Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Take Me Home, Country Roads...

Apologies... the only way to follow up John Denver is with more John Denver.


{Bee-tee-dubs: I heard an approximately-20-year-old stock clerk at Anthropologie use "NOT!" in a 100% non-ironic, 1996-popular-vernacular sort of way today.  Which completely validated my existence.  Love.}  

We had an absolute blast at HDH + MH's wedding in Estes Park!  Our surroundings couldn't have been more picturesque, every detail was complete loveliness, and don't even get me started on the weather... I'm ready to migrate to Colorado immediately - if only to be able to bust out my leggings and boots!  

Some snapshots from our fabulous mini-vacay:

Our "Mountain Rose" suite at the Romantic River Song B&B... I really can't say enough about this bed-n-breakfast... The owners, Mary and Gary (am I making this rhyming-ness up?  I admit I'm unsure about the "Mary" part... although I know the "Gary" part is spot-on, since I had to correct Evs every time he called Gary "Russell"... which... really?  Russell?  Russell's don't own B&B's.  Russell's own chiropractors' offices with cheesy websites.  Or possibly terribly overpriced designer pet boutiques.) were the most accommodating and helpful folk... truly deserving of the "Salt of the Earth" tag.  Gary earned extra points for his habit of dashing to and fro, collecting fresh herbs for our morning meal or our afternoon tea! 

Our "inventively romantic" indoor/outdoor shower
Adorable Breakfast Area - Chock-Full-o-Fiestaware
2nd Morning Breakfast - "Fiesta Flan & Breakfast Burrito"

On Saturday morning (sadly, I wasn't on my photog-game for the rehearsal dinner on Friday night), we decided to take a short 40 minute hike from the trail head right outside our doorstep, leaving time for another recommended hike (thanks BB!) through Rocky Mountain National Park before the wedding ceremony.  

Turns out, Evs and I officially suck at orienteering.  Possibly you could say we suck at hiking in general, but I'd argue that that assessment is a bit harsh.  Rather, we are overly enthusiastic hikers.... we get the job done, but often in a manner that leaves us logging more mileage than we intended.  This "40 minute hike" found us 160 minutes later, trucking it 2.5 more miles down the highway towards our B&B... having emerged from the wilderness at a friendly horse-back-riding establishment, rather than our own front door.  Thankfully, there were no logging trucks this time.  Or torrential downpours.  Or the TREATED HUMAN WASTE WATER

Oh well.  That night, I ate the shizz out of some wedding cake with nary a caloric care in the world.  Bonus Points for unintentional long-ass hikes!  

We also enjoyed a local brew in adorable downtown and a peak at the famous Stanley Hotel... where Evs refused to stay, even after I told him Stephen King only wrote The Shinning there (the flick was filmed elsewhere) (although, I admit, that fact isn't exactly comforting, since I suppose that insinuates the hauntedness of the Stanley inspired the story = more creepy than the actual movie set) (but, whatevs, we totally wouldn't have died, probably, possibly, and it would have made for great stories).  

Now to the celebration... 

Chapel on the Rock

I would have posted more (I went a little Wedding Details Stalker on this one), but for some reason, Blogger has decided to install "new" (re: terrible) photo software that flips all of my vertically-oriented photographs on their sides with no easy remedy... 

Fortunately, all you need to know is: (a) antique milk bottles + Mason jars, (b) great wine / delish food / fantastic entertainment (not to mention the company!), and (c) grinning-from-ear-to-ear gorgeous bride and groom!  

Congratulations Heather and Mike!!!


  1. I love that purple dress. I may have to get it!

  2. Love the dress. I've never been to Colorado, but I'm dying to visit. Looks like yall had a blast - I'm cursing you for escaping the Texas heat in August.

  3. J and I love B&B's. So cozy and the food really is always excellent.

    Gorgeous wedding! Makes me want to visit Colorado even more now. Or just move there. I love the mountains.

    And, I must say, I love you use of "bee-tee-dubs," only because that is exactly how I say it in everyday life. We live near a Booker T Washington HS, and their sign out front says "BTW." This has led us to start saying "Booker T Washington." Feel free to use my cool slang :)

  4. 1. Looooooooooove that John Denver song.
    2. You look great in orange. The wrap with your blue dress is divine.
    3. Hearing someone use "NOT" like that may just make me keel over in delight.

    Glad you had such a great trip! :)

  5. You look gorge! I am not looking to forward to fall just yet, but do have my eye on a pair of BR riding boots that are easing me into the idea of cold weather. . .

  6. Swoon! I am borderline obsessed with Colorado. It's gorgeous!! And what a beautiful wedding. So lovely.

    Also? That comment about the stock clerk at Anthro? Totally validated my existence as well!

  7. Your 40-minute turned 160-minute hike sounds a lot like our recent 2-hour turned 4-hour kayak excursion. Glad we all survived! Looks like a lovely weekend -- especially the quaint B&B and picturesque Chapel on the Rock.

  8. What a fun wedding weekend! I'm glad there were no logging trucks or poo this time!

  9. Yay H!! So glad you two got all this goodness in before The Flight That Shall Not Be Named.

  10. ohhh great weeding! When blogger stops being a jerk will you PRETTY PLEASE post more photos of the decor? I L-O-V-E wedding photos!

  11. What a gorgeous venue! And the B&B breaky...mmmmm

  12. Wow, that B&B is adorable! My brother just moved to Denver this summer, so I think a stay at the Romantic River Song B&B is in order when my husband and I visit him!

    As a Texas girl myself, I'm loving that wraps and long sleeve tees were required in August! Jealous!

  13. Love Denver and Estes Park. We're actually headed there for a wedding tomorrow! Can.not.wait! Also, love that church they were married in. So rustic and charming.

  14. Reconoiter, no
    Reconteur, yes!!!

    Life on the trail may be more predictable AND less fun.

  15. Gorgeous! What a fabulous weekend. I so envy you the cooler weather too.


  16. very nice wedding.. I love the outdoorsy touches.

    and you look great!


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