Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{Another} Texas Rite of Passage

How's about that wicked Texas weather yesterday, eh?

Having lived at the tail end of Tornado Alley for the vast majority of my life, funnel cloud sightings and weather channel warnings are pretty much old hat.  As an elementary school student, I dutifully participated in tornado drills and was ever-ready to jump in bathtub, 'lest I be carried away like Dorothy.*  As a high school student, I was happy to break from homework and move downstairs to safety... just so long as the power didn't cut off my telephone line. As a law student, I bemoaned the Tuesday afternoon testings of storm sirens.  And, most recently, I've lovingly rolled my eyes as E calls from downtown, asking me to please take the weather man seriously, stop watching Bravo, and get in the freakin' closet for chrissakes.

Yesterday's events were a tad more urgent than the norm, as funnel clouds touched down mere miles from our house and every major news outlet blew up my Twitter stream with 140 characters worth of terror... OFTEN IN ALL-CAPS, STOP SCREAMING PLEASE YOU'RE ONLY MAKING IT WORSE.  


All I can say is thank gawd** for fully stocked diaper bags, lactating boobs, and the 3G network. Our little trio was all set for 2+ hours while we waited out the storm amid my cardigan collection.  Although, Mama would have enjoyed a little adult diaper bag situation, had she had the forethought... Methinks we ought to install a mini wine fridge in the closet along with an extra power outlet. 

And now that I've creepily referred to myself in the maternal third person and acknowledged my stress-drinking habit all in one paragraph, I shall leave you with this photo of my cool-as-cucumbers companions. 

The baby hates the bath and the terrier loathes the car... 
yet they snooze through blaring sirens, bone-rattling thunder, and 2 inch hail.  Go figure. 

*Which, frankly, wasn't too terrible of a prospect except for OMG THOSE FUCKING FLYING MONKEYS. 

**And thank {actual} God no lives were lost in yesterday's storm. My heart goes out to all the folks who were injured and lost their homes... especially in Arlington, my old professional stomping ground.  


  1. Glad all is okay - how scary! And hey, Miss L looked great if you were all interviewed on the news. What a cute dress she's wearing.

  2. L wins the Best Dressed in a Natural Disaster statue.

  3. I've been reading your blog and following your tweets (in the least stalker way possible) for a little while now and so enjoy your humor. L's dress is so cute! The news footage of Dallas yesterday was so crazy! Such a blessing that no lives were lost.

  4. Like A Big Little Life, I've been reading for a while and enjoy your humor as well :)

    You're much better prepared for these situations than I am. Growing up in NW Georgia (not really tornado ally), the sight of the little "Tornado Watch" symbol in the bottom of TV would send me into a frenzy.I was sure everything I knew and loved would be demolished and swept away. I'd gather all my prized possessions--stuffed animals and pictures of friends in frames I bought at Claire's--into a big bag to take with me to our bomb shelter. Nevermind that we rarely had to seek shelter for any storms.

  5. I am so happy you and your cucumber companions are A OK ... I LOVE your baby girl's dress is those photos!!! It was scary to hear about all the damage on the news...

  6. Thank goodness everyone is ok! That is the most adorable dress ever!

  7. Glad you and the Beautiful Little One were safe.

  8. Lady, you have a lovely turn of phrase (the fucking flying monkeys indeed - terrifying). Loving your work - the words and the wee one!

  9. Hi Kate, I've been reading your blog for awhile. Came over from Blue-Eyed Bride. I've been so glad you've kept up so many posts even with your new baby. Is it weird for me to ask about drinking while breastfeeding? I just don't know anything about how it works (if it can work). Thanks. I think you're awesome!

    1. Hi Mary!

      General rule of thumb is if you arent buzzed, the baby wont be either :) More in depth... Alcohol is present in breast milk 30 min after consumption and disappears after 1.5-2 hours (on average). So if I want a glass of wine in the evening, I'll have it right after I've fed her (or during!). By the time she's ready to eat again, I'll be good to go. If I want more than one drink, I'll feed her a bottle of pumped milk until I know I'm sober.

      Hope that answers your question!


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