Sunday, May 8, 2011

Menu Sunday: Happy Mother's Day!

First & foremost, I hope all the mamas out there are having a very happy Mother's Day!

Boscia Mask
Las Vegas
Mom & Me: The Other Dress
DJ, MJ, Baby Kate, & Mom

My mama's the best and her mama's the best... so I consider myself doubly blessed with such smart, kind, strong, loving women in my life!  I love you, Mom & Mama J!

And now, a little menu action for you....

Beef & Broccoli
adapted from Iowa Girl Eats
Beef & Broccoli (Evs would like you to know that he helped)
Sunday nights are always some of my favorites for the week... We're still riding the Weekend High - hopefully with several items checked off the To-Do List - but there are no expectations of LET'S DO SOMETHING FUN AND WEEKEND-Y... It's simply time to hang out, relax, and regroup for the week ahead.  Sundays mean "E as my Sous Chef," and I so love those goofy times in the kitchen together.  Evs helped BIGTIME with this dish and was quite proud of himself as we chowed down... as he should've been - it was a delicious meal with which to bid adieu to the weekend!   Modifications: We followed the recipe extactly save for the snow pea part... we had broccoli instead.  And we made brown basmati rice for the accompaniment! 

Pesto Orecchiette with Spicy Chicken Sausage, Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes
adapted from Real Simple
Orechiette with Pesto, Chicken Sausage, Green Beans & Tomatoes
MASSIVE thanks to Rachel for turning me onto this recipe - It is definitely a new favorite!  Fresh, nutty pesto combined with spicy Italian-style chicken sausage, crispy green beans and bright cherry tomatoes... you really just can't get much better!  I also must declare orecchiette my new favorite pasta shape; this was my first time cooking with it but ate a ton of it in Italy.  I just love the texture!  Modifications: I chose a spicy Italian-style chicken and started with it raw, removing the casings and browning it thoroughly in a non-stick pan.  I prefer sausage in crumbles, plus I was able to nix that extra tablespoon of olive oil.  I added half a pint of halved cherry tomatoes to the sausage about 2 minutes before it was cooked completely through.  I really liked this addition!  I assumed we had peas in the freezer but it turned out, we didn't, so no peas this time.  Pasta was whole wheat.  The Pesto: I was pretty delighted to make the year's first pesto batch from the basil in our little potted garden... Pesto Production makes me nerdily happy and giddy for summer!  Honestly, I don't follow a recipe when making pesto... I just sort of eyeball it, taste, and adjust.  I also like to switch up the nuts... Tonight, I used toasted pecans instead of the traditional pine nuts.  If you don't have your own pesto recipes tattooed on your heart, Maggie's is sure to please!

Keepin' It Real Tuesday:
Felt icky.  Ate Justin's Honey Almond Butter atop rice cakes, along with a blackberry pineapple fruit salad.  Evs made himself an oven pizza.  

Easy Schnitzel with Spicy Roasted Potatoes & Asparagus (all Cooking Light!)
Both of these dishes hail from my most-used cookbook - The Best of Cooking Light Everyday Favorites {which, fittingly, I gifted to mi madre today!  yippee!}.  If you don't already own it, add it to your collection, post haste!  I've made both before, and I'll make both again - easy, quick, and tasty!  Modifications: I had a carton of Just Egg Whites open so I used that instead of a whole egg.  Used panko for the bread crumbs.  Used fresh sage, along with the chives, from my garden instead of the parsley {apologies, German friends, if I just totally butchered the flavor of schnitzel with that one... but I thought it was pretty good!}.  Had to cook the potatoes for about 45 minutes for them to bake all the way through - next time, I'll boil them a bit first to speed things up!

Cinco de Mayo: Tacos de Kati!
Simple Cinco de Mayo fare
Did you know there's no long "a" en Espanol?  Thus, I am "Kati" {Kah-TEE} to my Spanish-speaking clients.  It makes me grin!  Anyhoo, we made some speedy beef tacos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo {a holiday, ironically, that is rarely observed in Mexico}.   I followed my trusty ol' recipe and topped the tacos with spicy pepper jack cheese.  I also used Paqui Roasted JalapeƱo tortillas...  because if I can't live in Austin, I'm at least gonna eat Austin tortillas!  

Friday Pizza Night: BBQ Chicken Pizza
BBQ chicken pizza
BBQ Chicken Pizza
After last week's FAIL in the Husband Department for Friday Pizza Night, I asked the Evster for this week's menu request... BBQ Chicken Pizza it was!  T'was tasty, per usual!  I will admit, I've started purchasing Rustic Crust All Natural Tuscan Six Grain pizza crusts for our weekly pizza-pie endeavors, instead of making my own... they are scrumptious, all natural, and EASY -- a huge plus for Friday evenings when the only prep work I care for involves a corkscrew and a very large wine goblet!  I buy them at Whole Foods. They make a GF crust, too! 


  1. I think I've told you this before, but baby Kate holds a striking resemblance to baby Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!

  2. you just made my weekend with news of a yummy GF pizza crust! your BBQ chicken pizza looks delish.

  3. YUM YUM! Glad the pesto recipe was a hit :) I might take your advice and crumble my sausage next time!

  4. I'm going to have to try the Schnitzel. Also: we have the same dishes. Mine are tangerine, lemongrass and peacock. They make me very, very happy.

  5. Yum to Friday pizza nights! We do the same in our house (when we're home on Fridays, that is, which hasn't happened in about 4 weeks). Also yum to beef and broccoli, which has been on my must make list for awhile!

  6. LOVE the photos you selected. Want to go to that restaurant in LV again with the very cool brown hanging ornaments! You're the BEST!!


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