Friday, June 3, 2011


I did it!

I crafted!

And I didn't rip my eyebrows out or develop the compulsion to end all conversations with "have a blessed day."

{What? So I have unfair preconceptions about Ye Who Crafts.  Sue me.}

Also: I completely forgot how fun glue guns are... until a dab of errant lava-like goop straight-up third-degree-burns your thigh.

I love a hobby that involves imminent danger!  So sexy!



Wine Wreath!

Not too shabby, eh?

I'm pretty puffed up about it, if I'm being honest. 

My brief skip down Tipsy Memory Lane during the Cork Organization Process was also a hoot... Some gems:

Getting organized for my wine wreath and found these...memories!

That little guy from Barcelona is nearly a decade old... and the one marked Dallas w/ Evan from 2006 was probably one of our very first dates.  Score 1 for the Pack Rat!  

Loving room shelves - finally done (more like acceptable for the time being)

At the moment, my Wine-o Masterpiece is, as you can see, over the mantle... Not entirely sure it's "living room appropriate decor,"  but I was sick of looking at an empty space, so, for now, it stays.  Also?  My shelves are done!  Ish.  I'm not in love with everything up there, but at least it no longer looks as if we have zero belongings.  We'll call it a Much Improved Work in Progress. 

I also framed and hung these prints I ordered from Saturated Color via Etsy about a billion years ago. They are actually pages ripped from a 1950s primer.  I love the raw edges {that's a euphemism for THAT WONKY FRAMING JOB WAS INTENTIONAL, YO}.  

Vintage Maps of the states where we've lived (today is project day, if you can't tell!)
Maps are hung! Filling a v. awkward wall space!

And, after that uncharacteristic burst of nesting energy, I will refrain from accomplishing anything productive in the home goods department for a good month or so.  Just you watch. 


  1. I adore your house decor/home goods posts, keep em coming!

  2. Love the wreath! I saw it on your Instagram and it went into my "Must Get Crafty" file. The notes on the corks reminds me what I do with my movie stubs. Happy Crafting! {Fair warning - Once you craft, you never go back. Plus, you gain a ridiculous Southern Accent. Paula Deen-style.}

  3. Darling! Did you glue the corks to a wreath form? Also: I really need to start writing on our corks. I have no clue where any of them are from!

  4. Love the wreath! Great job!

    I write on my corks as well. My favorite one is from a girls night after I ended my engagement. The scribble of "$%*& Matthew" isn't the classiest one of the bunch but I love it since it's a little piece of my history.

  5. Awesome! I'm going to start labeling our corks...I just got a fillable lamp to put ours in.

  6. You go, lady! I was inspired by you and have been doing a bit of crafting this weekend, as well.

  7. Too funny... did I tell you that we've been collecting maps of our favorite places to do a big map wall in the dining room? Great minds thinking alike, AGAIN. xoxo


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