Monday, November 7, 2011

more tidbits

1.  I'm officially bitter about my last, childless "Fall Back" Daylight Savings Time Change.  Instead of reveling in an extra hour of sleep, I awoke at 4:00 A.M. to a husband apparently stricken by Sudden-Onset Restless Leg Syndrome and a 14 lb. terrier who thinks she deserves at least 90 lbs worth of bed real estate.  Remembering all guest beds were currently occupied at my parents' home, I eventually fell back asleep wrapped in an afghan on the living room floor around 6:30.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

2. I think Birkin bags are heinously ugly.  If someone offered to purchase me one, I'd ask for the remaining balance on my car payment instead. Also the name "Birkin" reminds me of gherkins, which I know are actually cucumber-like, somehow inspire visions of Vienna sausages, and those suckers are nauseating.  Yep, these are the places to which my mind roams.

3.  In that same vein{ish}, I am very ready for the Antlers As Home Decor trend to die.  Antlers belong in hunting lodges, not in my living room... even if they're made of smugly green recycled paper products.  

4.  Our mantle is decorated for Fall!  Not sure if the set-up deserves the exclamation point, but I had everything already on hand save for the gourd vase fillers {World Market, natch}.  Plus, non-Christmas seasonal decor is not my strong suit so... E for Effort?  Maybe?


5.  This is the first year in 10 years that I will not be traveling for Thanksgiving {exception: Felicity Thanksgiving 2009, spent sans new husband - thanks Old Firm! - but with fabulous friends}, and I'm thrilled about that.  No jammed freeways... no ornery airport employees... no weather delays... no stinky rental cars!  That's four things to be thankful for right there.  I'm also ridiculously giddy about preparing the majority of the side dishes for our holiday feast.  On my menu: Cornbread Dressing with Venison Sausage, Hatch Macaroni & Cheese, T-Man's Cranberries, Jan's Squash Casserole, and Granny Smith Apple Pie.  My oven {and stretchy pants} are at the ready! 

6.  Quesita's nursery is coming along... and by "coming along," I mean "watch me online shop for things and then store them in the office."  E and I did manage to open up the crib {ours is white} package this weekend.  The intent to actually put the thing together was present... but my Phillips head screwdriver was not.  E for Effort?  Second of the day?

7.  Longhorn football has us all jazzed up again {in a realistic fashion, I'll add}. Going from a National Championship Game season to.... whatever the hell last season was is an ego-blow for sure, but me thinks our star is back on the rise.  My family's been to the Rose Bowl three times in the last 6 years, and we'll take another trip to Pasadena January 2014, please and thank you! 

8. One day soon, I'll write an actual post with cohesive thoughts.  Pinky-swear.  


  1. I always liked Birkin's. Until every single D list celebrity got one. And now they aren't special. Just something on the pages of UsWeekly

  2. I love the Jenny Lind crib. We were so very close to getting one!

  3. I love how honest you are - even when it is against popular thought. I too dislike antler decor. Why anyone needs a plaster deer's head on the wall, I will never know.

  4. Every year my "Fall back" gets screwed up. Usually I end up staying up way later than normal and even more exhausted than normal. This year I totally forgot about it, went to bed at a decent hour, but woke up to one dog covered in vomit and diarrhea, and another dog with diarrhea. Good times. So not worth the extra hour.

  5. Birkin always makes me thinks of hippies - I guess Birkenstocks did that.

    Daylight savings time screwed up over too. The dogs woke up at 5 and I never went back to bed after that. Thanks Mother Nature...NOT.

  6. I love the way you described your dog in bed! I have a 10 lb cat who takes up more than her fair poundage of bed space too. Well said. Also, it is so nice to not travel for Thanksgiving. And, I love your cork wreath above the mantle!

  7. not so sure about number 8. the brain is never teh same after pregnancy and babies.

  8. Mother effer! I just ordered our crib today and thought I was being so thrifty because I got it from Walmart but those cribs on sale at JCPenny are half the price! Good thing my mom is paying for it. Cribs=robbery.


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