Monday, November 28, 2011

a shower for quesita!

Two weekends ago, three of my favorite women hosted a gorgeous baby shower in honor of the wee quesita.  

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download (6)
download (5)

Knowing me oh so well, there were bright colors, delicious sugar cookies, cheese galore, and three different types of mustard for slider dipping.  Heaven.  

download (11)
download (4)
download (2)
there's a teensy name hint...
download (3)

It truly was a wonderful afternoon with family and friends... E and I are so thankful to have so many fun, loving, and generous people in our lives who are almost as excited as we are about Bebe Girl's arrival! 

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download (15)
E made an appearance near the end of the afternoon...
just in time to tag-team the last of the gifts
download (14)
download (13)
yes, that would be a scarf for a small fry
download (12)

I'm not a huge fan of the massively-overused adjective "blessed," but blessed is exactly how we feel.  Big, honkin' gracias-es to Colleen, Eileen and Rory for throwing such a pimped out baby shower!  


  1. you guys are so stinking cute. And have I ever mentioned that I, too, LOVE bright colors? Great tastes you have:)

  2. I love the colors of the shower and you look great!

  3. You look great! So so so excited for you!!!

  4. Wohooo!!! So sad I missed it, but so happy that you felt how loved you, Quesita, and E are! Can't wait to see ya on THURSDAY!

  5. What a beautiful baby shower! Those cookies were perfect, and I love the hint for the name!

  6. The hint for the name totally has me fun!!! You look fantastic-not surprising and the party looks fab!!! I'd say very blessed indeed!

  7. You and your bump look SOO cute!! :) Love the bright colors of the cookies also! :) So happy for your little family!

  8. those dresses and that scarf are so adorable! And you look great!

  9. I love your dress - I would wear it now and the only baby I have is a food baby.

  10. Such a lucky Quesita. And I love that E made an appearance.

  11. I remember feeling so loved at my showers; looks like you are as well. You look great; pregnancy agrees with you. :)


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