Friday, September 30, 2011

un mil agradecimientos

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the congratulatory messages, tweets, texts, emails, and carrier pigeons y'all have been ever-so-graciously doling out since Wednesday!  

I've discovered that cooking a mini-human causes one to overuse cliches, but trust me when I say we are truly over the moon and the support and excitement of family and friends {"invisible" and otherwise} is one big, honkin' ol' cherry on top of our proverbial sundae.  

And, hot damn, if that sundae hasn't been a double decker this week... 

Aside from seeing Baby Girl all healthy and squirmy, Quesita's future be-fri, Miss Mary Eleanor "Ella," made her grand appearance on Wednesday! CSP and I have been friends for more than half our lives, and I'm pretty tickled we will both have daughters in the same school grade.  Now... if we could get this whole "move to Austin" ball rolling, we could really sing some Circle of Life up in here! 

Additionally, in a surprise, last-minute move, we'll be MOVING BACK INTO OUR HOUSE ON SUNDAY!

That news is only to be whispered, 'lest The Fates decide to get cranky on us again.  

After 10 weeks at the Residence Inn, I am itching to get my paws on my Cuisinart / DVR / high thread-count linens.  It's been a looooong 72 days, ya'll.  

Lots of Pasta Roni.  

Lots of grouchy terrier attitude. 

Lots of House Hunters.

Seriously, if I hear someone explain what a short sale is one more time, I will lose my ever-loving-mind. 

So we shall be reacquainting ourselves with our home this weekend, instead of attending my 10 year high school reunion, which is very Un-Kate of me, really, but what can I say? I physically need to watch every single back episode of Real Housewives on my own couch this weekend. Sorry Fellow Chaps,* I gots nothin' but love for you.  Keep posting every single dirty detail of your lives on Facebook and I'll catch you in another ten.

*One Million Bonus Points for anyone who knows what a Chaparral is. 

Final Super Fab Tidbit of the Week?  

Quesita + End of Flood Dramz = Super Fly Nursery Planning in Full Force!  

I already have an inspiration board in the works but I'll give y'all a little sneaky-peaky...

 Happy, Happy Weekend!


  1. Chaparrel is a plant, right? Or maybe that's chaparral.

    Yay for nursery plans and going home!

  2. AUSTIN! You tease with your mentions, but the universe feels right to have you there. (And for me to have an excuse to regularly book rooms at the Austin Four Seasons.) But meanwhile, in Dallas... YOUR HOUSE! Enjoy that couch to the fullest... Facebook has ruined high school reunions anyway. xoxoxoxo!

  3. You must have gone to Westlake! I was a Westwood Warrior. Hope you have a great weekend getting reacquainted with your house!

  4. Bummed we will miss you, but sounds like your plans will be fun enough to make up for the excitement (minus the awkwardness)!

  5. I have yet to get a chance to drop a congratulatory comment but congratulations! So exciting and I can't wait to read along your journey!


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