taken up residence in his little body!  Ridonculously adorable.   And perhaps procreation won't cost me my hips plus the price of quadruple sessions with the pet psychologist after all!  

Of course, the crowning jewel of our visit was the Family Time, with almost every member of my mom's side of the family accounted for!  I cannot believe that my two oldest cousins graduated from high school this year and are now college-bound in the fall (one to Brown, one to Texas... smartypants-es!):

I was 9 when they were born, and they were 9 when I went off to college... now they're all grown up and about to move into dorm rooms that won't even have landlines because who uses landlines anymore and oh my god I feel old.  

I'm so thankful to spend another Father's Day with both my Daddy and my Daddy Jim... I know everyone says their Pops' are the greatest, but mine really are, take my word for it!  

A couple of months ago, my dad and I had the pleasure of accompanying my grandfather on his final hunt before giving away his bird dogs.  {Betcha didn't realize you were reading the blog of the Laity Lodge Youth Camp Skeet Shooting Champ, now didya?  Us smelly hippies have some unpredictable tricks up our sleeves! But, please remember those unpredictable tricks involve eating what we kill, hunting birds whose numbers are easily repopulated, and following all hunting and gun safety regulations!}  Daddy Jim has kept dogs for as long as I can remember - really, much longer than I've been alive - and is always ready with a good dog story.  Watching a bird dog hunt is a surprisingly elegant site, and I was honored to stand with my grandfather as he ran his dogs one last time.  Janie and Jill are now living the good life of ranch pups, but I know Daddy Jim misses having their furry heads around.  My parents gifted him a gallery frame of photos from that day... I think it was just the Father's Day ticket!  

Happy Summer Solstice Day After Father's Day from down here in Texas!


  1. You look like a natural with the gun, girl! I love it!

  2. Cute pictures, way to rock that orange hat!

  3. Basically I love your recount of The Boom v. Hudson.

  4. Hahaha- glad that the Boom will be an excellent sibling to any tiny humans which come your way. Our dog Dixie is the same with little kinds. She also used to be terrified of people in sunglasses. Neurotic dogs are my punishment for all of my neuroses, I believe.

  5. Haha, you're too funny! I love the pic of you and your dad when you were little. Can't wait to hear about the Eastern Medicine story!

  6. Love the pics of you with your grandpa! What a special day!...and the ones with the shot gun-stellar. The Mr got me a shot-gun 2 christmas' ago and I love it, esp my pink shot gun case!

    Have a good one!

  7. Gosh I like you.

    I think your stuff gets better and better.

    I am not a weird Internet stalker. I am a mostly sane middle-aged WASP lady.

    Carry on.

  8. Loved this post and loved the weekend with you, Evs and the Boom! xxoo

  9. super cute post. I'm a sucker for anything daddy/daughter time.


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