Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I believe...

Glamour Magazine has been my go-to "guilty pleasure rag" for more than a decade.  Occasionally, I'll spring for Vogue or Harper's Bazaar if someone I enjoy is on the cover, and it's almost impossible to pass up a good People or US Weekly whilst at the airport, but, generally-speaking, if we're talking girlie glossies, I'm a Glamour Girl.  Their fashion spreads are modern and inventive but still present clothing that is wearable; I see more and more models with "real" bodies highlighted; and, while I wouldn't say it's Pulitzer caliber journalism, there's always some actual brain-food in there alongside the latest eye-candy.  I also appreciate the fact that the "101 Hot Tricks You Must Try Tonight" Crap is kinda kept to a minimum.

Anyhoo, there's an itty-bitty feature Glamour used to have every month where they ask a celebrity of sorts to finish this sentence in 3 or 4 ways:  I believe...

I have a number of these clipped out, in a shoebox underneath my teenage bed.  It's fascinating  to see the thoughtful, hysterical, insightful, serious, silly fillers women (politicians, Oscar-winners, MTV VJs, reality stars, and musical entertainers alike) come up with in response.  That shoebox is on my List of Things to Recover from the Abyss of My Childhood Bedroom... I just know there's some decent stuff hidden in there.  

Until then... (Just a Few of the Things) I believe...

... that a long, hot shower can band-aid 90% of our emotional ailments.  Sometimes homemade mac-n-cheese, a big glass of Malbec, and Broadway show tunes have to step in to get the job done.  But, generally speaking, Jan was right... "Take a shower; you'll feel better!" 

... that no person should have to watch his/her significant other tuck themselves into a pair of Spanx.  At that point, you've swallowed the little blue pill and there's no going back.  

... that one is not a "musical artist" unless he or she actually writes music and/or plays an instrument (and "that synthesizer thingie that makes my voice pass as semi-decent" does not count as an instrument).  Also?  This is not even music.  I don't know what it is, but I believe it is crap. 

... that eating real, good food should be one of life's simplest and purest joys.  I believe that the majority of Americans rarely experience that joy.  And that makes me sad.  {You might even say it makes me a sad panda.}

... that a world without actual books - books with paper pages - is a world I don't really care to be a part of.  

... that God helps those who help themselves.  {But not in a Client List sort of way.}

What do you believe?


  1. "... that a world without actual books - books with paper pages - is a world I don't really care to be a part of."


  2. I did a post like this recently. Love yours!

  3. ...that when the entire drill team is circled up at the end of practice, eager to go into the locker room and get changed, and someone else has a personal question, they should ask it on their own time (aka: OYOT).

  4. I'm with you on the book thing for sure. And the food. I'm a hot bath gal, but Janet always said to "wash your hair, you'll feel better", proving that motherly wisdom is universal (and that 90% of women our parents' generation are named a variation of Jan, Janet, Janice, Debbie, Sandy, Cathy, Lynn or Linda).

  5. Ummm, I had to click on the link and go read the summary re: The Client List. That totally made my day. Ahh, The Client List-- which you know I watched. Twice. Yes, I am a sucker for a crappy Lifetime movie.

    I totally agree on the book part--while the Kindle and the iPad (also, Apple marketing people, the "iPad"? That's the best you could do?) things are thebomb.com, I still want and need a real book. And book to turn the pages of and to look at. A physical book. Sigh.

  6. I just started to listen to that Kesha song, er excuse me "Ke$ha" song, and wanted to slice my ears off. I only got through the first 10 seconds.


  7. Don't even get me started on that kesha chick. Ga-ross.

    I believe that watching the waves roll in on the beach while sitting with my little girl is the happiest place on earth.

    Throw in a cold beer and it gets a bit happier.. =)

  8. I believe in tipping the pizza delivery person.

    I believe that if you can't be quiet with(in) yourself, there is a problem.

    I believe in the power of prayer when it comes to college football.

    I believe in everything in moderation (yet I fail to meet that balance).

  9. I love this post and agree with everything you have said. Particularly regarding books. I will never own a Kindle...ever. As long as books are printed, I will read them in their natural state -- with crinkled pages, worn binding, and that *smell*.

    Don't even get me started on the auto tuner garbage.

  10. Like the Little Prince, I believe "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” spleeccchh

  11. I believe that mornings with coffee, snuggling, and the Sunday funnies are the best kind of morning.

    I believe that splurging on a gorgeous pair of shoes, which makes you feel guilty, is totally worth it after realizing the shoes look good as hell on you.

    I believe that spit-laughs are the epitome of laughter.

    I believe that reading deeper into a really good book instead of cleaning is worth the dirty apartment in the end.

    I have read Glamour since I was 15 and haven't missed an issue. I have so many of the "Hey! It's ok..." pages taped on the doors of my closet.

    This was so fun. I totally agree with you on the shower, food, books...okay, all of it!

  12. I believe that, upon seeing one this weekend, my husband should buy me an iPad. WHICH I WILL NOT USE AS A READER. Like you, I have standards that include paper pages.

  13. I also believe that books with paper pages are extremely significant--hate online books :(-- I also believe that there is no better feeling in the world than getting into a nicely made bed and that target boyfriend tees, jeans and mascara are all you need for weekends

  14. I believe that cheese makes everything taste better.
    I believe that good shoes are good for your soul.
    I believe that people who don't watch College Football are missing out.
    I believe that pantyhose are the devil.
    I believe that sometimes you just need to dance around the room.

  15. Love it that a long hot shower helps what ails you 90% of the time--and you've got great additions to that, when needed!

  16. ... that a world without actual books - books with paper pages - is a world I don't really care to be a part of.

    This makes me love EA even more than I already did!



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