Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Stuff of Magic

I'd show y'all photos of our new-and-improved flood-free-zone of a Casa... but we really didn't "renovate" so much as we "made all our old shit look practically the same except in ways which are major to us but unexciting and/or insignificant to you."  

Just imagine the old house, but with a heaping helping of new-house-smell.  And some fancy-pants carpet. 

We did invest in something super sexy and exciting, though.  

Check it: 

And yes, I did perch on my bathtub and watch the toilet seat close {QUIETLY!} again and again for a good 25 minutes last night. 

Simple pleasures. 


  1. We totally have that toilet. Also purchased for a bathroom reno that was unexpected (but something we were going to have to do anyway). BYEEEE old blue toilet from 1950 HELLO quiet throne of comfort.

    I now inadvertently slam toilet lids behind me wherever I go. THAT'LL wake you (and the rest of your parents' house) up in the morning!

  2. Also...I am a terrible blog commenter, but figured if you went to the trouble of posting a video of your toilet, the least I could do is comment on it.

  3. @Caitlin - you get big bonus points for commenting on my toilet video. I can't even believe the amount of time and effort I spent trying to upload that damn thing. All in the name of the Soft Closing Lid. I totally did a happy dance last night when I got up to pee and didn't have to take care not to slam the lid!

  4. I am totally wowed by and jealous of your Soft Closing Toilet. That is probably the best toilet video I've ever seen, also. There's probably a niche market for those things, right??

  5. I had one of those! They are so lovely... really do make your life a little happier! It's the small things, that's for sure.

  6. HIlarious - my in-laws have these are the house they just remodeled and I think they are kinda amazing.

  7. Wow! I didn't even know there was such a thing as a soft closing toilet lid! Loved your video!!


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