Monday, March 21, 2011

standard weekend recap plus a furniture freak-out

{Note: If you've had 2 glasses of wine, that title rhymes.}

{As does that subtitle.  Sweet.}

We had ourselves a good little weekend... one of those quintessential Texas Spring ones that makes you practically forget the sheets of ice covering Dallas a mere 6 weeks ago.  

Sauv Blanc & my very favorite book on the silver screen! Excellent little Saturday evening!

I sipped salted, skinny margaritas on the patio with someone fabulous and her "real friends" {lucky for me, I can now call her "real" as well!}; pruned hydrangeas and weeded 'til I dropped; mixed shit; did the arthouse movie theater do-you-think-we-have-enough-time-before-the-previews-end-to-get-another-solo-cup-of-vino dance {and subsequently bemoaned Moira Buffini's new adaptation of my very favorite novel... take me back to 1996, William Hurt!}; petted produce; sampled a green tea-tini {or two}; eschewed the lake in favor of a long walk through our own neighborhood; and shook our fists at a heart-breaker of a basketball game

Favorite Weekend "Chore"

And then!  Then, there was furniture!  Glorious new furniture!  

First up, the bedside tables... which I did not think I was going to dig at all.  In fact, I was mentally psyching myself up to sweet-talk Weirs - the Christian Furniture Store {this amuses me, I don't know why} - into letting me return them.  Happily, my powers of persuasion proved to be unnecessary {good thing as I was going to feel guilty about breaking a contractual obligation with the Peeps Who Make Bedroom Sets for Jesus... especially during Lent}. 

Pretend there are pillows in those covers & an ivory bedskirt on the bed 
{I know, I know, Bunny McDougal would be appalled by my bed's nudity} 
And I'm pretty sure I'll switch out the crystal for these turquoise gourd lamps...
I just need some wider shades.
The walls are still a little more bare than I prefer... I'll be fiddling with it all for a while. 

And then there's the new star of la Casa Nueva...

Oh yes. A Big Ass Blue Sectional.  FEAST YOUR EYES!

I love this guy.  I love the color, I love the velvet {microfiber, but velvet sounds sexier and no one likes a frigid prude of a sectional}, I love the size, and I love that we can all sit on it. 

Love the new sectional... It's like our own little familial island!

I am not loving the current configuration of the room, however.  It puzzles me.  

Exhibit A:

I took the photo above standing right smack in the middle of the fireplace, which is the centerpoint of the room... kinda.  I say "kinda" because there is a chunk of the dining room that sticks out into the living room and the fireplace is centered between that chunk and the back wall of the house.  Those obnoxious painted speakers you see in the photo above are also centered opposite of the chunk and the back wall.  But then there's this whole other alcove in the back corner...

Visually, it makes sense to put the sectional in between the two speakers.  Practically, that positioning doesn't allow the greatest view of the television.  But even if it is centered based on the speakers, any art hanging about the sectional wouldn't be centered overall on that wall because that wall is longer than the wall where the fireplace is because of the weird chunk, but if you don't center based on the speakers, then where will the sectional go and will you be able to see the TV and what if one speaker is covered by art - will that look weird even though we don't use the speakers - not to mention that back wall is 28 feet high and then of course you have THIS to contend with above the fireplace... 

.... I NEED A PROFESSIONAL!  Someone who knows how to deal with this crap.  Someone to whom I can say LOOK!  A BIG ASS BLUE SECTIONAL!  AND FREAKISHLY TALL CEILINGS THAT TOTALLY SOLD ME ON THE HOUSE BUT NOW MAKE ME RETHINK ALL MY DECORATING DECISIONS!  MAKE MY LIVING ROOM PRETTY! while I hide out in the kitchen with a batch of soft pretzels. 

Yes.  I definitely need a professional.  

Or the advice of the interwebs. 

And / Or more prescription drugs.

{ETA: I should have mentioned that there will be a new rug and new coffee table / end table... larger ones.   We're still on a mission  to rid the house of "doll furniture."  If only the budget would allow for instant gratification.  First world problems, I know.} 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the new sectional, it's such a pretty color!

  2. I knew William Hurt. But somehow, at this remove, your furniture seems more exciting.

  3. BTW, I think the problem is that your house is too big for your furniture. IMHO. Easily solved. More furniture.:)

  4. Where is the TV? Move the brown chair inward - it's ok to float a little.

    You might find this interesting:

  5. Love your sectional! So jealous, we fight over who gets to lay on the couch and who has to sit on the chair during movies. This looks like a big comfy solution! PS- love the tall ceilings but unfortunately am zero help on the decorating of those walls!

  6. I went to see that Jane Eyre movie at the Angelika this weekend too.
    I thought it was ... okay. But my sister-in-law had never read the book (the horror!) and I think if you hadn't read the book, the movie would just have been bad. Like I didn't think Mr. Rochester was all that great of a character in the movie, but in the book, it's one of the greatest love stories ever. The entire theater literally shouted like, "WTF" when the screen cut to black and she ended up with him. And that is NOT the reaction you are supposed to have!!

    Anyway I'm no help on your decorating decisions other than to say - you need lots of big things to fill such a big house. Like big statement art pieces. That's all I got.

  7. I have no advice when it comes to furniture arranging. That's an area I always struggle with. I love the sectional though! So cozy looking!

    Also, have I ever mentioned that I love your yellow bedspread? Makes me want to go with yellow when I redo our room.

  8. I suck at all things interiors, so I'll just say that I adore your new couch and I think your bedroom looks pretty nice, too. Love all the blues, so very calming :)

  9. i love the colors you have going on in your bedroom!

    as for the layout- i'm having a hard time figuring out the space. but it *seems* that you can move the sectional away from the wall a bit (move it to the right, if you're facing the couch) and maybe add a sofa table between the couch and wall? you can have a lamp and whatever else on that.

    and maybe move the end table so it's either next to the chair, or next to the couch, instead of floating in between.

    your space is intimidating! our rooms are pretty small so the furniture just barely fits, making it easier.

  10. Yay for real friends! (and meeting normal people from the interwebs). I am still recovering from the trip to Dallas- Italy packing has not even been thought about!

    Also, love the sectional. It's so great to both be able to sit on the couch!

  11. Am so jealous that you got to have some margs with Samma!! Boo hiss that I had to be in stupid old hot Atlanta for work :(

    LOVE the sectional, love, love, LOVE that color, so pretty. I think if you did some large gallery wall type art pieces over the sectional, that would help balance it out and you wouldn't have to worry about it being totally centered because the gallery wall already creates some breaks in the space, visually.

  12. as this is what i do for a living...i might be of some help. you need to pull your sofa away from the window wall. don't design around the speakers. once you have a piece of art behind your sofa, you probably won't notice them as much anymore. it's hard to tell from pictures, but maybe the leather chair could move to another corner? once the sofa is moved down a bit, i would try a larger piece of furniture as an ocassional table, like a 3 or 4 drawer high dresser. then you've got a great space for a tablescape and another piece of artwork to break up the wall. as for the mantle...try looking for salvaged architectural elements. a portion of an old wrought iron fence or some type of medallion or an ornate door can be found at antique stores/malls or canton and would be large enough. invite a friend over with an eye for decorating for a couple glasses of wine and move stuff around. sometimes you get the best results when bouncing ideas off each other. hope this helps!

  13. @Emily - you are a goddess! Can I pay you to be my real life friend? My paycheck has already been squandered on sparkly Toms and a facial, but I have wine! And soft pretzels!

  14. Love the color of the sectional (and your bedroom walls). Also love Emily's advice. I may need to hire her, too. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  15. Psst, call your Aunt Sandy, she's a whizz!

  16. haha - you had me at soft pretzels! send me more pics and i'm happy to help! design via assistance via blogging maybe? loads of great material! ;)

  17. We have a "Jesus" store here...really, people just call it The Jesus Store. They sell shoes, at a really cheap price so I'm not complaining but I think it's hilarious. Yay for the new furniture!

  18. I agree with Emily's comments...but those are great tall ceilings! Larger, taller pieces mixed in will help bring everything together, including some warm curtains and artwork on the walls. You may want to place the sectional on the other side (where the leather chair is now) and then you could use the area where the sectional was for additional seating...2 matching chairs with a chunky table along with the leather chair, a chaise lounge, chairs with a tufted bench/ottoman...etc. You could also try to find a tall, narrow mirror with a textural frame to fill up the space above the mantle. Sounds kinda crazy but it can look really beautiful! She's right though...everything sounds good in theory but you will probably get the best ideas by moving stuff around, living with it for a while, and switching it up until you get it just right!

  19. Beautiful new furniture!!

    RE: Basketball heart-break

    If you don't count to five (watch the hand movements) then five seconds did not pass.

    And then if you think you can count to five then you certainly should be able to count the three non-called fouls in the final three seconds.

    Sorry, but this will take a while to get over.

  20. so after several years of working for "the man" (or woman rather) as an interior designer, i'm busting out on my own...i'd love to help gratis if you don't mind being a ginnea pig for my "e-design" arm of my business! you are welcome to email me if you are intersted,


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