Thursday, January 12, 2012

KEEP: Circled. Underlined. Exclamation Point.

I lived in the same apartment throughout law school.

Yes, I had to sign about seventeen lead-based paint disclosures before moving in, and it was all low-ceilings and bad lighting, and I'm pretty sure the "car mechanic" across the street was running a meth lab, but it was home. 

Plus, it had really big closets and was 4 blocks from the Dairy Queen. 

Anyhoover, three years in one space is a long time after yearly switcharoos in college. And without a move every nine months or so forcing me to clean out, I managed to amass an impressive amount of crap.  {Big closets, remember?}  An impressive amount of crap that became one gigantic thorn in my side when I learned that, due to a management mix-up regarding exit dates, I'd have to be 100% moved out of my humble abode by the last day of the Bar Exam. 

For the average bar taker {re: graduated in May / takes bar in July}, this would have been an annoying inconvenience, what with the break in the regimented BarBri two month study plan and all. 

For the masochist Baylor bar taker {re: those who designate summer quarter as their last quarter of school} {re: those who are still in class and studying for final exams 10 days prior to the Bar} {re: those who don't even  officially graduate until after the Bar is complete} {re: OMG WHY DOES ANYONE EVER THINK THIS IS A GOOD PLAN}, this was...


A Slightly Bigger Deal. 

Taking away one or more of those 10 days would have meant Mortal Death.   Hell, stopping to sleep for four hours was, at that point, just a Generally Poor Decision. 

Enter: Jan. 

My sweet mom volunteered to pack up - and clean - my apartment. 

Yep.  I know.  I have it good. 

Every night, I'd stagger home from the library to find more and more of my things carefully packed away. Piles of crap for me to sort also greeted me, labeled with Post-Its reading "Keep, Donate or Trash?"  I'd circle the appropriate response, and Jan would whisk it away to its proper destination.

On my final night in the old digs, had you been a fly on my lead-painted walls, it would've appeared I had only a sleeping bag, pillow and alarm clock to my name.

Well... those items and...


Thank gawd for mamas who run your shit without judgment. 

4 years after Jan helped me survive that move...

... I am thrilled to celebrate the woman who helped me survive law school itself... replete with the trusty baking accessories that survived law school themselves.  

our spot
Kate and RJB
yay elefantes

Happy Bachelorette Weekend, RJB!

{and I love you, Mom!}


  1. Hahaha, this is the best. I love your writing style!

  2. Hahahaha! This story was the best start to my day. What a fabulous mom. Hope you and your friends have a great bachelorette weekend. :)

  3. That is the more than hilarious. Your mom sounds awesome. I for one had to photoshop the penis straws out of my own bach party photos, lest my mom see them. Hope your penis cookies are delicious.

  4. That's hysterical. Have fun!

  5. I am currently in law school and I can't imagine having to finish finals, take the Barbri course AND graduate all at the same time! Go you!

  6. LOVE this post! You're the best!!

  7. Just curious - how does one decorate a penis cookie (if at all)? Royal icing? Sprinkles?

  8. We just used the SAME cookie cutters at a bach this past weekend...we had THREE pregnant girls there, quite a sight with all the penis stuff:) Love your mom for that!!!


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