Monday, November 21, 2011

for the hostess with the mostest

With holiday parties in full swing, it's convenient to have a go-to hostess gift at the ready.  Depending on the event, I'm always a big fan of vino {Cupcake and Layer Cake always feel festive}, Williams-Sonoma's striped dishtowels {sounds like a snoozeville gift, I know, but those are the best damn dishtowels in the world}, or ceramic "take out" coffee mugs.  But my favorite by far is this little sucker from Anthropologie...

{and, yes, that would be me taking an Instagram of my computer screen... class act}

Slightly out of the ordinary for a hostess gift?  Probably.  But I like a unique gift, and hopefully this one becomes something the recipient never knew they couldn't live without!  This ceramic colander is pretty enough to sit out on the counter and perfect for rinsing berries, herbs, small vegetable and pasta portions, and canned beans or corn.  In the summer, mine is continuously filled with cherry tomatoes.

Early Thanksgiving Prep!
in action during this year's early Thanksgiving prep fest

Pop some fancypants chocolates or other goodies inside the colander {HomeGoods has great prices on Lindt truffles and Ghiradelli squares}, wrap it up in the free packaging Anthro oh-so-wonderfully provides, and you are good to go!  

What are your go-to hostess gifts? 


  1. Love this post! It's so hard to come up with a $15-20 gift & this little baby seems perfect & unexpected.

  2. That is so cute! I have those WS dishtowels too, they're my fave!

  3. That is a great idea! Very cute presentation too! Now I want one!!!

  4. ca-ute!!!!!!

    also i was just catching up on your blog.. i betcha we are wearing the same undies today ;) ha!

  5. This isn't really a "hostess gift" per se ... but anytime I'm headed to a friend's home that includes kiddos I take a coloring book and crayons. I wrap the book and the crayons are part of the bow. It is super easy, super cheap, and always gives me 10-15 minutes with the mama without the kiddos trying to participate as they are excited about their new gift. :)

  6. I usually just grab a bottle of wine. Easy and not very original but it's always appreciated. Sometimes I get real crazy and pick up a thing of nice cheese and some baguette or crackers to go with it. But this is definitely a great hostess gift!

  7. Cute gift! Might be added to my personal Christmas list, hah hah

  8. I have one of these from a local potter and really like it. I end up using it all the time for random things.

  9. Great idea! And it's something they can use year-round. Now I actually want one for myself :)


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