Friday, July 23, 2010

superstition ain't the way

I'm not superstitious about much but "triple sixes" freak me out.  I was buying some veggies the other day and my total with my Tom Thumb discount card was six dollars and sixty-six cents.  I made the cashier put the seventy-odd cents I'd saved back on my total.  Don't like those numbers.    

This is my six-hundredth and sixty-sixth post.  And my Dashboard tells me that six-hundred and sixty-six people currently use the "follow" function to read E.A.  THAT IS NO BUENO, FOLKS.  Which is why this post shall only be new for about a nano-second before it makes room for Happy Number 667. 

Apologies for clogging your Reader with pointless drivel.  But that's just the way my semi-neurotic cookie crumbles. 


  1. i fixed it for you. #667, right here.

  2. just in case is what i say about that number combination. it might be nothing but superstition, but why chance it? i do the same thing at the register, i'll buy gum or something else to get it past that number. i'll drive around the block (several times if necessary) to get it off the odometer too!


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