Thursday, January 5, 2012

PPT: Wall Stuff

There's a little place in Miami, OK {My-Am-MUH, if you'll recall} called Mom's.  Sure it's just a glorified double-wide with a kitchen I'd rather not inspect too closely, but Mom does make some damn good biscuits.  

Mom also has a penchant for Betty Boop memorabilia.  

Which apparently people swipe on a semi-regular basis.  

Thus justifying signage dictating the following warning:


Descriptive and To-The-Point. 

Well done, Mom. 

Anyhoover, I've poured over a whole-lotta {technical term} Wall Stuff for Quesita's nursery, and, in the process, stumbled upon oodles of fabulous Etsy artists.  Obviamente not all of these gems will end up adorning the Cheesette's walls, but I felt they were worth a share for those of you on the hunt for unique, colorful, and fun children's wall stuff art.

Pea Press - Super punchy prints from Down Under

Zuk Zuk - If I can't have chickens in my backyard, perhaps my child should have them on her walls. 

Raw Art Letterpress - I am particularly fond of the Music & Children's Lit Quotes...

The Wheat Field - Breezy watercolors. 


  1. Ooooh I love all of the above! I can't wait to see the big reveal of the Quesita's nursery to see what you picked! I used Etsy art to decorate my baby's nursery too! I found some ADORABLE prints from a shop called falldowntree.

  2. OMG, thank you for posting this! That letterpress print from "What a wonderful world" is perfect because that was our wedding song - perfect addition to the nursery!!

  3. These prints are adorable! I love the Pea Press ones-so cheerful! Happy 2012!

  4. LOVE the Emerson watercolor. Need it for my own room!

  5. I have the Emerson quote print and another one from The Wheatfield hanging up in my daughter's room. They are beautiful! Kid's wall stuff is so fun.

  6. I love the bear print and the last quote print for just my house in general!

  7. I'm buying the Van Morrison poster! That was our wedding song! Your little one is going to be one cool chick!

  8. The Emmerson print is so lovely that my heart is filled with song. I'm usually nit that into decor, but I'm obsessed with nursereys. Which is weird for a single person.

  9. This website has great free art that you can print out!


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