Wednesday, February 15, 2012

38 weeks


Marination Time 38 weeks yesterday!

Maternity Clothes: Let's just say, I'd like to have a Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta Moment with my entire maternity wardrobe.

I have birthday cash burning a hole in my pocket and can't wait to make a few new purchases once I deflate a bit.

Fruit of the Week / Size: Still rockin' TB's watermelon... a watermelon that is the length of a leek according to BC! Our growth scan yesterday showed LJH tipping the scales at an impressive 7 lbs 7 oz.

Movement: Methinks this child is trying her damnedest to flip... Unfortunately, she's attempting her grand finale via backwards tuck, and there's just no stinkin' room. Almost every night, that little head slowly creeps downward and outward against my right side... eventually becoming stuck somewhere between my boob and hip. This is uncomfortable to say the least, and I think she agrees as she quickly resumes her position tucked right up under my rib cage. It's okay, kiddo - I appreciate the effort!

And in one of my crummiest moments of the week, Quesita wasn't moving quite enough for Nurse Ratched during our last NST and had to be zapped with the baby taser. Cue Mama Freak Out. When I asked the doctor about it during our ultrasound, she replied "everything with your baby is perfect... Sharon's just a little trigger happy today!" Well let's tell Sharon to CHILL THE FUCK OUT, yes? I mean, seriously.

Cravings: Fruit snacks. Sweets. Grapefruit. Coconut La Croix.

Annoyances: My insomnia officially allowed me to achieve Mad Men Domination. We're working on to Downton Abbey next. I guess I can't complain about the lack of sleep too, too much since it's allowing me so much excellent television time... but, ya know, STILL. Carpal tunnel continues to give me a run for my money, as are squished lungs. Let's just say "General Uncomfortableness" is the name of the game.

Belly Button Watch: Do I even have to say it... Innie!

Highlights of the Week: I can definitely proclaim I was spoiled by E, family, friends, and coworkers for my birthday... I'm a lucky, lucky girl!

Medical Updates: My weekly OB appointment isn't until this afternoon, but my {what-was-hopefully} last perinatologist appointment went great - save for the Sharon Incident. Baby, cord, placenta, and fluids all look great. Our doc is rather intrigued by Quesita's ability to gain weight with the VCI and proclaimed that the entire office was excited to see the placenta / cord combo after delivery... apparently we are famous, side-show-style!


  1. I was SO ready to pack away my maternity clothes! And, I can only imagine how ready you are to do the same.

    Sounds like Quesita might be determined and flip around; you never know, it could happen...

    Also, I will tell you as a case study for my doctor's office myself, it does make you quite memorable for subsequent appointments.

  2. Yay for a growing baby girl! Kudos to you on not decking Sharon. I would have been tempted.

  3. This is really random, but I'm glad to see that coconut La Croix gets your endorsement. I saw some at Target yesterday and was intrigued so I bought it, but I've been skeptical. Now at least it has some cred! So happy that Quesita's doing well in the home stretch, I'm excited for you!!

  4. I love your updates and I can't wait for the baby to be here!!

  5. Oh, don't worry about the baby taser thing. My first c-section happened because I ended up with a placental abruption and NO fluid by the time I was 40 weeks 3 days. So for the last 8 weeks of my second pregnancy I had weekly NST's, and I became accustomed to having the buzzer used roughly every other week. Babies are just like the rest of us, they have very active days and more lazy days. The buzzer is just a super-easy, almost surefire way of getting the baby to move (if the baby *is* in fact just sleepy, and no other problems). I got to the point where I actually was glad when they would use it, because seeing a huge jump in activity after the buzzer shows for certain that the baby is responsive and fine. But like you said, hopefully you won't need to use this information, because hopefully that was your last NST!

  6. You are so adorable! I've so enjoyed you sharing your pregnancy updates, and I'm really excited to "meet" the quesita!

  7. I am DYING over your reference to Office Space. And Nurse Sharon. HA. Truman got tazed by a nurse a few times too, when I had to do NSTs and I am still shaken up about it. It's just such a weird sensation and I hope you don't have to deal with that anymore.

    also, you look fab.

  8. You're only 6 days away to meeting little LJ :) I will miss your weekly updates!

  9. You look great!! I agree with the above, I will miss your updates!

  10. I crave the coconut LaCroix too. The grapefruit kind is really good too.

  11. OMG I would have punched Sharon! Glad everything is okay though!

  12. that baby taser? worst damn thing ever. we had a nurse do that to E one time. i thought she was going to shoot out my belly button she moved so quickly. for the rest of my pregnancy all that certain nurse had to was walk in the room and start talking and e would flip her shit in utero. good times.

    you are so, so close!! i am so excited for y'all!!

    *and truth be told, pretty excited for me to get to find out this sweet girl's name. i'm dying!!

  13. i feel the same way about my maternity wardrobe. i feel like a sausage in almost everything and am ready to meet my little man already. and see your little baby girl too!

  14. You look amazing! FYI- I stole your update template, because I thought it was time too start my own- squee!


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