Wednesday, January 4, 2012

monthly goals: take two

Last year, in place of the ever-popular yearly resolutions, I set {mostly} manageable goals to accomplish at the beginning of each month.  

I'll give myself a pass on July through December, because, hey, six out of twelve months of proactivity ain't half bad {well, I guess it is half bad, but it's half good, too!}.  Plus, after June, my goals mostly consisted of (a) don't puke in public, (b) don't fall asleep under your desk, (c) don't Google that cramp, and (d) don't strangle the dog for hate-peeing all over the Residence Inn.  

Lofty, I know. 


New Year... Big Changes Ahead... Time for New Goals!  The hope being that they'll keep me on track as we attack brand new challenges and acclimate to our new roles as parents.  

Forgive me if this month's roundup more closely resembles a {really boring} glorified to-do list rather than legit goals... we're taking baby steps towards actual baby here, people! 

January 2012 Goals

{1} Decide on {or "hire?"} a pediatrician. I'm very tempted to just point at the doc my OB loves and proclaim YOU SHALL DO JUST FINE, but I suppose I'll at least pretend to make the interviewing effort with one or two other options. 

{2} Read baby books. I'm loving Major Pettigrew's Last Stand but I really need to jump on some of my "How Not to Kill Your Baby" literature. On my list?  Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to RealityBaby 411, and Secrets of the Baby Whisperer.

{3} Finish nursery & prep "temporary nursery" in office. Quesita's official digs are about 85% complete. We're just lacking the "wall stuff," as E calls art.  Oh, and curtains!  While I'm hoping we will hang out and nap in the nursery {upstairs} a lot during the day, LJH will be spending her first few months of nighttime sleeping in our room and/or in the office space right across from our room.  I've already cleared out some of the built-in drawers and shelves in the office but still need to divvy up some supplies to keep downstairs.

{4} Pack hospital bag.  We now know this baby won't be cooking for the full 40 weeks.  I'm a-hopin' we won't be grabbing this sucker for at least another 30 days, but it's better to be safe than sans-phone-charger and clean-underwear-less.

{5} Procure pack-n-play and breast pump. Those are the two big ticket items we're lacking that we need immediately upon birth.

{6} Go on at least one Fancy Date with E.  We a pretty good job of regular "date nights" {ug, I hate that term}, but we want to do it up big, dinner-style, {hopefully} a few times before The Big Debut.

And there we have it... six "goals" that I probably should have just written in the back of my planner instead of posting on the internet.  But... whatever gets it done, right?

Anyone else doing monthly goals instead of resolutions this year? 


  1. We went w/the ped our OB recommended and didn't seek another one. We love my OB and figured we'd like anyone she clicks with. I looove our pediatrician. If you don't interview anyone else, you'll probably be as lucky. I resolve to do things all year long. This year is the usual weight loss focus. That's mainly because I went to my pre-preg weight, but now gained 3 or 4 lbs plus my stomach still isn't going down enough for me. Definitely needs some attention!

  2. Heading Home with Your Newborn is a great baby book! I partially reread it after we got home with N. And a rockin' pediatrician is key. Good luck!

  3. Awesome list! One note on the breast pump...the local parenting shop recommended waiting to get it for a bit. We ended up renting a hospital grade one from our hospital ( other organizations may have them too) and you buy your own kit (tubing, shields). We paid by the month, it was the best pump available, it was the one we learned on in the hospital. It wasn't portable and breastfeeding ended up being something I had to sadly give up, but then I didn't have a 300 dollar pump I couldn't use. If I had kept it up, I would have bought one based on what I liked from the renting experience. At first I wanted my own nice pump, but renting the hospital one seemed to work well for us, especially starting out.

    Just a thought. Very excited for you and to read more in the coming months! :)

  4. Don't worry too much about the pediatrician thing - you can always change your mind! I know mom friends who changed pediatrians several times within the first year. It's common and no big deal.

    I found newborn literature too...anxiety producing. The only one I read was the Happiest Baby on the Block. I recommend that one because the author is all about trusting your instincts and doing what works for your baby.

    Oh, are you signed up for Amazon Mom? Do that immediately! Free, two day shipping!! This will come in handy. I have never bought any diapers at a store. Amazon has the best prices and delivers them right to my front door!

  5. Interviewing the pediatrician was SO WEIRD for me. I felt like an idiot. Basically, I just wanted to meet him. Once I saw he was nice, I was all, "SEE YOU AT THE HOSPITAL!"

    And, two unsolicited pieces of advice: We did not get the Pack & Play with the Newborn Napper. I wish we would have.

    For breast pumps, I love my Medela Pump in Style Advanced. So easy to use. Spendy, but worth it. AND, get yourself a hands-free bra thing. Then you can read a book (or Twitter) while you're pumping!

  6. Love the return of the goals! Yay for your new list. I would not worry about having the breast pump right when you get home. With Hudson I did not use it until he was about 4 weeks old. The LC recommended waiting until we has established breastfeeding before offering a bottle. But I do understand the desire to have all equipment on hand so go for it! I loved my Pump in Style Advanced. It is still going strong 3 months into the second baby! No need to worry about packing clean underwear for after the birth. They give you this fabulous mesh undies at the hospital. Seriously the most comfortable under garments ever (key after birth). I wore them for the first 2 weeks post birth. Be sure to grab extras when leaving the hospital. I promise you will thank me for this advice. Cannot wait to meet my little Baby Cheese!

  7. Ok, the drawers across the hall will be fine for a while but it won't be long before she'll need to sleep in a real-bed like thing, dontcha think? I'd vote for moving the crib downstairs. splch

  8. So, I realize this is totally nosy but I'm dying to know the baby name!! I loooove hearing baby names and about their origins. However, I do understand your reasoning for keeping it private!

  9. I'm with the other posters about the pediatrician. If you don't like them you can always change. That being said, we had to choose ours without ever meeting since I went into the hospital so early. I asked my OB, who has four kids, and went with his. So far, I like her a lot. I figure as doctor parent should have a pretty good idea what to look for.

    But, yes, pack that bag since you never know. And, I had my husband trying to find the things I wanted since I didn't do it myself in enough time. I mean, who thinks they're checking into the hospital for two weeks when going to the dr...

  10. I agree with LizPoms. You might want to rent a hospital grade pump for the beginning, and if breast feeding is going well and you want to continue, then buy yourself one. I was gung-ho breastfeeding until my milk never came in. I rented a hospital pump for three weeks, and am glad that I never bought a $300 one.

  11. I love that throughout all of this baby stuff you haven't turned into a super uber pregnancy blogger. I've adored your blog and writing voice since before you were pregs, and I'm loving it even more now. Someday, when I have kiddos, I hope I keep it as real as you do about all this. Happy Thursday!

  12. i stressed for awhile about picking a pediatrician and finding time to meet with several before making a decision. but then i let go a little and took my ob's list, narrowed it down with friends' opinions and yelp reviews and then chose between the final 2 based on location. i'm taking comfort in my husband's mindset - if we don't like the practice, we're not stuck there and we can just find someone else. good luck!

  13. i'm doing monthly goals too! resolutions are a bit lofty and this is much more manageable. hope it goes well!

  14. I'm going to do monthly goals too! In fact, I'm pretty sure I subconsciously stole the idea from you now that I'm reading this post :) Let's hope we can both stick to them :)


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