Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1 Month Old!

The Cheesette celebrated her one month birthday a week ago last Tuesday.  Please excuse the late post... I momentarily misplaced the camera cord along with many of my marbles. And one day, I'll get fancy / ambitious and add some month labels to these photos... Today, I'm just patting myself on the back for keeping everyone in the house alive. 

1 month
March 21, 2012: One Month Old!

Dear L,

I can't believe we're already celebrating the one month mark!  At the same time, I feel like I've known you for ages.


Your 3 week update covered the majority of your one month bases, but, in true long-winded mama fashion, I think I can find something to boast about in honor of the occasion!


You and I are slowly figuring out this "hanging out all by our lonesomes" stuff during the workweek!  You are such a happy girl in the morning... so content to hang out on your quilt, play mat, or our bed, talking to me and bicycling your legs.  You often look like you're dancing a little jig... I could probably complete a whole slew of tasks while you entertain yourself, but you're just too damn cute for me not to join in on the fun. And yes, some days "joining in on the fun" involves 74 photographs of you generally being awesome... My shutter finger just can't help itself!


While you sleep well in your PnP at night, you still prefer to be held during the daylight hours.  I keep trying to put you down for a nap at least once a day - always when you're completely conked out already - but those big eyes just pop right open the second I get you settled.  You will sleep soundly in the Moby, stroller, and car.  


Speaking of the car, you are an excellent traveler!  You made your first trips to Waco and Austin in your fourth week, and rocked both of them.  You surely are one loved little Muppet... you entertained adoring fans on both excursions {Mama J's friends, GranJan's buddies, Miss Maggie, Miss Eileen, and Aunt C and your custom-made future bestie Ella}.  You also got a true taste of Austin Patio Sitting while mama and Maggie did a little margarita drinking.  You may live in Dallas for now, but we'll turn you into an Austin girl in no time flat.  


Your expressions and stretching antics crack us up to no end!  Coming out of the Moby or a swaddle is like being born again... I'm tempted to buy you a mini unitard so that you can pitch your own pilates DVD. You also have excellent neck control - something I greatly appreciate as super wobbly-necked babies freak me out just a tad.  When you go up on our shoulders to burp, you always push up and a lean back to look at us like a funny little cross-eyed ostrich. 


You sleep well-ish at night, usually giving us one good stretch {usually 4-5 hours} and then waking up to eat every hour or hour and a half around 2 or 3 a.m.  You and I have worked our way through all of Parks & Recreation and are onto Friday Night Lights.  You're learning very important lessons such as "appreciate the beauty of the Tim Riggins of the world from afar... but best not get too attached."  You also enjoy You Are My Sunshine and - a T-pop & Mama Favorite - Willis Alan Ramsey's Angel Eyes.  We sing that one a lot.  


We love you so, so much, little one.  My heart feels as if it's loved you forever. 


xo, Mama

One Month Stats
- Weight: 8 lbs 2 oz {at 3 week appointment} - 50th Percentile
- Height: 20.5 inches - 65th Percentile
- Diaper Size: Newborn, but moving on to Size 1... {legs are still too skinny for cloth}
- Clothing Size: Newborn with some smaller or shrunken 3 mo. 

One Month Milestones
- First Sponge Bath at Home: February 27
- First Restaurant Trip: February 28 at The Porch
- First Retail Excursion: February 28 at West Elm
- First Trip to Waco: March 17
- First Trip to Austin: March 21 - March 23


  1. Awww! This post just melted my heart! Happy one month little LJ :)

  2. Please post zero more videos of her stretching - that one was enough to make me want to go steal the nearest newborn! I can't believe Davis is already so far removed from that stage...

  3. She's seriously a month old?!? How on Earth....

    And that stretching video? My uterus just cried out for more. Sigh...

  4. Such a cutie! Happy Birthday Miss Cheesette!

  5. Such a beautiful post! She is going to love ready her updates when she's older. They get so big so quickly. It's nice to take a minute to document what they're doing at each stage.

  6. Oh boy... that picture shows every bit of how much I needed that vacation! L-girl, however, is killing it :-) Miss you tons.

  7. Happy 1 month!!! She's so precious.

  8. You need to go and read my blog on Matthew's Sleep Games (http://theaggieleys.blogspot.com/2012/03/matthews-favorite-sleeping-games.html)

    He likes to wait until I have him all nice and settled in his crib to pop his eyes open too! I call it "The Scare Tactic" cause it freaks me out! Glad to hear you guys are doing so well :) She is beautiful!

  9. LOVE these photos and this post!

  10. Hope awesome that you documented her first retail excursion!

  11. She looks like such a combo of you two. Love that sweet video!

  12. One month already? How is that even possible? And the video of her stretching is absolutely adorable. I miss those itsy bitsy baby stretches. Now when I lay Sam on the floor he rolls to his belly in .5 seconds.


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