Thursday, September 9, 2010

soap scum on our bums

So I had some funnyish material marinating in my noggin last night.  I was all semi-chuckle-y as I folded a load of whites.  Afterwards, I plopped down on the couch to offer it up to the interwebs.  But then everyone was all OMG TORNADO WARNING! and I was like Oh Chill Out Dallas.  But Mother Nature was all BITCH I AIN'T FOOLIN' WITH YOU!

So The Boom and I did some of this.

As well as a little tweeting and some facebooking.  Because that's what the cool kids do during threatening natural disasters these days... feign a state of nonchalance via social media.  

By the time Hermine** finished with her little temper tantrums, it was time to cook dinner.  And of course I couldn't really remember what I thought was so comical.  Meh.  

** Fictional, overachieving witch from children's literature?  Evs' favorite tie? Not the very best naming endeavor by the National Weather Service. 

Hopefully we'll be back on track tomorrow with something pretty and sparkly in honor of Friday.  And keep your eyes peeled on Monday... It's Giveaway Time, again! 


  1. I always read it as "Hermione" - damn you JK Rowling! And I was ok with the weather yesterday until the sirens started going off while I was leaving Tom Thumb and this poor little boy had a meltdown as his Mom tried to convince him we were not going to die. Then I get home and Pete Delkus CALLED MY STREET NAME and said to take cover. Called my street name. That got my attention. Well played, Pete.

  2. Very glad you're safe and sound, but more importantly, how was the PW Tequila Lime Chicken?

  3. I made the White Chili Casserole based on your recommendation and pretty much agreed that it is amazing! I am totally obsessed with PW's Tasty Kitchen website, but hadn't ever run across that recipe before...loved it!

  4. BITCH I AIN'T FOOLIN' WITH YOU! Hilarious! And so true! I don't get too worked up over tornado warnings anymore (except that time I was stuck on I 35 and there was a damn tornado on the ground in Lewisville and I'm all where the f am I supposed to go if it gets to me!?!?!) unless of course I hear the sirens. Then I get a little shaky. I did not climb in the tub with the dogs. This time at least. Was too busy being glued to the TV watching the damn tornadoes!

  5. "Bitch, I ain't foolin' with you", indeed! I left work early yesterday and was home when the sirens were blaring, the rain was pouring, and the tornados were forming. Ugh. My hubs wasn't home, yet, so I took the pups and went into the in the powder room with my laptop, cell phone, and a crap load of pillows to wait it out. Dallas weather is so much fun in the spring and late summer . . . Glad you and the Boom are okay.

  6. I love the Boom's lil ears! Glad ya'll (see I can speak Texan) are OK!

  7. I didn't know there were "real tornadoes" in your area. Yikes!! I know Boom was glad to have you in the bathtub with her. That's scary!


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