Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PPT{uesday}... because I just couldn't resist

Penguin does it again.

Emma 1

Did your soul just do a little jig? Your heart - a quick soft-shoe? 


As if I really needed another reason to snub the Kindle...

Black Beauty 1

{and yes, that is puffed up, holier-than-thou snobbery you detect}

Black Beauty

{and if you thinks the heathen lady doth protest too much, you might be right}

Secret Garden 1

{'cause those Kindles do look pretty snazzy...}

Secret Garden


Secret Garden 2

{Real Books 4-Eva}

*all images courtesy of Jillian Tamaki, the artist behind Penguin Threads' deliciously extraordinary embroidered covers


  1. Ahh, I loooooove! I was just at B&N last week and they had some gorgeous hardback versions of classics like Huck Finn, Jane Eyre, etc. I almost bought them all! My big fat dream in life is to decorate my future daughter's room with shelves of beautiful classic books like that/ I already started collecting hardcover versions of Little Women for my unborn daughter. I have issues, I'm aware.

  2. Oh those are lovely! And how much work she puts into the embroidery for each one. Amazingly you really get a feel for the texture of the embroidery through the photos, which is not easy. These are worth picking up just for the covers. And though I may one day be swayed by a Kindle, I'll never tire of seeing a pile of pretty books next to my bed.


  3. Amen, sister! I have a little badge on my blog that says I Pledge To Read The Printed Word. :)


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