Tuesday, September 20, 2011

weekend excursion

The Evster and I took our virgin voyage to Buy Buy Baby this past weekend.  

It was... An Experience. 

We're not quite to the registry stage of the game, but if I learned anything whilst registering for wedding gifts with my husband, it's "Know What You Want Before You Relinquish Your Scan-Gun Rights."  

The man is not up for a 38 minute debate of the merits of Traditional Great White Dinnerware vs. Great White Coupe in the middle of Pottery Barn.  

Not that I blame him. 

{But the Coupe is far superior... just look at those supple round edges!} 

So to Buy Buy Baby we went for preliminary recon... Specifically, I wanted to pick those suckers up / fold them down / snap them in / wheel them around / etcetera / etcetera / etcetera.

Subjects: Carseats and Jogging Strollers. 


Findings {Relevant & Non}:

{1} If you happen to lose a man in a Big Box Baby Store, check the glider department. 

{2} If you happen to lose him again, seek out the glider that most resembles the love child of a Cracker Barrel Rocker and a 1987 La-Z-Boy.  He'll be right there... just a-rockin away... insisting that this one is "his pick." {Dream on, Blue Moon.}

{3} My handbag preferences appear to extend to carseats. Give me a sampling and I'll immediately prefer the most expensive option without even looking at the pricetag. 

{4} Lucky for me, the most expensive options also have the highest safety ratings and customer satisfaction reviews.  So my raging consumerism is validated by SCIENCE! 

{5} Unlucky for me, those mo'fos are also the heaviest.  I buckled my bag in there to simulate an adorably chub-tastic bambino and DAMN, WHY SO FAT, PEG?  I better have Michelle Obama arms, 2 months post-partum. 

{Sub-Point} The Peg is Miss America and the Britax is a close First Runner-Up in the Superficiality Department, but, in all honesty, I just want the safest, most user-friendly carseat. Any of the four I've listed will fit the bill, I think.  I've read all the consumer reports and Baby Bargains and Lucie's List tips... Now I'd love reader reviews, if any of you are so inclined.  I'm going to end up wanting the lighter versions, yes? 

{6} I cannot work a carseat to save my life.  E is a natural.  He was all "you just pull this lever and unbuckle this and press these two buttons and VIOLA!"  And I was all "uhhhhhhhh you're not actually expecting me to ever take this child out by myself, right?" 

{7} Someone thought it'd be funny to make a carseat that looks like a vagina. What luscious labias, I mean, SIDE-IMPACT PROTECTION PADS you have. 

{8} I'm considering getting the Baby Jogger City Elite as my main stroller {along with a snap-n-go}, instead of rocking out with a snap-n-go, an "everyday stroller", and a jogging stroller.  I know BOB is "the" name in jogging strollers, but I felt it was too bulky and difficult to fold to be my desired "combo stroller."  The City Elite was just as easy to maneuver and jog behind {oh yes I did} as the BOB, the all-terrain wheels are the same size and quality, and the weight maximums were the same.  But! The City Elite was sooo easy to fold and was definitely compact enough to fit in either of our trunks {with ample space left over -- it takes up just as much space as some of the more popular everyday strollers}.  Anyone out there with a City Elite?  Do you use it for both exercise and more "everyday activities?"  Or am I Fried Nuts on a Stick for considering lugging it around all the time?  

Have I lost y'all completely?

Did you see through my lame attempts at humor masking what's really just a post asking for free baby gear  advice? 

Did the vagina joke help at all?  

Not even a little bit?  

How's about a gratuitous photo of mini track suits? 

Better, right?


  1. I have to say I love love love my BOB. It is my one and only stroller and all I needed. They sell an adapter for it so you can clip the infant carseat into it. (I used the infant adapter from zero to six months.) I lug that BOB everywhere and never regret it. It seems bulky, but it really isn't that bad. I can fold and unfold it with one hand. And it can go over ANYTHING. Sand, yep. Trails, of course. Uneven pavement, whatever. My friends clunk around with their snap-and-gos and my BOB leaves them in the dust. Anyway, there are lots of good strollers, and lots of good choices, just wanted to through it out there that I use my BOB for everything with no problems. Good luck!

  2. We went with the Chaperone (in Cowmooflage!) and the Be Agile stroller. I have to say, we haven't actually used it yet since the little bundle won't arrive until November, but so far, I love the stroller. It isn't too heavy. It folds really easily. And it's a dream to maneuver. It seemed to be a little bit higher quality than the City Elite. And the one major difference is that when you fold them, the City doesn't lock folded, whereas the Agile does.

  3. The first time I was left alone with Davis and wanted to put him in his carseat so I could go to Starbucks, I think it took me around 10-15 minutes to figure out how to get it secured in the car (and this was AFTER several demonstrations by Wade). I was sweating and angry by the time I finally got it in there. The good news is now I've got it down! The bad news is it (obviously) gets heavier as baby grows... my back and shoulders pretty much hurt all the time. Encouraging, right?

  4. This made me laugh. Good to know someone has the same handbag problem as me! I cringe to think how it will translate to baby gear someday...

  5. Yay! I have been waiting for the inevitable babyshopping post---I remember one time I paniced in Babies R Us and we had to leave to get a snack--I wanted a beer but no such luck:)

    We have the Chicco KeyFit 30, which I really like(d)...our little guy has outgrown it now. Great ratings, and can go up to 30 inches/30lbs. I bought it with this in mind, but what I didn't count on is HOW FREAKING HEAVY a seat is with even an (ahem) 20 lb six month baby. Honestly though, any seat gets heavy with a baby in it, its just...heavy. As far as stroller, our "main" stroller is the Uppababy Vista, which I totally love...so many options (bassinet, toddler seat facing either way, carseat adapter), tons of storage, easy fold and can stand on its own in a corner, good maneuverability. But we eventually got a jogger too for running (InStep) which I never take anywhere in the car, just keep in the garage for outdoor stuff. Of course I always thought we would be good with just the UppaBaby, but now I realize we will probably eventually have 3 strollers, adding an umbrella for travel later...and thats with one kid! Yikes.

    Hope this helps! Baby gear is fascinating to me:)


  6. I've been reading your blog for awhile, but have never commented. I have a 6 week old son, and can completely relate to the Buy Buy Baby recon excursions! We went with the Key Fit 30 and love it (except that it's HEAVY!). Also, after much debate, we decided to forgo the snap-and-go and bought a Chicco Liteway stroller instead, since once the infant seat is retired, so is the snap-and-go.

  7. We had the SAME exact day Sunday, too funny. I even have a picture of my hubs in one of the gliders...he decided we really needed one for the living room...that was when I decided it was time to go. I *think* we made up our minds on the BOB Revolution SE being our ONLY stroller (until the baby is big enough to use some type of umbrella stroller that is real light/easy for quick mall runs, etc. which for that i really like the maclaren volo). I didn't think it was too bulky, but I didn't really look at the city elite either. I thought the BOB was so easy to maneuver and I love that you can start using it day one with the infant car seat adapter. I also *think* we made up our mind with the peg primo viaggo for infant and britax boulevard for convertible. Ah...decisions, decisions! Our guy was extremely knowledgeable and helpful...I asked about a million questions. Of course, all this being said...I have ZERO experience so I'll definitely be checking in to see what people say. Good luck with the scan gun:)

  8. Oh, I'm glad you have Baby Bargains. We went with the Peg Perego carseat as the Britax was a wee bit long for my backseat. The one thing I love about the Peg Perego and the Britax is that they come in PLAIN COLORS. I do not need a polka dotted car seat, thank you very much. Nor do I need a car seat that screams "IT'S A GIRL!" We got the Uppa Baby Vista as our main stroller, but I do have a bit of buyers remorse as I've heard that the BOB is really all one needs. SIGH.

    (and, side note: we went to Babies R Us around 20ish weeks and both broke out in hives immediately after leaving. That store is RIDIC and I will never, ever ever go in there again. EVER.)

  9. We ventured to Babies R Us Saturday night as our "date night". My, how things change. HA! We are in total research mode also.. and I am majorly obsessed/concerned with strollers/carseats/etc. I think I'm pretty much lost now. So much to think about. I'm so glad you posted about this. I will be stalking your comments section for days!

  10. All car seats are heavy and awkward! I'd look into one with a sideways handle if I had to pick again, but our graco snugride 35 is totally fine...I almost never carry it now (always put it in the stroller) anyways. Just to be annoying with another option.., we use our bumbleride indie as our everyday/jogging AND carseat toting (no attachment needed) stroller and love it. It's definitely less well known but I have a friend with a Bob who has stroller envy for my Indie..,worth checking out. Also it has cuter color options and better undercarriage (ha) storage access... add "undercarriage storage" to the list of things I thought I'd never say in a blog comment.

  11. Fun, fun!! We used the Keyfit 30 for the 1st 6 months until I couldn't carry him easily anymore and found myself leaving the "infant carrier" in the car more than taking it out. Now we have the Britax Boulevard which I hope he can use for a looonngg time! We have a snap-and- go (maclaren), the BOB, and the Maclaren Triumph for our umbrella stroller. Writing it out I sound like a crazy stroller lady, but I use all of them all the time (obviously not the snap and go now). I've also flown with all 3 of them and each one has it's pros and cons. Oh and unsolicited advice here...if you are going to fly a lot invest in the Go-go Kids Travlemate. It makes flying with the convertible car seat a breeze (I know it feels forever away for you though!

  12. I can't help you at all, because I'm not a mom, but I really hope you got that track suit. Also, why do boys all think that fugly glider is awesome? I can't wait to hear what you end up doing.

  13. My thoughts -

    We went with the Chicco keyfit 30. Its actually one of the lighter ones, still great safety ratings. It snaps easily into the base. It has gotten heavy (9 month old - 20 lbs) but we've gotten to were we take him out of it regardless. On the occasion he is sleeping in it, I either transfer him quickly and quietly or lug the whole thing in (its a short distance).

    As for stroller - we went with the City Elite - I LOVE THIS STROLLER! It maneuvers like a dream - one handed I might add! The only thing that wasn't awesome was the car seat adapter. It worked fine, but it threw off the balance a bit. I only used it for about 9-10 weeks and then I used a car seat insert in it to bulk it up while laying the baby flat. It seemed to work and he was snug in the straps.

    Hope this helps. I know the feedback I got on the blog helped me with my decision making.

  14. Yes, yeeees you want the lighter car seat. You might also want one of these: http://www.etsy.com/listing/78594152/cute-car-seat-arm-pad-handle-with-pink?ref=sc_2

    I KNOW it seems ridiculous, but man those baby buckets are a beast.

    Also, the stroller thing is very, very tough. I found myself with a major case of stroller envy and I've been through more strollers than I care to list. However, there will probably come a point when you do not want to lug that giant stroller out of your trunk, or you'll want another stroller to keep in your husband's car, or in the garage or WHATEVER. I highly recommend a Maclaren and I love my Triumph. Listen, as long as you're registering, go big. It's nice to have a lightweight, but still awesome stroller. TRUST.

  15. I don't have kids so I have zero carseat or stroller recs, but I do recommend that you buy that tiny tracksuit because it's super cute :)

  16. We went with the Britax Chaperone. It is heavy! But it is safe and I liked the reviews I read. I lug the seat+13lbs baby up and down stairs everyday and am still glad we chose it.
    Plus, we did this deal:

    But bought it here for less:

    But I was not looking for a jogging stroller. I do use the B-ready for walking all the time and I love it.

    This lady's reviews helped me a lot when I was deciding. Many of the strollers I was looking at I was unable to test drive.


  17. I used the chicco keyfit carseat for both of my kids and it held up great. I also like the combi for everyday running around town type stuff. but mine is the double, so not sure what the single is like. But the double is lightweight and folds up easily and compactly.

  18. Ha ha, car seat. OMG laughing so hard!!!

    Okay, strollers. For starters, anything you can snap the car seat into is going to weigh a flipping TON. We ended up just doing one of those frame things and even that was a pain in the butt. When it was time to switch from the baby bucket to a convertible carseat obv. the frame wouldn't work anymore so it was time to buy a real stroller. I got a Maclaren because it was the lightest one I could find! It doesn't take up the whole back of the car so I can leave it in there and not worry that we forgot the stroller. I do have a BOB and it is a beast. It stays in the garage to be used just for jogging. The Maclaren is the out and about stroller because I don't need one more heavy thing to lug about. The kid and my bag is enough!

  19. I sense wonderful parents in the making. I'm useless at gear, since my children thought plastic was the devil and pretty much howled when separated from human flesh. But wait until you get to breastfeeding. I'm your girl.

  20. I have the Peg Primo Viaggio and like it. My first child had a Graco, and I'm not sure there's much diff. We also have the Baby Jogger City Select, and it is THE BOMB. I got it with my second child. It is incredible! If you plan on having more kids, I would shell out the dough for this one-it has the option to seat more than one child and it accommodates car seats. I have a 3 month old and 2 year old that ride in it. Plus, it's not side by side, so you can fit in lots of spaces!

  21. You want lighter. For sure.

    Personally, I love having a smaller stroller (we have a joovy, but I would have a city mini if i did it over) but plenty of people go with just a jogging stroller. I find it hard to maneuver in the mall...and yes that's my measuring stick. Baby Gap at Barton Creek all narrow and awkward angles? Banana Republic - forget it! And you know Northpark gets uber crowded! But outdoors - no real need for a smaller stroller.

  22. We have the BOB and LOVE it, but we are also big runners here. I decided on that one after literally seeing every person with a jogging stroller using one at Town Lake.

    We will probably opt for the City Elite once we have baby #2 just bc of its many options, but I'm not ruling out a double BOB (for running purposes) just yet. :)

    We have that EXACT same glider from your picture and it is awesome!

  23. I have a city elite double that I got when I had my third, and I just got the single last Xmas when I had my fourth. LOVE them both. Granted, I don't run very fast, but you can run with both of them. Just maybe not training for the Olympics. Also, you can clip the carseat in and that does NOT make it weigh a ton. When I had my first, I had the peg pliko and I actually loved that one too. It folded up so small I could basically put it in my pocket if I needed to. And of course, once the baby is bigger and you don't have a forty pound diaper bag to worry about, you need a maclaren. And yes, NEED. Not want.

  24. I remember our first trip to Buy Buy Baby. Thankfully my sister-in-law was along to help us navigate the madness.

    Re: glider. Nick preferred the oversized recliners, too. But, obviously, my preference trumped his. And we ended up with the Storytime SONA, which I LOVE!

    Re: car seats and strollers. I can't exactly say how either perform, but ... We went with the Chicco Keyfit 30, the Baby Trend Snap N Go, and the BOB.

  25. Vagina jokes are always funny. But we went with the whole Chicco Keyfit 30 system and loved it!! Our little guy just turned a year old and only recently moved into his "big boy" convertable seat.

  26. I really, really wanted a Peg Infant carrier but it was so heavy and so expensive I went with the Graco Snugride and I loved it. We also have a Bob Revolution single and it goes EVERYWHERE with us. I have never had issues getting it anywhere. It turns so easy and the shocks are so nice. I had a the graco stroller that came with the car seat I got and I liked it okay but once I pushed the Bob one time I have never used it again. When or if I have baby #2 I will go with the double Bob. No other options for us. I have never pushed any stoller that could compare.

  27. I have a 10 week old, approximately 12 pounds. The Chicco Key Fit 30 is our choice and I don't regret it. I don't know much about the Britax infant seat, but I had a friend who tried to use a convertible with a newborn insert/setting and ended up buy a Chicco after that.
    I have the City Mini stroller and love it. Well, we haven't used it yet, but I pushed that sucker around the block pregnant to try it out. Once South Texas cools off, we are breaking that bad boy out. We also have a baby trend snap n go. Can't say enough wonderful things about that stroller.


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