Monday, August 2, 2010

this and that

{How annoying is that new Kia commercial with the "you can get with this, or you can get with that" hamsters? Newsflash: Vermin do not sell cars.   Childhood toys, maybe.  But definitely not hamsters.}  

This.  I think understanding and appreciating both your strengths and weaknesses is an important part of being an adult.  Por ejemplo, I can design a wedding concept, an inspiration board, a thematic party, an outfit... but designing a cohesive color palette for our entire house?  It seems I pretty much suck at this. {And John & Sherry say I need a color palette, and when John & Sherry speak, Kate listens. And starts speaking in the third person, apparently.}  Individual rooms?  I can handle.  But all this square footage in Casa Nueva has me thrown.  Por que?  Well...

(a) We're only painting about half of it, so my new choices need to blend with the more neutral colors we are leaving be.  (b) While the paint that gets to stay is neutral, its slightly on the warm side... while I much prefer cooler tones.  (c) I love color, but fear that, if left to my own devices, our home will end up looking like a schizophrenic Doctor Seuss moved in.  

Enter all these fun "collection" guides at Home Depot... specifically, Behr's "White & Light Collection."  It's like an Idiot's Guide to Color Palettes.  And Kate needs I need an Idiot's Guide

This also keeps me from choosing colors that will end up being too dark once rolled all over my walls.  So here's the picks I'm currently noodling on (the hues in these photos actually look much darker than they do IRL): 

Master Bedroom - I'm looking for something very similar to the color that's in our current bedroom (which I *think* is Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage).  I think I'd be pleased with either "Silver Setting" or "Dynasty Celadon"... although the descriptive "celadon" freaks me out as I do not think of our bedroom as being greenish in tint.  

Guest Bathroom #1: There are two guest rooms upstairs.  The first is white with a bold blue accent wall.  We've decided not to paint that room for now as it will probably be transformed into a nursery not-too-far down the road.  Plus, the blue goes with bedding we already own.  That guest room's bathroom, though?  Western Wallpaper from Hell.  I think the "Silver Charm" is neutral enough to go with many future paint choices in the main room, but cool enough to coordinate the blue accent wall for the time being.  

Guest Room #2:  The 2nd guest room is currently mustard.  INTENSE MUSTARD.  I love me some mustard... but not on my walls.  The 2nd guest bathroom is also wallpapered... but not so egregiously as to warrant redoing immediately (we've got a pretty solid A List and B List going on right now, as far as redecorating goes).  I love the "Pewter Vase" color, and it will jive with the silvery-cream print currently chillaxin' in the bathroom.  

Office + Half Bath (which are right next to one another) - I had grand plans to paint the office a bold, almost purple-y taupe, with white built-in cabinets and our current (cheap-o) dinning room table lacquered black for a desk.  Evs used his Veto Power on that one - which I can deal with, seeing as he'll most likely be logging some quality time in there.  The "Heavenly Cocoa" (MAJORLY darker in this photo than reality) is a nice compromise - it still has a cool-pink undertone but is lighter and more masculine than the other taupe chips I've been drawn to.  The "Smoked Umber" will look fabulous with the tile and fixtures in the half-bath (which is currently wall-papered in something fugly circa 1987... odd, seeing as the house was built in '98).  

Bonus Room:  It seems I like to have a yellow room in any house I live in... "Sunkissed Yellow" doesn't scream SMILEY FACE, but still makes me grin.  

That.  Turns out, there is no "that."  It was all a big ploy to get you through my boring ramblings on paint colors.  Actually, I had a "that" when I started this post but then the finale of The Bachelorette happened and Kim G wore more another age-inappropriate outfit and Teresa threw a really tacky wedding for her infant daughter complete with a magical letterpressed bread basket and all of a sudden, I've somehow misplaced my "that."  

It happens.  At least, I hope it does.

Edited to Add... Oo! Oo!  Oo!  I totally remembered my "That!"

Have y'all seen the trailer for Mao's Last Dancer?  I am seriously jazzed about this movie... and not just because it features that chick who played Jody in Center Stage (haven't seen her since she executed those entirely-too-many-to-be-realistic fouettes to the breezy soundtrack of Jamiroquai, have you?  Um.  Unless you DVR'ed Sorority Wars on Lifetime last weekend, that is.)  I have a verbal commitment to make this an official Date Night in return for my willingness to see The Tillman Story.  Happy October to me!


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  2. I HAVE to see that movie! Center Stage is one of my top 5 faves :-) Although I'm going to have to start scheming now if I ever want that to make it's way into the date night rotation. I'm thinking that even with my fiance's secret love for So You Think You Can Dance, this might push him a little too far. Oh, and we moved into our new house a year and a half ago and still haven't painted - oops! I'm excited to follow your progress and hope it inspires my own :-)

  3. John and Sherry rock my reno/decor universe as well! They speak. I listen. I hear you girl!

    WARNING: We tried yellow THREE times and all three times were a major FAIL! It never looks like it does on the card and I would REALLY recommend buying the small paint sample and painting a test area so you can see it in all types of light in your actual room. I vowed to NEVER paint yellow again but it has been such a disaster.

  4. You truly just crack me up. I think you could go far on Last Comic Standing for sure! I did wonder what ever happened to Jody from Center Stage. Bummer for her since Zoe Saldana went on to be in Avatar, well sort of in Avatar. Ha ;)

  5. I had a hard time figuring out how the colors would look when they were paint chip sized. So I bought little mini paint pot samples and painted some poster boards to hold up to the walls. It worked great!

  6. I adore the toy commercial though! Now I have that song stuck in my head. . .your paint colors look fab! We move on Friday (hahaha when I conveniently have an all-day CLE), and I am dying to get started on my decor.

  7. "Jody" from Center Stage has made appearances on "Pretty Little Liars". Not the greatest show, by somehow its ridiculously addictive.

    And, YES! I hate that Kia commercial. Ironically enough, I woke up singing the stupid song and here it is on your blog. :)

  8. Our bedroom is something approaching Sunkissed Yellow and I love it. Makes me smile every day.

  9. "Jody" was also on One Tree Hill last season... I am embarrassed to admit that I still watch that.

  10. Ohh paint colors, how I love thee. We just repainted our dining room and went through paint swatch hell--but, it turned out great! Those colors that you are looking at will look beautiful. My house is kind of a mish mosh of paint colors, and, while, I do love it, I wish it was a bit more cohesive.

    Also, my house? Was where wallpaper went to die, so, I feel your pain on the wallpapered bathrooms (sidenote: stripping wallpaper is oddly satisfying) Why would anyone ruin a perfectly good home with wallpaper?!? Oh, and, the former homeowners were A&M alumni and the hallway was splatter painted (am not joking) maroon and silver. Looked like a damn crime scene.

  11. A. I hate that Kia Commercial and sometimes pause my tv just so I can fast forward through that awful commercial!

    B. I am excited about seeing "Jody" again on the big screen too! Thanks for the tip!

  12. Oh Center Stage! Also one of my favorites. Jody Sawyer is in a new show on ABC Family (that also happens to be my newest tv obsession), Pretty Little Liars. Unfortunately, Cooper Nielson does not make a cameo.

  13. FYI: Jody plays a crazy psycho on One Tree Hill. That movie looks amazing though!

  14. I think your paint colors look great! If you're not totally sure based on the paint chips I would buy the little sample cans. I hate shelling out $4 for them but it has totally saved me from choosing some heinous colors. Good luck!

  15. That Kia commercial makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out. But the fact that we're actually even talking about it is probably paying some pimply faced ad geeks six figure salary.

    We're re-doing our house right now. When we moved in I was having an obsession with warm colors. Now I'm over that and want nice cool colors. Loving your choices.

  16. That movie looks wonderful (included Trey Macdougal is all his glory)!

  17. i love yellow rooms in houses and I love the color you picked. My dream is to have a house with a sun kissed yellow kitchen...but alas, I am still in grad school and it is only a dream....congrats on the home btw!!!

  18. so glad to hear that someone else feels the same way about the hamsters. take that mr. marketing guru ... we dont like your rodents!

    also: i wanted to be jodi. too bad i dance like i have 2 left feet. c'est la vie.

    good luck with the colors!

  19. I have the hardest time with paint colors too. Last time we had to re-paint (following a flood) I picked out all these cool bold colors. Bad idea. They turned out terrible and we had to have everything re-painted.

    The second time around I found a Benjamin Moore store near me with a "color consultant" that helped us choose the right colors to match the rooms that didn't need re-painting.

    I'm just not good like John & Sherry :(


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