Saturday, November 19, 2011

25 weeks


Marination Time: 25 weeks last Tuesday.

Weight Gain:  11 lbs at last appointment... It should be "fun" to see the scale right after Thanksgiving and our upcoming long weekend in NYC.  

Maternity Clothes:  I had to retire my two favorite pants {pour one out for the GAP Always Skinny Demi Panel and the GAP Demi Panel Perfect Boot Black Pants} this week... the demi panel was not longer cutting it {or, rather, was really cutting it - as in, jack-knife to the mid-section}.  This is deeply upsetting {first world pregnancy problems} as I hate full panel pants... they give me saggy-butt, I'm constantly pulling on them, and they itch like a mo-fo.  

Fruit of the Week: No more papaya... It's eggplant time!  

Movement: Not as many to-the-belly japs and kicks this week, making me think she's found a new position she enjoys... one with easy access to the dance floor that is my bladder.  

Cravings: I made the mistake of sampling eight squares a square of Ghiradelli peppermint bark that I purchased as part of a hostess gift, and now I would like to eat only Ghiradelli peppermint bark for the rest of my days.

Annoyances: The Hot-Again Texas weather is leaving me cold... There aren't many "regular" clothes I still fit into comfortably {at least not ones I'm bored sick of}, and all of my maternity clothes are winter oriented.

Highlights of the Week:  Complications aside, I can honestly say I'm really loving this part of pregnancy.  I'm actually looking the part, but the belly isn't huge enough to majorly get in the way, and I'm still feeling generally great.  My shower is tomorrow and I can't wait to celebrate Quesita with sweet friends and family... and then get cracking on the nursery!  


  1. Happy shower! You're looking all glowy :)

  2. Try the Old Navy skinny 'jeggings' full panel. They feel like jeans and they're super soft and comfy, try a size smaller than you normally wear if you're getting saggy butt.

  3. ON full panel felt good to me, but in the 3rd trimester.

    Looking good! Hope your shower was splendid.

  4. To fix your maternity pant issue, try either (a) using a Bella Band or the like over the full maternity panel to help keep it up or (b) finding pants with the under belly panel so you don't have to deal with either issue (meaning cutting or sagging). Hope this helps! Coming from a mommy with my first only 3 months old, I'm SO excited for you - you have amazing experiences ahead!


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