Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Recap: By the Numbers / a la Instagram

Thanksgiving dishes prepped and served: 5

too many dishes

3 were grand-slams... I'm afraid the pie and the dressing were disappointments {at least by my standards}.  The dressing never melded as I felt it should {which is a shame, since it smelled delectable in the oven} and the Honeycrisp apples I mixed with my normal cast of Granny Smiths were so juicy that they liquefied the bottom of my crust while baking.  Lessons learned, I suppose. 

Turkey comas sustained: 3

Turkey Coma

The Official Plate Licker fared well on Turkey Day too! 

Films attended: 2  
Relatedly: Bags of Sour Patch Kids consumed: 2

My wonderful day is complete!
Still Life: Quesita + Sour Patch Kids

We saw The Descendants and The Muppets, both spectacular for {very} different reasons.  Unless there's a magical performance on the horizon of which I haven't yet caught wind, I predict a gilded, bald friend in Clooney's future. And could I love Jason Segal {or Kermit} more?  Nay.  

Enemies vanquished:

Sic 'Em
I've become a walking cliche

In my family, you identify with "Longhorn" long before you learn to write your own name... it's just how we birth 'em. And nothing tastes as sweet on Thanksgiving night as watching the Aggies wave their wee white flags of surrender {as my Mama J is fond of calling those obnoxious rags}... one final time. Totally made up for my watery pie.  E and I also cheered his Bears to victory over Tech {for the first time since 1995!} Saturday evening down at the Death Star... where I also became a walking cliche. 

Baby gear assembled: 6
Teensy, tiny socks folded: a Bazillion

Organizing baby swag

E's dad was kind enough to volunteer his time and toolbox to Operation: OMG We're Actually Having a Baby.  Quesita now has a functioning: crib, jogging stroller, snap-n-go, swing, high chair, and  car seat!  Girlfriend is pimped out.  While the menfolk figured out how Parts A through QQQ fit together, I completed the Ultimate Make-Yourself-Feel-Organized-But-Don't-Really-Do-All-That-Much Task... I made a shitton {technical term} of piles.  Now, as we accumulate even more small-fry stuff, I can confidently say "there's a pile for that!" 

Halls decked: All of 'em! 

Time for Christmas Spode!
Although, this makes things better!

It's officially Christmas 'round these parts.  The Spode is out, the obligatory cursing over twinkle lights has concluded, and our home is feels - and smells - cheerily festive!  Note: here, Christmas trees are real and never "themed"... much to the chagrin of certain non-blood relatives. 

Here's wishing your holiday weekend was just as you hoped! 


  1. you have gorgeous hair. i know a weird thing to pick out from all these photos, but gorgeous, nonetheless.

  2. I hate theme trees too. What's the point of having a tree that you switch out each year. Who has that much storage, seriously?

  3. Ouch to the Aggie comment! But glad you had a nice/productive Thanksgiving break :)

  4. I loved the Muppet movie, it was so fun!

  5. I had never heard of themed trees until I was an adult. Bizarre to me! We have a collection of well loved ornaments that I can't imagine switching out for a "theme"!

  6. Hooray for non-themed trees and many other happy things in this post! :)

  7. I love your Christmas china, and The Boom might be the most precious sleepy dog I've ever seen.

    PS, I'm hosting a giveaway for a free year's subscription to Garden and Gun magazine- check it out!

  8. Was The Descendants depressing? Hubs was supposed to take me to the Muppets, but we opted for PJs and the couch instead. You are wearing me out with your activity level Kate. And I am getting freaked out about my lack of nursery. Sigh. . .

    Your tree looks beautiful, and I could eat those baby shoes!

  9. eeek! youre so prepared! she is on her way!! i bet your pie was delish, extra moist and all. all of quesitas shoes are so cute!!! ay yai, yai!

  10. my little man's nursery looks like a disaster right now, but i keep reassuring my husband it's organized chaos (like you - lots of piles)! waiting till my final shower this weekend and then it's time to wash and fold every tiny sock, onesie, towel and diaper!

    p.s. - those booties are giving me baby girl envy :)

  11. Real and themeless is the way to be!

  12. Agreed about the themeless (real) tree. It's Christmas...that's theme enough, right?


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