Wednesday, November 2, 2011

on repeat

The Civil Wars - "Poison & Wine"

Evidently, I'm late to the party on this one... but I would like to point out that this is likely due to the fact that I haven't been keeping up with truly horrid television shows that just so happen to employ genius music supervisors.

If The Civil Wars are new to you too... you're welcome. 

If this is all old-hat... you win... but you also probably watch Pretty Little Liars.*  So, really, that makes us about even.** 

*I realize there is an Option Three... that being: you have cutting-edge-awesome taste in music and knew about this song pre-Grey's two years ago.  I totally know how I you feel.  I knew about the Spice Girls before "Wannabe" hit American radio stations because I had a super cool friend in middle school whose family watched the BBC Music Charts or maybe knew people in the music business, I can't really recall., but, ya know, same sort of thing.  It's hard being such a musical trend maven, yes?

** says the woman who has over twelve hours of Real Housewives saved on her DVR.  


  1. Ok, now it's going to kill me all day.

    I saw the TV show you're referencing. But which TV show are you referencing?! I can't remember.

    Please refresh my memory, before I lose my mind. :)

  2. Love that song! It's also on the Something Borrowed soundtrack... not sure if me owning the Something Borrowed soundtrack is more or less sad than being a Pretty Little Liars viewer, but I'm going to go with less.

  3. Nice vibe, grasshopper.

    Go to for a free download of a live album with this piece and 9 others.

    While I'm promoting, and if you want leading edge exposure, try streaming:

    Eklektikos KUT radio ( "Weekdays 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday Eklektikos host and creator John Aielli entertains and engages listeners with a mix of music that leaps across almost all musical genres. KUT’s Jody Denberg holds down the Eklektikos fort on Friday mornings with his take on this legendary KUT music program." (KUT promo blurb). You'll perhaps not like it all but it is both eclectic and mind expanding.

  4. Thanks for the introduction! I love it.

    One of my favorite artist moved to Nashiville about 6 years ago to strike a solo career. She was the lead singer in a Christian band call Newcomers Home. Katie Hertiz has started making it big on little shows like this. It is unfortunate that her non-singles have to be discovered later. Check her out on Pandora. I bet you recognize some of the songs from so called TV shows! :)

  5. I majorly heart the Civil Wars! So beautiful with a touch of melancholy.

  6. Pretty song - I always think that guy is Johnny Depp when I see him.

  7. Option 3/4: You like to believe you have cutting edge musical taste but also happen to live (or used to live) in Nashville, and thereby heard them a while ago because all of your friends had "this new band you HAVE to hear." Which happens about every 5 minutes in Nashville, but sometimes results in a special treat like The Civil Wars. Regardless of the journey to discovery, though, aren't you so glad there are bands like this out there?


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