Monday, January 2, 2012

32 weeks

{I got a bit photo-dumpy this week! Apologies!}

31 weeks
Nearly 32 Weeks
Flowers. Belly. New Bag.
Flowers + Belly

Musings on Weekly Photo: I generally feel as if I look huge in photos now... but I'm still not feeling uncomfortably massive in real life. I'll consider this a good thing.

Marination Time: 32 weeks.

Weight Gain: Why did I ever think that posting weight gain on the interwebs was a grand idea? Surely it was a mix of "let's keep it real" and "tra la la, I've barely gained anything at all during 1st Tri." I'd like to go back in time and kick that superior, newly preggo bitch in the shins.

Maternity Clothes: Same. I have noticed that the panel on my only remaining favorite pair of jeans now stretches about 3/4ths of the way up my belly instead of all the way up... hopefully they'll keep on keepin' on as long as Quesita continues to cook!

Fruit of the Week / Size of Baby: Jicama! {or Squash, if you haven't become bored to tears by the Bump's timeline}

Movement: We felt hiccups for the first time yesterday whilst enjoying a Summer Heights High mini-marathon... Cutest Thing Ever {The CheeseFest cannot be controlled}.

Cravings: Out of nowhere: GRAPEFRUIT. I've never been a huge grapefruit eater, but damn, is it delicious. Rosemary Pumpkin Mac... might have to make that again soon.  I would do morally repugnant things for a large, Sonic diet coke. I haven't had diet coke in over 10 months and really haven't missed it... until now.


Annoyances: RLP. Sausage fingers...especially when I wake up and feel as if they are uncomfortably stiff. Leg-Shaveage and Toenail Clippage have become... hmmmm, we'll go with "comical."

Pride Points: Even in the shadow of The Weight That Must Not Be Named, I shall remain smug about the continued lack of stretch marks. And even though E is obnoxiously monitoring the up-to-the-minute state of my bellybutton, that sucker WILL NOT pop out, mark my words. I have one deep-ass bellybutton.

Anti-Highlight of the Week: I received my first "Well, you're about ready to pop" comment this week. No, Fabric Store Hag, I am not. But get your filthy paws off my curtain liner before I "pop" you in the nose.

Highlights of the Week: An entire week off, spent with my parents, prepping for LJH in Dallas and relaxing in Austin. T-Pop spent a total of about 9 hours wrestling my IKEA purchases into submission, while GranJan and I cleaned out closets and cabinets, organized, stalked creepy ex-Bachelors, and styled. The wee Cheesette is so lucky to have such amazing grandparentals!

A few nursery sneak-peeks...

Poor Padre. He's never going to want to visit again.
Working on some nursery art...
3 hours later...

While in Austin, I had a prenatal massage {thanks mom!}... while I definitely prefer the standard "knead me like I'm a really finicky batch of bread dough" treatment, the gentler variety reserved for the knocked up was lovely too!

Our NYE was wonderfully lowkey... dinner and a movie con mis padres, followed by impromptu fireworks scopeage in the RunTex parking lot and Coldplay at Austin City Limits on the telly. And a sparkling peach juice toast, natch.

party on!

Last NYE as a family of three...
our last NYE as a family of three!

Medical Update: Our latest growth scan with the perinatologist was this morning and things are looking good. Baby Girl had her first non-stress test and made out like a total champ! Fluid, blood flow, and all other "could-be-wrongs" were right on track, which was very comforting. Growth percentage is down to 26% {from 42, I believe} but that is still normal, so I won't fret too much. We'll switch to scans and non-stress tests every 2 weeks now.

After 13 weeks or so of being perfectly head down, our little sasspot is now completely breech. I know she can change positions again, but I just had to continues my lesson in "You Are Not in Control!"


  1. Omg I am cracking up. I totally started out by putting my weight gain and then by the end I was like no WAY am I puttong how much I way. But now I openly share it! Its all weird! :-)

  2. great update! the nursery looks very sweet, can't wait to see it all finished. happy to hear the good medical news, too.

    i'm 36 weeks and had my first "you got 1 or 2 in there?" from the cashier at home depot. oh, people.

  3. U look great! Question: The stop watch clock on the that pottery barn? LOVE IT!


  4. Yeah for the baby looking good on the stress test! Amen!

    Grapefruit and oranges were a big thing with me with my little girl. I couldn't get enough of them.

    As far as the toe clipping is concerned, I think it is time for some pedicure love. It will feel great on your swollen ankles, legs, toes...and you can just chalk the unshaved legs up to being pregnant. I am pulling out that card in about 2 weeks because I am way bigger this time around and can't see my toes!

  5. I just wanted to say, I know you probably feel huge, but you look great. I'm glad everything looks good health wise too :)

  6. Love the nursery! Your shelves are pinterest worthy! :) Glad everything is looking good for you!

  7. The nursery looks great! And you look beautiful. So glad you got good news from the doc :)

  8. Congratulations! You are almost there! and you look great. The pounds will come off. You won't even realize and they will be gone. And the baby's room is off to a great start xo

  9. "Fabric Store Hag" is the funniest description I have read in a looooong time!!! You rock, pregnant lady.

  10. You look great! Dont listen to that Terese girl, I saw her blog she only gained 16 pounds at 35 weeks.

  11. loving your shelves + little sofie. stinking cutest giraffe ever.

  12. you are just the cutest. i think your look FAB.U.LOUS! i am so excited about quesita's pending arrival!

  13. So happy things are going well for your sweet baby girl! I had gestational diabetes so I was in for non stress tests twice a week for at least the last two months of my pregnancy. I loved hearing that sweet little heart beat going crazy :) She was always louder than the girl in the lazyboy next to me. Ha!


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