Thursday, July 8, 2010

PPT (of sorts): Office Makeover

So I landed what basically amounts to almost my dream legal job... which, in the Lady Lawyer World, makes me pretty freakin' lucky!  

My professional life is charmed further by the existence of my very own office (a rather large one, at that!) - one perk that might not warrant an eye-blink from a firm attorney, but causes the heart of anyone in the non-profit world to go pitter-patter!  

After 4 months of clutter while an addition was built in our suite, my space is now happily organized... but somewhat lacking in charm.  As you can see, aside from the requisite SmartyPants Art (i.e. - those diplomas that every grad begrudgingly barters their first born child in exchange for professional framing... highway robbery, Michael's.  HIGHWAY ROBBERY!), I'm literally working with a blank slate:

Right Side View from the Door (degree to be hung over skinny table)
Left Side View from the Door
View Whilst Desk-Sitting (door to the left)

Happily, I don't have much restriction on acceptable wall decor.  And given my new work culture, I don't feel confined to landscape or modern art prints - woo hoo!  For sure, some things I've had my eye on are out, but I can think a bit more out of the box.

Some of my personal guidelines:

- #1: New trappings to total $100 or less, including framing supplies (IKEA + Hobby Lobby, here I come!)

- #2: Ideally, some of my choices will include comforting / soothing imagery and/or words - but will NOT be cheesebally.  We have lots of domestic violence posters and pamphlets hanging about.  I'd like my space to still evoke positivity without being in-your-face with the PSAs (which leads to #3...)

- #3: Must translate into home decor, if need be in the future.  Some of the Etsy prints I'm considering I actually love for an eventual nursery (AH!  The N Word!  Don't tell Evs, He of the Baby Rabies!) (and yeah, if you hadn't figured me out yet, I'm not an "itty-bitty-precious-babies-need-cutesy-wootsy-pastel-themed-color-schemes type-o-gal).

With those in mind, here are my thoughts....

(A) Either over the ugly gray filing cabinets OR on the smaller expanse of wall opposite the bookshelf (so that would be the half in front of my desk if I'm sitting at it) --> A Gallery of Prints. Nothing too big, probably just 3 selections - maybe 4, depending on size.  To cut back on price, I'll probably chose one or two actual prints, and then frame left over fabric from an old craft project (art for free!) to plump up the space.

Yeah, yeah, I know I already have one of these in red, but it makes me smile every time I spy it on our mantle.  I find the yellow version to be oh-so-cheery, and it definitely comports with my "good vibes" guideline.

Did Maggie turn me on to this?  Or did I stumble upon it myself?  I can't recall... but I'm a big fan!

I already have one of 1canoe2's pieces in our half-bath, and the following two block prints are equally as fancy-tickling.  I'm especially fond of the feathers and feel they'd coordinate nicely with the States United, the Yellow Live What You Love, and the gem below...
1canoe2 (above and below)

I'll admit to this guy being my favorite, although I'm the least sure about it hanging in my office.  Too kitschy?  In all honesty, it's the prominence of the KILL YOUR TV that's really throwing me off... I wish PLAY A KAZOO was the headliner since that makes me chuckle.  

(B) Along the larger expanse of wall opposite the bookshelf (so that would be the half in behind my desk if I'm sitting at it) -->  A Cheapo Photography Project.  I did this with some of our Greece photos for our bedroom and was quite pleased with the outcome (I especially like the looks of the ply-board & glass frames... which is excellent considering they are muy, muy barrato!).  

I'm considering using some Thailand photos... and I'd probably choose horizontal layouts to cover all that blank space....


Will these two "galleries" look funky together?  I know they aren't exactly cohesive, but can they mesh at all?  Or are my office walls going to resemble Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors (and I mean in the way when all the other kids were making fun of her and not in the good way where we're all taught a valuable lesson about what it really means to be rich)???


  1. I think as long as you have the photos be similar colors to the other artwork, and nothing too all-over-the-place it'll look great! And I love using travel photos as artwork!!

  2. love the idea of an etsy-esque wall... with maybe stuff hanging on the wall and other stuff resting on a floating "mantle" courtesy of my favorite ikea hovering shelves... I'm sure I may have found one (or all) of these from you, however, here are my fav etsy artistes: rarrarpress, williamdohman, thewheatfield, kikiandpolly, theloveshop, valentinadesign, scarletbeautiful,, orignauxmoose, luckybluebirdart, 3lambsgraphics, erinjaneshop, dazeychic...

    can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  3. You have great taste so I'm sure whatever you do will look amazing. You inspired me to buy the Live What You Love and I'd Rather Have Champagne Letterpresses (and then I snowballed into half a dozen other little etsy finds that I'm slowly snatching up and slapping on every open wall of my home). I am in the process of doing a gallery wall with my favorite photographs all in black and white, with the prints/letterpresses serving as the pops of color. I did black frames with white mats and it looks surprisingly uniform. Good luck!

  4. OMgosh, please keep us updated on the office makeover! I'm about to move into a new office, so I have office decoration on the brain and can't find any inspiration on the web! Do you have any? Everything I find is for the home office, and - while roomy - my office is no "third bedroom." Love what you've chosen so far; I think it'll look great!

  5. Hi!

    thank you so much for featuring one of my letterpress prints on your lovely blog!! (and so happy to know that you are enjoying the red one!) I LOVE all the other prints you picked, too, great ones!!!

  6. I need that Live What You Love print. Immediately. I think as long as you have similar colors that it will all flow nicely. You must show us a final draft picture of the makeover.

  7. I read this recently, thought you'd be interested.

  8. Great! I was so impressed on the artworks that you've displayed here. I hope I can also have them posted in my office. Please keep us updated with your makeover. I am still looking for great ideas I might use for my office makeover. Thanks. Cheers!


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