Sunday, June 19, 2011

Menu Sunday {Happy Father's Day!}

Hap-Hap-Happiest Father's Day wishes to the very best padre around!

Fiesta TX

You are truly turbo, Daddy - I love you most! Spleeeeeeeeeech!
Lean Brisket, BBQ Beans + Hasselback Potatoes
taters courtesy of Sea Salt with Food
Hasselback Swedish Potatoes
While we do enjoy Lockhart's Smokehouse, there's really no place convenient to us that offers quick, delicious BBQ to go {save for Whole Foods... but their brisket is $15.99 per pound... um, whaaa?}. Sorry Dallas, but I'm a Dickie's Hater and Red, Hot & Blue is just not Texas BBQ.  We miss the Rudy's and Uncle Dan's quick pick-ups from out law school days and the plethora of great BBQ readily available in Austin {Rudy's, County Line, Salt Lick, Green Mesquite, Iron Works .... mmmm-mmmm-mmmm}.  Two weekends ago, we were bemoaning Dallas' lack of great brisket resources and my sweet grandmother decided to take matters into her own hands... Last weekend, after a stop-over in Waco for my cousin's wedding, Mama J sent us home with 3 pounds of Uncle Dan's lean brisket!  You better believe we had ourselves a big ol' Sunday Supper!  I've had these Hasselback Potatoes on my mind for a while {thanks, per usual, Pinterest} and they were scrum-dittle-y-umptious with our brisket!  Modifications:  The recipe says 40 minutes at 425 degrees... I baked mine at 440 for over an hour and they still needed a 2 minute zap in the microwave.  Perhaps I'll half-bake them before preparing next time.

Dirty Rice Stuffed Chicken with Sauteed Squash
Making dirty rice stuffed chicken!
Dirty Rice Stuffed Chicken w/ Sautéed Squash
Once again, I took a page from ICP's book and used my leftover dirty rice to make a couple ordinary chicken breasts spectacular.  I started with chicken breast cutlets and pounded them even thinner, topped them with pepperoni and about 3/4 c. of dirty rice {divided by two... you can do the math... fractions blow}, and then rolled 'em on up {well, folded them... mine looked more like big-ass tacos than rolls}, securing with toothpicks. 30 minutes at 400 degrees... BAM.  Good Things.

Taco Salad
Taco Salad
Y'all.  Y'ALL.  This was so ridiculously easy and so ridiculously good... a flavor explosion, of sorts, if you wil... AND YOU SHOULD.  I started with a few cups of Spring Mix, cup of corn kernels {fresh grilled would be insane... I went with quick and frozen, though}, and a diced avocado.  I meant to throw in some black beans too, but, alas, forgot.  I tossed all of that with a couple tablespoons of Sass Undressed Tex-Mex Dressing {you don't need much dressing as the seasoning from the taco meat will add a ton of flavor too}, then piled my easy taco meat {96% lean} {I've switched from McCormicks to Simply Organic taco seasoning packet} and roasted tomatoes {1/2 pint for 10 minutes on 450} on top!  Serve with corn tortilla chips on the side.

Lemon Chicken Pasta with Roasted Broccoli
modified from Iowa Girl Eats
Lemon Chicken Pasta w/ Roasted Broccoli
I was a wee worried about this one - I just wasn't sure if I'd love such a lemony pasta dish.  But!  I.G.E. never steers me wrong, and this recipe was no different! When I go for Round Two, I'll be sure to marinate the chicken overnight for extra flavor.  I also made waaaay too much pasta {my fault, not the recipe's}.  Modifications: Tinkyada GF pasta instead of whole wheat. 1 crown of brocconlini + 1 crown broccoli.  Nothing major.  


  1. Those potatoes and that lemon pasta look ridiculously good!

  2. What fond memories! But sometimes I could kick myself for selling our tree hauling '54 pickup. And it was so much fun celebrating with you and E in Waco and such a special FD skype yesterday. Thanks for being the best chilly...I'm one lucky dad! LUM, spllleeeeeccccchhh!!!


    My friend Angela was a big fan. She called in Unky Dan's.

  4. awww, adorable and beautiful pics! such sweet memories. (and beautiful food ;)))

  5. i am so jealous of you in that pic when you are 15-ish looking exactly like katherine heigl back in the day, my idol at the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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