Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Long Weekend - In Declarative Sentences

We watched a new movie (Valentino: The Last Emperor) and rewatched three (The Town, Frailty, Rudy).

We (collectively) visited Whole Foods... once... twice... thrice.

Someone sweet brought me flowers. 

We played New Homeowners with a visit from the plumber, new air filters, and four different types of new lightbulbs.  After floundering with the 20-foot ladder, we made the executive decision never to turn on the 30-foot living room lights unless we have company.  

We got fancified...

... and enjoyed an uber-fantastic meal (and a bottle of Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley!) at Fearing's - Thank you, Aunt Joy, for such a delightful Christmas gift! 

I baked bread (caramelized onion and rosemary rolls, to be exact!) sans bread-maker for the first time.

We watched the Golden Globes. Evs gave Joan Rivers a run for her money and proved to be in need of his own Twitter account.  

We (finally!) pulled the trigger on a sectional and new bedside tables.  We then agreed that 6 to 8 week delivery time-frames are a Furniture Shopping Buzzkill. 

We embarked on a much-need Man-Jean Shopping Trip. 

We emerged triumphant.  Gladly, we did not leave with these...

... Sadly, it was Dittosville for these, too.

Any fun happenings on your three day weekend?


  1. Love the blue dress, the many trips to Whole Foods, and the sparkly Enzos. I can add that I spent the weekend lifting several glasses of wine, eating cookies, and shopping with the girls. A full success in my opinion :)

  2. I wanted to see the Valentino movie, but forgot about it. I'm adding it to my Netflix queue right now.

  3. Lovely weekend! Pretty flowers! I am going to try the bread! I made the cider glazed chicken you posted and it was good!

  4. LOVED Valentino: The Last Emperor. I can't get enough of his pugs. And his partner.

    I bought those Enzos last year for engagement photos. Worth it. Sparkly open-toed pumps are SUPER versatile.

  5. That bread looks and sounds amazeballs. How does it taste? Love the sparkly shoes, too. I was eying up a cheaper version this weekend.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! And ahhhhh Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is one of my faves!

  7. That bread looks delish! And Pinot, yum.

    I went and saw Country Strong at 11:30 on Sunday morning. There was church going on in the theater. Weird.

  8. I was at the film festival premier of Valentino: The Last Emperor and Valentino gave a speech and that's when he said he was retiring from fashion design. It was amazing. He dresses the female form better than any other designer.

  9. Yay for the sparkly Enzos! Those are actually my shoes for the wedding and I'm having a REALLY hard time not taking them out and wearing them before!

  10. You do look quite fancified - love that outfit! Sounds like a fantastic weekend :)


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