Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes: Top Ten

We had a rousing Globes 2011 Tweet Fest tonight... made even more lively by my so-very-hysterical husband's commentary... Evs even got his own hashtag - I'm so proud!  Perhaps we can convince him to stay up for the Oscars?  Yes?


Anyhoo... 'Twas a decent awards showing... As far as the actual accolades go,there were some sad-trombones (I suppose we're required to see The Fighter now?) and some hip-hip-hoorays (Three Cheers for Mr. Darcy and Ms. Portman... and KURT!).

But, in the Fashion File, loads of gorgeous gowns!

My Top Ten {in reverse order}...

Seems as if lots of peeps hated the red aplique with the pink... 
but, being a Valentine's Baby myself, I dug the glowing (and fabulous) Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf

I mean, how can you not? Especially with the coordinating eyewear... Annette Bening + Lanvin.

"My" Modern Family Character + Gray Ruffles = Julie Bowen as a favorite in Maz Azria Atelier

Jane Krakowski in Badgley Mischka Couture was what I wanted for Amy Adams last year...

Thankfully, Ms. Adams killed it, post-baby, this year in Marchesa! And that hair!

Mandy Moore was a stunner in Monique Lhuillier mermaid gown - 
Adore this color with her deep brunette!

SPARKLES!  Anne Hathaway - Giorgio Armani Prive.

Winter's Bone is on my Must-See-Downer List... I'll get to it eventually.
Jennifer Lawrence in Louis Vuitton... lovely.

Oh Angela Chase.
I love you in most things. {That skin.} {That husband!}
 But especially in hot pink Calvin Klein Collection. 

 This is literally the prom dress I envisioned twelve years ago... BUT NO ONE MADE.
I adore you, Mila Kunis.  If only Vera Wang catered to an 18 year old's budgets circa 2001.

Also?  If only there were Time Machines.

Shantung, Keystone Light and Taco Cabana, anyone?

Any favorite or unfavorite GG Ensembles?


  1. I ADORED Amy Adams in Marchesa! She was beautiful like always!

    And is it weird that was my dream prom dress as well? At least the color, anyways. I searched high and low for a forest-y green dress and could not find one anywhere. Eventually, I settled for royal purple... which is nothing like green.

  2. Amy Adams was gorgeous and Jane Krakowski chose the perfect dress for her baby bump. I loved all the backless dresses this year - especially Anne Hathaway's and Eva Longoria's.

  3. I think Mandy Moore's is my favorite. I love the mermaid silhouette. And yes, her hair is fabulous, the color is amazing.

  4. Good picks! I thought Natalie Portman's dress was just perfect. And, I love Anne Hathaway's dress, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little worried about the quasi-shoulder pad looking things. Please, please don't let them come back in style!

  5. I looooooved Amy Adams--such a great color on her and she just looked amazing. And Jane Krakowski? Such perfection! And of course, Angela Chase. Duh.

    I thought Julia Stiles looked gorgeous as well. She literally hasn't

  6. Anne her to pieces. She always looks so great!

    BTW...Claire on MF is a freakin hoot and the hubs and I always say we're Claire and Phil. Ha!

  7. love all of these bold colors.. especially that last one, which actually was the color of my 1999 prom dress! (and everyone thought I was weird at the time when I told people my dress was green.. funny that you were looking for the same thing!)

  8. Love your picks! And also, Taco Cabana is my favorite late night food!

  9. Amy Adams and Mila Kunis both look amazing- those were my 2 favorite looks. Hooray for Valentine's Day babies- I'm one also.

  10. I'm still adding January Jones to your list! I didn't like Natalie's dress, though I love her, I just couldn't do the rose. Love Julie's, Amy's, Claire's, Anne's, and Jane's. Mila would be tops.

  11. I should have read your post before writing mine! We have a lot of the same favorites. Jane Krakowski, Anne Hathaway, Claire Danes, and Mandy Moore were all on my list, too. I love Mila. Love love love her. And love that dress, even though it wasn't in my list.

  12. So many fabulous pics -- and picks! My favorite was Claire D. but now I'm placing Mila at a close second. What a gorgeous gown...

  13. Are you going to post your "last week meal review". I have the Potatoe Au Gratin/Bacon thingy on my list for this week & didn't know if you tampered with the recipe at all or any other suggestions? Your twitter pic made it look sooo yummy!

  14. I didn't particularly like Natalie Portman's gown, I feel like she could have looked a lot better wearing something else and she always looks fantastic on the red carpet. I would have liked to see her in something silver or nude and sparkly.

    I thought Halle Berry looked the best on stage. Mandy Moore's dress would have looked good on Anne Hathaway with her hair up.

  15. THe dress looks fabulous on Natalie! You can't even tell she's pregnant!

  16. LOVED Anne Hathaway. Really like Angelina Jolie, but dilike her, so I'm torn. Also, DIED over Amy Adams.

  17. Anne Hathaway and Claire Danes can do no wrong!!


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