Thursday, August 26, 2010


(1) I hate it when I pop into a store wearing an article of clothing recently purchased from said shop.  I inevitably forget that I'm dressed in something currently on display... and then exchanges like this ensue: 

Whilst perusing skinny black jeans at GAP today:

{Clerk}: Oh! I love your blazer!
{Kate}: Thanks!  I got it at GAP!
{Clerk}: Um, yeah, I know... uh, we're actually, uh...
{Kate}: -- blank, blond stare ---
{Clerk}: ...
{Kate}: HA! RIGHT! Yeah, I got it here.
{Clerk}: Yes.  I know.

No one likes an overly eager groupie.  Especially one who appears a little low on the marbles.

(2) I recently made a special trip to the only Anthro in Dallas that carries a full line of footwear to check out THE BOOTS in person.  Well, our budget can thank me for that little voyage because those puppies were so incredibly BLAH in person!  The leather is cheap-looking - almost pleatherish.  Also? "Imported" apparently = "Made in China."  

If I'm paying $350 for riding boots, I want to have the strong urge to rub my face on them and cuddle them and make them breakfast in bed.  I can't do any of those beautiful things if my new treasures are seemingly fabricated with synthetics requiring a good dousing of flame retardant.  Suffice to say, I neither NEED nor WANT the bow boots any longer.  And I'm quite disappointed in you, Anthropologie!  {insert gravest parental facial expressions and head-shakes here}

(3) Lately, I feel like my Twitter stream looks a little something like this...
- Hatch chiles
- Watch me cook with Hatch chiles
- Hatch chiles make my cuticles hurt
- Dexter
- Dexter
- Michael C. Hall is hot like a Hatch chile
- I wish we had Showtime 
- Texas so g'damn hot
- When is fall coming?
- Is it time for pumpkin spice lattes?
- I want to wear riding boots
- Who wants to come over and eat Hatch chiles and watch some Dexter?
- Tra la la Hatch Chi--- DEAR LORD MAKE HER STOP

Apparently the dog days make me really, really boring.  

(4) I'm on the cusp of finishing The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest.  It took me a good long while to get back into the action after a "meh" aftertaste left from Book No. 2, but now I'm hooked once again.  Too bad another blizzard isn't in the forecast for the next 24 hours... otherwise I'd be plowing through the last chunk in no time (if you'll recall, all 590 pages of ...Dragon Tattoo kept me company during the Great Power Outage of 2010)!  I'd also be wearing riding boots.  And watching the rest of Dexter Season 4 on my laptop. And drinking pumpkin spice lattes.

And so it is.  

Come quickly, cooler weather!  And bring back my creative thought! 


  1. Ha! I was in BR yesterday wearing a cardigan from there and every. single. sales. person commented on it. I'm so glad you all liked it. Really, I am.

    Also, I pink puffy heart Hatch chiles too!

  2. I blame salespeople. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT COMMENT?

  3. Gosh, I love your blog.

    and OH goodness, i'm at once disappointed and relieved that those boots aren't great in person. I can't afford them, but they are... no, WERE on my fall wishlist!

  4. i love your number 1 thought...i hate that feeling of being a walking advertisement. sometimes i avoid the store or if the sales people recognize you...EMBARASSING!

    you're gonna love the end of that book! i'm so sad there's not another one!

  5. Dont blame us salespeople -- we actually do really like it when people come in wearing stuff from the store (at least where I work). We look at it as a possible sale / someone who is serious about our product. Its a good thing, not a bad thing. Sorry if we've all made it seem that way.

  6. Did you look at the pretty BR ones I had on the blog? They are more simples than the adroable bow ones, but really good-looking from what I can tell online.

  7. I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. Thanks for making me laugh out loud on this Friday morning! :)

  8. So glad to hear those boots are a flop, I've been eyeing them myself, but DO NOT need them. SO happy to be able to mark them off my list!

  9. Haha too funny. Agree re: Anthropologie! I've never been a fan, overall. I think people get addicted to it's whimsy and forget to notice if something is UGLY.

  10. Agreed! I always feel so awkward wearing something from a store when it is still being carried in said store. Looking like a creepy store groupie is no bueno.

    Also, hearing about the riding boots makes me a sad panda... they are so cute on the website!

  11. As someone who once worked retail, it never bothered me when someone came in wearing clothes from our store, although, I will admit, it was a rare occasion when that did happen (we were a small boutique). But, but, BUT! I hate going into a store when I'm wearing something from there--not because I feel like a walking advertisement, but, I'm always scared the people will think I shoplifted said item--like I'm brazen enough to wear the item out of the store, past the clerks or something. Even though I never once thought that when I worked retail. Clearly, I am crazy.

    And? I puffy heart hatch chiles and cooler weather.

    Sad times about those boots, but, kind of a blessing, no? But, still, boo on you Anthropologie!

  12. It's so disappointing when something that is cute online turns out to be a bust! I love pumpkin spice lattes- I was beyond excited to get one today! (Starbucks has the stuff, they just aren't on the menu, at least where I am. Sneaky!).

  13. I got an "insider" email that PSL will be available tomorrow, but not on the menu!


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