Monday, October 4, 2010

The Trusty Ol' Weekend Recap

I owe y'all a big House Update.  

Because, my oh my, there are Things Worth Mentioning.

But, for now, I'm going to keep it cryptic (re: lazy) and cop out with a little photo overload.  

For those of you whole don't live in the World around these parts, this past weekend marked the 105th match-up between Texas and OU at the Red River Shootout.

{Which corporate sponsors want us all to call the Red River Rivalry.}

{Which is total and utter Lamesville.}

{Which is why I'll say Shootout 'til the end of my days.}

{Even if AT&T thinks it condones a tolerance for gun violence.}


Anyhoo, mi padre came into town early for the festivities (well, really for The Closing That Never Happened, but... details) and the three of us enjoyed some Urban Tacos and a viewing of The Social Network at the Angelika.  Tangent/Rant: Apparently TABC now dictates that a movie theater cannot sell full bottles of wine to client√®le unless they also sell "real food."  (a) Ask any ex-sorority-girl if popcorn and Twizzlers qualify as "real food" and they'll tell you what's what.  (b) Aren't there bigger, more alcoholic fish to fry in the DFW area?  Perhaps the hoards of underage drinkers downing appletinis by the dozen in Uptown?  (c) FUN-SUCKERS. 


I was a fan of The Social Network, although I found the ending a bit abrupt - but it was fun to remember being in college and having this internet phenomenon burst onto the scene so suddenly.  I think someone should sell T-shirts that proclaim "I joined Facebook when it was The Facebook."  Just an idea.  

Saturday morning, Evs, T-Man, and I met my mom at the Texas State Fair in all our burnt orange finery.  Please note that my Mexican peasant dress from Thailand DID NOT ARRIVE.  This displeased me greatly.  Please also note that my oddly excellent hair day was completely thwarted by the heat of 100,000+ fans jostling for Fletcher's Corny Dogs and Deep Fried Frito Pie.  This also displeased me greatly. 

As tradition dictates, we feasted on Fletcher's and cold draft beer for brunch! 

Evs, ever The Sophisticated Fair-Goer, hooked his horns in the Wine Garden. 

He also determined that the 16 ticket price per small plastic cup-o-wine was an utter rip-off and, instead, cheated the system by ordering a multitude of double "tastes" for 1 ticket a pop!  Attaboy!

We liked the bunnies.  

A lot. 

The beer-for-breakfast might have contributed to our enthusiasm. 

We're just not going to talk about the game.  I prefer to remember the Fletcher's, and the wine-thimbles, and the fluffy Peter Rabbits. 

True to form, Evs and I forgot to take a photo together until we were already disgruntled by our pitiful offensive performance. So here's some offerings from last week's game against UCLA... before we became disgruntled by that pitiful offensive performance.  

The rest of Saturday was spent watching better performances than our fallen Horns (Go Ducks! My mom loves the ducks.  We love my mom because she loves the ducks) and enjoying some Olivella's takeout (which I will sorely miss when we do, in fact, move).  

Sunday was another day of gorgeous North Texas weather!  Before mis padres left, we enjoyed a stroll through the neighborhood and I introduced Jan to the magic of the Boscia masque and Bliss' Triple Oxygen and Vitamin C Cream!  

Evs and I rounded out our weekend with some sushi on the patio.  All-in-all, a fabulous weekend with family, regardless of UT's loss!  

Hope y'all's was equally enjoyable!

Oh!  And I have a Giveaway Surprise coming up this afternoon!  Stay tuned!  


  1. i've been hearing about this black mask everywhere!! i'm a true blue mary kay girl (what up dallas) but maybe i will venture out of the box?!

    hey we are doing a giveway of AWESOME PRETTY pillows on our blog!

    a tale of two sisters

  2. It's going to be a tough year for Texas fans =(

    Also, I had to pay $24 to watch that pitiful performance, as it was blacked out in my area. Totally lame.

  3. we must be neighbors because olivellas is walk-able from where we are! might be the extra 10 lbs my hips have found since moving here ;)

  4. Oh fun, I'm going to the fair for the first time this week. Sorry bout those Longhorns. But I'm originally from Oregon so (don't hate me), I love the ducks more than the longhorns anyway, so Saturday was still a good day.

  5. I think the Boscia black mask may be one of the world's best inventions as of late. Loooove it!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend! I don't know exactly what Fletcher's Corny Dogs are, but it sounds like something I would like. Sorry about the Longhorns! I did enjoy the Oregon shoutout- I was at the game and it was crazy!

  7. I love corn dogs and bunnies! But not football losses for fellow UT's. And delays in closings. I'm sorry Kate- that just sucks.

  8. I love the facebook t-shirt idea! I really want to see the movie because I remember when a friend of mine told me about someone poking her and my response was WTF are you talking about?? I loved FB way before it became was it is today.

  9. I have to say 1) I love your blog, and read it regularly, so don't hate me for saying, 2) BOOMER SOONER! It felt so great to finally watch a game and be on the winning end of things (you know its been a while for us!).
    Sorry about the closing. boooo! As a currently disgruntled homeowner I will just wish for you better luck in the future!

  10. 1. I love the facebook tshirt idea and would totally buy one.
    2. Fletchers is amazing and I definitely had the requisite corny dog before leaving the state fair on Saturday.
    3. The fried Frito Pie was completely overrated - not worth the calories.
    4. Sorry that your dress did not come in... I actually kept my eye out for it at the fair because I love your blog and thought it would be fun to meet you.
    5. I'm a Sooner and I think "Red River Rivalry" is complete and utter lamesville as well. I will forever say Shootout too!!

  11. so jealous you got to go to the state fair! I dream about corn dogs!

    my hubs went to the game this weekend with some guy friends...he's a longhorn and I'm an get the pic!


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