Tuesday, December 13, 2011

29 weeks

OOTN: E's Firm's Christmas Party

Musings on Weekly Photo: Much improved over last week! This dress {tunic for us tall folk...from ASOS Maternity} is definitely one of my favorite clothing items at the moment - comfy and festive with the sequin belt {that randomly came on a pair of pants from Old Navy about 5 years ago}.

Marination Time: We're on Real Time now... 29 weeks today!

Weight Gain: No updates until my next appointment on the 23rd.

Maternity Clothes: My holiday party staples are the aforementioned ASOS tunic + my favorite leggings {Ingrid & Isabel "Belly Leggings"} and my Isabella Oliver Knot Dress. Aside from those, my "everyday essentials" include my Old Navy full-panel skinny jeans, GAP's shirred long-sleeve tees, three sweater dress/tunics from Pea in the Pod, and a pair of hand-me-down pants from Old Navy that feel like I'm wearing Lululemon to work {major score}.

Fruit of the Week / Size of Baby: Squash! Slightly odd, since I always envision summer squash or zucchini when I hear "squash," but my email update looked more like a medium sized pumpkin.

Movement: Busy, busy, busy... to the extent that I get worried if I haven't noticed her for a few hours. Usually its just because I'm moving around doing other things and not paying attention. She's excellent at easing my mind, if I'll just be still for a second! People keep asking about hiccups... none yet!

Cravings: Mustard. Vanilla frozen yogurt with toasted pumpkin seeds, pecans, and dark chocolate chunks. Sausage and spinach balls, since I made them for a shower on Friday and had to physically remove myself from their presence to keep from polishing them all off myself before the event on Saturday.

Annoyances: My feet and ankles are still pretty swollen at the end of the day, and I think it might officially be time to give up the heels for a bit. Boo. I've been feeling Charlie Horses looming large {used to get them all the time when I danced... always in my right calf} for a few weeks, but have been starving them off with water. A real beast finally overtook me early Friday morning. I woke up screaming, which really freaked the shit out of E. I've also been doing this odd thing where I'll flip over in my sleep and pin my arm underneath my belly. Then I'll wake up and half my body is numb... which really freaks the shit out of me until I realize the my belly is merely kicking the crap out of my arm in some sort of twisted wrestling match.

Highlights of the Week: Getting organized! It was one of those rare weeks where I felt like I got a decent amount accomplished at work and shit got done around the house. The Great Washing of the Things hath officially commenced, and somehow folding itty bitty outfits and stuffing cloth diapers is much more fun than matching adult socks and wrestling with fitted sheets.

So this is for real happening in my laundry room right now... (!!!)

In addition, outdoor lights were strung, Christmas gifts were wrapped, and the second to last batch of holiday cards were addressed and stamped. We also built a gingerbread house. Ya know, just practicing for when Construction of Wee Candy Buildings is a skill that might come in handy somewhere down the line. Fact #1: The taste of gingerbread kit icing has vastly improved since 1989. Fact #2: The said, the idea that icing will actually cement tiny walls together is just as big a pile of bullshit in 2011 as it was in 1989. Glue gun to the rescue.

Good news: the taste of the icing in gingerbread house kits has improved drastically
Bad news: I cannot say the same for my decorating skillz

Medical Updates: No gestational diabetes, but I am anemic. Not surprising as I've always had lowish iron levels. Rx iron pills from here on out.

Number of Times I Wrote "Shit" in This Post: 3, with an honorable mention for "bullshit."


  1. you look beautiful!!! your posts crack me up!!

  2. You look adorable. Good luck with the 'scrip iron pills. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they wreak havoc on the stomach. always take them with food and eat tons of fiber.

  3. The hiccups are kind of fun, to be honest. Julia got them a lot in the last month or so before she was born. And, now she gets them all the time.

  4. you're hilarious and beautiful! i'm so happy for you kate! being a mom is the best. we'll have to have a play date with the twins!

  5. You are so adorable! Love that color - very festive! One thing I loved about being pregnant over the holidays was not feeling guilty about eating!!!!

  6. You look beautiful! I wish I'd known about ASOS Maternity when I was preg- definitely will check them out the next time around.

  7. I used to get horrible charley horses too. I started having that Carnation Instant Breakfast powder with milk and a banana (in the blender) every night and that pretty much nipped the problem in the bud.

  8. You are absolutely glowing! I love you and your S%it talking :)

  9. I had the same charley horses at around the same point in my pregnancy. I'd wake up mid-yell!

    And you're absolutely right, baby laundry and diaper stuffing never seems to be quite as big of an annoyance as regular old adult laundry.

  10. I had to laugh out loud when I read about your early morning leg cramps. I so clearly remember shooting out of bed one morning in such pain that Nick thought I was going into labor. I also remember thinking to myself that child birth couldn't be any worse than those awful cramps. Ha!

  11. def LOVING the outfit you have on (and that ginger bread house looks so yummy!!)


  12. Too funny - you look better in your christmasty office party attire than half of my company does on any day.

  13. I heart this picture of you SOOOO much!

  14. I love your blog! it was fun seeing you again after ten years. maybe we should have been friends in high school.

  15. That is one darling gingerbread house!!


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