Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do They Come in My Size?

You've heard of Baby Fever?

Well, my husband has Baby Rabies.

Baby Swine Flu.

Baby Malaria. 

Baby Ebola.  

You get the picture: The man loves him a baby and cannot wait for us to have one of our own.

I have to admit, this is a pretty endearing quality.  Even to a gal who's spent the majority of her life being squarely "take 'em or leave 'em" when it comes to the Kiddie Corner.  One of the reasons I knew I was in love with The Evster was my "Children Change of Heart"... turns out, I do want to have children... with him.   Not in general... but, specifically.  

There's a timeline in mind... a timeline that got bumped up a few months thanks to Heather and Mike and their gorgeous wedding with the free-flowing wine and the altitude and the seating chart placing us next to couples with adorable baby wallet photos.  {Moral of That Story: Ply me with Pinot Noir and sunset mountain vistas, and I'll agree to just about anything.  I'd make a terrible CIA Operative in the Alps.}  

Anyhoo, we're not there yet (and I promise this post has a point other than Let's Discuss My Uterus!), but, after today's discovery, I'm slightly devastated Heather and Mike didn't decide to hold their nuptials back in 2009.  Because then I might have a little meatloaf child with whom to swaddle in these:

Yes, friends.  Your eyes do not deceive.  Anthropologie now makes duds for small fries.  

I've never been one to hoard onsies and itty-bitty-booties in a secret box under my bed... but if that Mr. Fox Sweater somehow makes it's way into my sock drawer, I cannot be held responsible.  


  1. Oh, my ovaries ache just looking at those. So cute!

    And for the record, I had the same attitude about kids before meeting my husband. I guess they're right when they say the right man makes a difference. :)

  2. I saw you tweet this last night and couldn't wait to check it out. Thankfully I have a little doll, er child, I can dress up in these pretties!

  3. Your timeline just got pushed up by a wedding- mine has gotten pushed back. I am banned from being knocked up while in a wedding this summer. I like to threaten with mentions of whether dresses come in maternity sizes. The fox outfit? TDF!

  4. I die. DIE I tell you. Why oh why must Anthro be the downfall of my savings account? My future children obviously need every single item they make.

  5. I felt exactly the same way about kids before I met my husband. I primarily blame all those college years of waitressing. I despised nothing more than the table with small children who would throw their food all over the place and their parents would just leave it there unapologetically for me to clean up, because, after all, they were tipping me $1! So, for years I was full-steam-ahead career minded...then I met my husband and thought...We'd make beautiful babies together. Then about a year or so after we were married...the baby fever hit BIG TIME! Now I've got the most precious little girl, and I laugh at who I used to be and how I felt about kids.
    And to be honest --- have a girl does often feel like having a doll I get to dress up every day!

  6. Ooh yeah, this stuff is dangerous.

  7. Beyond adorable! And so dangerous. Wait until I show Nick -- he shares Evs' very endearing quality.

  8. My two great loves in one - Anthro and baby clothes. Seriously excited over here!

  9. So, so cute. This stuff might make it into the secret box at the back of my closet with onesies for other people's baby presents except that maybe, just maybe, I might hold onto them....yeah. That bear hat -- oh my.

  10. Ha I have secretly wanted to buy the owl print girl's bedroom set from Target for approximately one year (go Chi O). I haven't given into the temptation... yet!


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