Monday, October 10, 2011

19 weeks


Musings on the Weekly Photo: I'm a bit late on this post... this photo is "19 weeks 6 days."  And, yes, this is all I've got this week... It was a bear of a day, and trying to self-portrait-itize myself without sausage arms or a triple chin was just not happening tonight.

Marination Time: 19 weeks last Tuesday

Weight Gain: 6 lbs total.  And I swear, it's all in my boobs.  And my knees.  Lovely.  

Maternity Clothes: Same, same, same. 


Fruit of the Week: Baby Girl is the size of a mango this week.  

Movement: I think she's a wiley one... when she's over on my right side, I can always feel her jivin' away.  

Sleep: 2-3 pee dates per night. Is it totally geeky to say I kinda don't mind because of our new toilets though?   {Don't answer that.}

Cravings: Mustard, mustard, mustard.  My Fletcher's corn dog has never tasted so good.

New "Symptom": I feel like my feet and ankles started to swell this week... Not full-time, but they start to become uncomfortable at night, and it really doesn't seem to matter whether or not I've worn heels all day. I kinda thought that was a Third Trimester Thing?

Annoyances: I'm officially, 100%, without a doubt, ready to "pop" for realz.  According to my OB, my torso is "massively long," and there's just a lot more room in there for Quesita to lounge about.  I feel like that girl you overhear in the dressing room asking the clerk to please bring her a size 0 jean because the 2s are just too baggy {I hate that bitch}, but I'm just feeling "small."  IRONY ALERT: I've spent the majority of my life wishing I was  naturally smaller. Now, I am Pregnant Small... which really just means Normal Kate Chubby... There's that "Be Careful What You Wish For" Fairy! {I hate that bitch, too.}

Highlight of the Week: (1) My fantastical parentals were in town for the Red River Shootout, and, despite a crummy showing by the Horns, we had a blast hanging out.  They are seriously the best and got our house back in tip-top shape... photos and art rehung, dust eradicated, and shelves redecorated.  We also saw 50/50 on Saturday night and all agreed it was superb... probably my favorite flick of the year thus far.  It doesn't get much better than Joseph Gordon-Levitt all bald and vulnerable and decked out in Patagonia. (2) The lovely dinner shower that was thrown for Mrs. Preppy and me at La Duni!


  1. As a fellow long-torso owner, I feel your pain in the too small preggo department (are people telling you you are too small? I actually had a patient ask me if they had "checked to make sure the baby is ok")...but I am thanking my long torso for the lack of stretch marks...bonus?
    On the other hand...6 lbs? Holy hell how are you managing that? Not sure we can be friends anymore!

  2. I loved 50/50, too! Did you sob uncontrollably and loudly, or was that just me? Amen to JGL being vulnerable + clad in Patagonia.

    Hated to see the score of the Longhorns game. I'm a fan of one of the teams in the Big 12 & I was definitely going for Texas this weekend.

  3. jealous of your pregnant small! my poor firefly ran out of room quickly and my belly was huge (and i still have the split abs to prove it).

  4. Love the annoyances rant - -and that you say you have gained weight in your knees...too funny. You look great!!

  5. you look wonderful, kate! baby making looks good on you!

  6. Oh, those Horns. Glad you were able to enjoy the day anyway! And I think you look great... you will "pop" soon enough, and then before long you'll REALLY pop! =)

  7. I think you'll appreciate that long torso in a few months. I had no back pain and no stretch marks thanks to my long torso. Don't worry -- you'll "pop" soon!

  8. i also have a massively long torso and can attest to the no stretch marks from my first pregnancy and am hoping for the same this time. but it is annoying to be 20 weeks and look like i have a small beer gut instead of a baby in my belly!

  9. It took me forever to show as well, but don't worry, it will come around big time soon!


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