Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo-a-Day: February

It's the last day of the month {and the extra 366th at that!}... Time again for a big ol' photo dump, courtesy of Instagram!

And another! #febphotoaday

Cue the Black Eyed Peas... Let's get it started: 

{Day 1: My View} ...from my desk chair #febphotoaday
1: My View - from my desk chair
{Day 2: Words} turkey bacon & egg sammy! #febphotoaday
2: Words - On my turkey bacon & egg white breakfast sammy
{Day 3: Hands} Swollen + Cider #febphotoaday
3: Hands - swollen, guzzling cider
{Day 4: Stranger} a stranger's license plate with MY initials! #febphotoaday
4: A Stranger - with a license plate bearing my initials
{Day 5: 10 am} Recreating 10 am... Don Draper & books in bed
5: 10 AM - lazy weekend with Mr. Hamm & books in bed
{Day 5: Dinner} Goat Cheese Pasta w/ Roasted Asparagus & Tomatoes #catchup #febphotoaday
6: Dinner - roasted asparagus and goat cheese pasta with roasted tomatoes
{Day 6: Buttons} Waiting on dinner...
7: Button - waiting on supper
{Day 8: Sun} You only wish your house was cool enough to boast sun mosaics
8: Sun - mosaic madness in our kitchen
{Day 9: Front Door} from the inside
9: Front Door
{Day 10: Self-Portrait} Lazy Friday dressing doesn't mKe for great self-portraits #febphotoaday
10: Self-Portrait
{Day 11: Makes You Happy} Good BBQ...even if we have to drive to Coppell to get it #febphotoaday
11: Makes You Happy - delicious BBQ...even when you have to drive to BFE to get it!
{Day 12: Closet} # #febphotoaday
12: Inside Your Closet
{Day 13: Blue} Happy Blue Letterpress Greetings from a favorite @magmaea #febphotoaday
13: Blue - birthday letterpress
{Day 14: Heart} Listening to Bebe Girl's heart #febphotoaday
14: Heart - LJ's hearbeat
{Day 15: Telephone} Unoriginal, yes, but I do love this photo of us #febphotoaday
15: Telephone
{Day 16: Something New} in honor of someone new #febphotoaday
16: Something New - in honor of someone new
{Day 17: Time} Quittin' time... But not for too, too long!
17: Time - quittin' time... but not for too, too long!
{Day 18: Drink} Mango Agua #febphotoaday #catchup
18: Drink - mango agua at Urban Taco\
{Day 19: Something I Dislike} a slow ass computer + updates
19: Something You Hate - slow software updates
{Day 20: Handwriting} my (likely overzealous) packing list #febphotoaday
20: Handwriting - my {likely overzealous} packing list
{Day 21: Fav Photo of You} Leighton's Birthday!
Day 21: Favorite Photo of You
{Day 22: Where You Work} New Bosslady, for the time being #febphotoaday
Day 22: Where You Work - newly minted bosslady
{Day 23: Shoes} Smart "Woolies"
Day 23: Shoes - Smart "Woolies" from Aunt Pants
Day 24: Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet - oops.
{Day 25: Green} & yellow & red #febphotoaday #catchup
Day 25: Green - and Yellow and Red
{Day 26: Night} Nighttime view (early morning) of our current digs. Someone likes the VIP treatment! #febphotoaday
Day 26: Night - nighttime in the NICU II
{Day 27: Something You Ate} 2 Peanut Butter Patties, Emergen-C, & a Teensy Bit-o-Cab
Day 27: Something You Ate - peanut butter patties, Emergen-C, & a teensy bit-o-cab
{Day 28: Money} Top of E's dresser #febphotoaday #catchup
Day 28: Money - the top of E's dresser
{Day 29: Listening to...} Industrial Grade Pump & Rainforest Swing Sounds
Day 29: Something You're Listening To - industrial grade pump + rain forest swing sounds

If you haven't already jumped on the Photo-a-Day Train, there's no time like the present!  Here's what's on tap for March...



  1. Felicidades on the little quesita! New follower here, and amazed to see you pumping already (with an equally amazing pump). I think our daughter was ten days old or so before I realized I should try pumping! :) Can't wait to hear more about your journey as a new mama!

  2. We are three weeks into parenthood and have the same pump and snug a bunny swing! Hope you're enjoyIng every minute and getting some sleep!

  3. Love your desk calendar - where did you get it?

  4. Yay! I love these and am excited to play along this month! All of the pictures of you and L. are just too adorable. I bought my nephew some smartwool socks as well and I hear they are in constant rotation. ;)

  5. calendar and bracelet. Where from?

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  7. 16: Very thoughtful
    17: Kathryn is cool but "Kate" is great
    20: Target undies: takes me back 40 years but with a meaning so different
    21: Agreed
    27: Breaking the rules; that's my girl
    *** I like this game but (per usual) might alter the rules a bit. So is it day to day or post all on 4-1? spleeccchhh

  8. I love your blog/Thanks for sharing. I read while nursing my little sweetie (I'm jealous of your monster pump). CONGRATULATIONS on your Muppet - she is super sweet!

  9. We had that pasta for dinner a few weeks ago and it was amazing.

  10. Congrats on precious Miss Leighton! PS- I love the bracelet that you have with her initials on it. So sweet!


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