Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am thankful for so much this year.

But I'm a-bettin' y'all are too busy enjoying carbohydrates and stretchy pants and football to read yet another long "What I'm Thankful For" post.  I don't blame you.  I'll likely be hitting Mark All As Read come Monday morning, too. 

So I'll keep things short a sweet.  There's a fire crackling and sweatpants calling my name, anyhow.

Ready for the freezer

It's not a groundbreaking list, but it means the world to me ... E... my family... my friends... neurotic, cuddly terriers....

Cornbread Stuffing w/ Venison Sausage = Prepped!

... this pregnancy... Quesita... hippie voodoo and fancy-pants modern medicine...

Pie Crust

... great jobs... new metal washers on my toilet supply lines... good home insurance.

Finished product

And pie.  Always pie. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. That pie crust is awesome!!! Everything looks so good!

  2. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! All of that food looks delicious!


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