Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Funnies

Several video chuckles to get you through 'til it's time to do the Friday Dance!

And nope, I'm definitely not the first to discover these (I have one of my trips to Jennsylvania to thank for that!), but, as the interwebs have yet to offer up anything to top my new SGF, I thought I'd spread The Funny.  

Othello is my personal fav.  My cousins tell me they both managed to graduate high school - in AP English classes, no less - without reading Othello.  In fact, only R&J and Midsummer-Night's Dream made the required syllabus, grades 9 - 12.  Perhaps lit classes are getting more creative, but riddle me this, Modern Educational Systems:  How can the youth of today be expected to compose really, really terrible angsty-emo poetry in iambic pentameter in their journals that will one day, 13 years from now, make them cringe in embarrassment** without a thorough dousing of the Complete Works of Shakespeare?  A travesty! 

{**What? Only me?}

I wish I had a Sassy Gay Friend.  "Obtain Gay Boyfriend" has been on my list of things to do for eons.  I thought I had a front-runner with my first Dallas stylist.   But then he showed up to a morning appointment reeking of alcohol and sporting the shaky hands.  And while those might signify that he'd be a bitchin' drinking buddy, Uneven Highlights = The Axe on GBF Candidate Uno.  

Sad day.  


  1. HAHAHAHA!! Hilarity. Also, we had to read Othello in HS. What has happened to the school system?! And since that is the play that most traumatized me (just, so, so many issues), I feel that other youngins should be punished as such.

    I had a SGF at my old job, but, he up and moved to Qatar. Nope, not kidding. Sad face.

  2. That is AMAZING. Seriously, whoever came up with these at Second City is a genius. I wish I had a Sassy Gay Friend in real life to keep me from making horrible hair decisions!

  3. Completely random - Thought you'd be interested to know the heritage cardis at Land's End Canvas are now $20.99 during their summer sales. Looks like they still have all sizes and colors.

  4. these are hilarious! I haven't seen the eve one yet, but i have to admit I think it is my favorite.

  5. When I was in high school, the only Shakespeare we had to read was Romeo and Juliet freshman year. I took honors English too.

    The closest I ever came to a GBF was when my former best friend's boyfriend decided he wanted to become a woman. I got to teach him about makeup. Seriously, one of my favorite things EVER!

  6. oh my gosh these are hillarious! haha thanks!

  7. omg! did you know you can follow sassygayfriend on twitter!!!??? amazing!

  8. Marisa - NO! But BEST DAY EVER!


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