Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Goals

Time again for a monthly goal check-in!  

(1) Fitness
- 45 minutes of cardio at the Y, 3x per week + 2 Pure Barre classes per week. {I did not purchase another full-price Purre Barre package purely for financial reasons. I'm enjoying my very reasonable Y membership and looking forward to more outdoor work outs in evenings after work once Day Light Savings Time hits.}

(2) Eating
- Shoot for the 4 days a week off the Booze Train, but really concentrate on the Just One Glass motto if enjoying a weekday libation {I've been decent on the weekdays keeping things to one glass... although it's usually a largish glass.  I could definitely work harder on this.}
- Use my pasta attachment to the KitchenAid that I received for Christmas {Did not accomplish.  But I did accomplish some first-time, large-scale baking projects!}
- Repeat: continue with Portion Control; continue with Conscious / Conscientious Eating; actually complete Italy Restaurant Research {Still on track.}

(3) Work
- Repeat: Check / Answer VMs Prior to Leaving (75% success rate}
- Finalize volunteer request posting for Spanish-speaking aid {Fail.  Did conduct a very successful training last week though.}

(4) Personal
- Repeat: Photographs of Us Two; One-Line-a-Day Journal; 2 Snail-Mail Letters {Accomplished... I have several good photos of us from our Vegas trip that I still haven't gotten around to posting.  This week, perhaps.}
- Research gardening ideas for our front, back, and side beds + upper balcony; clean out said beds {Fail.}
- See Winter's BoneBiutifulThe Fighter, and Animal Kingdom before the Oscars. {Saw Winter's Bone, Animal Kingdom, and Biutiful.  We didn't make it to The Fighter.}
- Begin re-watching Six Feet Under from the beginning. {I'm on Episode Four of the 1st Season and I am loving every single minute of it... this show is just spectacular.}
- Finish decorating our tall bookshelves above the living room built-ins.  {4 out of 6 completed... Need to finish a small art project and procure more pretty hardback books to complete the last 2.}

(5) Us
- Choose fabrics for and complete behind-the-sectional art piece {if sectional arrives in the first half of February} {Sectional has yet to arrive.}
- Choose a rug and desk chair for the office {Fail.  But we did select carpet for the bonus room and our master bedroom.  It's being measured today - Yay!}
- Italy Trip restaurant
{Check! We also have train tickets and reserve tickets to the Uffizi and Academia.}

March Goals for 2011:

(1) Fitness
- Up the ante on the cardio since I'm no longer doing the PB classes (sad panda).  Ideally, I'd like to be doing something active 5x a week.  Let's try for 3 trips to the Y and 2 other activities {yoga, outside power walk or jog} 
- Begin acupuncture treatments as recommended by my doctor  
- Check out the new Uptown Yoga location in Lakewood 

(2) Eating
- Repeats: Booze Control / Portion Control / Conscious-Conscientious Eating / Use Pasta Maker Attachment 
- Take it easy on the Cadbury Cream Eggs {I had my first of the season yesterday... IT HAS BEGUN}

This just made everything better

(3) Work
- Repeats: VMs / Finalize Volunteer Posting 

(4) Personal
- Repeats: Photographs / Line-a-Day Journal / 2 Snail-Mail Letters / Garden Research / Decorate Shelves 
- Get old carpet cleaned / get new carpet installed 
- Hire housekeeping help for every other week deep cleaning
- Read new non-fiction book before reading latest novel purchase 
- Hanging plate project for bottom of stair-well 

(5) Us
- Repeats: Choose Fabric for Art Project / Select Office Rug
- Finalize sight-seeing activities for Italy Trip 
- Deal with the yard 

What would you like to accomplish this month? 


  1. I love your goal check in! Such a good idea. I'm also trying to limit my wine intake during the weekdays, but it's just so delish :)

  2. "One Day" is a fantastic novel! I really enjoy your blog.

  3. I really love these goal check-ins. I've got so many balls in the air right now that I think a monthly check-in would just leave me feeling exhausted and unaccomplished, but hopefully when things settle down a little, I'll be able to do something similar.

    Thanks so much for sharing all of this!

  4. Omg, gardening. I am SO not a green thumb and my yard has zero curb appeal because of it. I need to up the ante and get my yard lookin' fab. It is the death of me. I have no skill. I just look all scared at the garden department, freak out and go "I'll just take the roses please!" Obviously, I am useless.

    And, also, Uptown Yoga has a location in Lakewood??! YAY!!!

  5. Great goals. I loved Six Feet Under...it is such a great show. I love Hawthorne Threads for fabrics... I was looking there the other day for fabric for pillows for our sectional - we are moving this summer and I want to get new pillows made and go with new colors for our new living room.

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  7. yeah...cadbury is my downfall as well...damn those morsels of deliciousness..I will eat them till I am sick..not even lying... I love these monthly goals you are sticking with! they actually remind me that I should stick to mine too :) thanks so much! Congrats!

  8. I can do with out the Cadbury Creme Eggs, but I can put down some Cadbury chocolate eggs with the candy coating. I cannot even keep them in the house!

  9. WAH. I miss you at Pure Barre.

    Okay, so we only took that one class together. But I miss all the future classes we could take together!

  10. Italy - how did I miss that you were going? Are you just going to be in Florence? Are you checking out Cinque Terre? We went to both last May and loved it (ok- was our second time in Florence, but it is still awesome!).

    Can I recommend a Tuscan bike tour? We went with www.tuscany-biketours.com and had a great time. Also - we liked this small restaurant in the middle of Florence - Trattoria Birreria Centrale at Piazza dei Cimatori 1-2r. Tel 055/211915. My husband and I went two nights in a row. It was nice...

  11. Great goals! I love this format you're doing- monthly instead of yearly. I think it's much easier to achieve them without getting overburdened. I can't wait to see how your house is coming together- I'm sure it will be amazing and a "Touch of Kate" will be present everywhere. I love how much you love color. :) I'm a greige girl over here. Scared of committing to the bright and beautiful.

  12. survive. put one foot in front of the other. that's about the extent of it right now!

  13. oooh when are you going to Italy? We're going in May!

  14. Oh the one glass of wine goal is a tough-y. I gave vino up last year for lent and I didn't miss it, so I figured, "hey I can give it up for the week and only drink on the weekend!" Um, not as easy as quitting cold-turkey. Thus it has now morphed into "one glass a day." Still tough but more bearable. Stay strong with your goals, they are great!


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