Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I believe...

{*a sliiiightly less introspective version}

... in expensive knives and $2.99 HomeGoods spatulas.

... in splurging on skincare, bags, and shoes. Target sports bras, costume jewelry, and Old Navy pajama pants {preferably of the obnoxious seasonal print variety}.

... in name brand trash bags, toilet paper, and plastic wrap.

... in generic paper towels, vitamins, tampons, and tin foil.

... in the Oxford comma.

... that Rachael Ray is absolutely worthless save for One, Lucky Stroke of Genius: The Garbage Bowl.

... that anyone who actually buys an Official Rachael Ray Garbage Bowlinstead of using the $2 mixing bowl already in their cupboard is a bigger imbecile than Rachael Ray herself.

... in high threadcounts.

... in Amazon Prime.

... in children's birthday parties consisting simply of a park, a pizza, and an unattractive homemade cake.

... that unattractive homemade cakes are usually the tastiest.

... that some folks abuse the power of the crockpot.

... in Bruce Springsteen with the windows rolled down.

... in spending a little more for food that's not only better for us but better for the world as a whole.

... that Velveeta is beneath no {wo}man.

What do you believe?


  1. Yes yes YES. Yes to every single one of these.

    Oxford comma ALWAYS AND FOREVER! I was seriously just raging about this yesterday.


  2. super agree about the oxford comma! this may be a lawyer thing.

  3. Oh my lord, I just about died laughing over the Rachael Ray thing. YES. YES. YES. Could not agree more!

  4. love! and i totally agree with your splurge/save mentality. my boyfriend is always like "how much did you spend on those shoes? and you won't buy cereal unless it's on sale?!?"

  5. I believe that sometimes you have to put the can of spray paint down. I recently dedicated an entire blog post to this idea. I also believe, strongly, that good knives are the building block of any good home kitchen.

  6. Add a piñata to that kids party and we are in complete agreement.

    I believe hot sauce goes on pretty much everything

    That most people in Dallas are incapable of properly merging onto a freeway

    that karaoke is always a good idea.

  7. I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt this way about kids birthday parties!

  8. THERE IS NOT AN OFFICIAL GARBAGE BOWL. That is just ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the fact that people have reviewed the damn thing.

    And, I believe in the serial comma. Forever and ever, amen.

  9. Skincare is my big splurge. Shoes tend to wear out so I'm middle of the road on that one- not Target, not Tory Burch. And yes, kids birthday parties should be easy peasy no-fuss affairs!

  10. Ah the apostle's creed. Methinks I agree with lots of what you have to say. Especially the one about kiddo's b-day parties. Seriously ridiculous what some of these parents do.

  11. I absolutely agree with high thread count, target sports bras, and generic products when appropriate. I also believe in sleeping in, cooking good food, splurging
    on a fabulous coat, long cardigans, and flats.

  12. I agree with every single one of these things except one (never used a generic tampon or paper towel)- and I especially love (being a NJ girl) that you appreciate that Springsteen dictates windows down (or in high school, find a friend with a convertible and put the top down).

  13. Oh, your Rachael Ray garbage bowl comments have me dying!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE Amazon Prime :)

  15. Yes to most but I like my tampons brand name and my parties (of all sorts) just a tiny bit over-the-top. My best friend once commented while watching me wedding prep, "you don't have to label everything, it's not a Spanish classroom".

  16. Totally agree about both garbage bowl comments! Are the $2.99 Home Goods spatulas the high-keep variety? That would make me very happy!

  17. I was just thinking how Target's valentine's pants weren't too cute this year...I'll definitely look at Old Navy.

    I'm usually fine with any paper towel, but the second my mom sees it (or actually, she can tell by using is SHE SAYS..but doubtful) she shows up with a big package of wait, Brawny? I don't know.

  18. Seriously, you guys didn't already do that before Rachel Ray?!?

    For shoes, more often than not, I buy them on sale near the end of the season. One of the few benefits of living somewhere with four distinct seasons! The Rack is also a nice place to find shoes. With bags, the ones I like do not go on sale, aside from semi-annual department store-wide 20% off sales.

    PJ pants from Aerie: cute designs, better quality, and still cheap. My flannel polar bear print ones have lasted almost 5 years, and still look as good as the day I bought them.

    I like the organic cotton tampons from Whole Foods. Less bleach = happier body and environment :)

  19. Oh, I am a BIG believer in the Oxford comma!

  20. I love love love this post!

    I believe in an ice cube in my wine, putting my top down and turning on the heat in winter, and in large pearl earrings.

  21. O.M.G. I didn't realize that Rachel Ray actually has a garbage bowl for sale. HA! That made my day! :) Laughing so hard at the thought of people actually purchasing one...

  22. Are you kidding me?! I could have written this entire post myself!


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